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Features Overview:
  • Market System with trading zones, dynamic and static stock
  • Default market item category configurations for all Vanilla and Expansion items.
  • Default market world zone configuration for all Vanilla and Expansion items.
  • Default trader configurations for all Vanilla and Expansion items.
  • Default market trader spawn configurations and locations for Chernarus.
  • Item condition affects sell price as well as stock.
  • Traders can be NPCs or static objects.
  • Server owners can configure any item that has quantity or is stackable as currency - want a Zucchini-based economy? Go for it!
  • We have added a lot of color settings for the market menu so you can create your own presets for the menu and its color style.
  • Added a toggle button to collapse/expand all market category sections in the menu.
  • [Modding] Added support for eAI based Traders.
  • We added the possibility to add and use item variations within the market item configurations. Item variations will always use the min/max price and min/max stock threshold of the base item if there is no existing separate configuration for this variation item. Every variation will still have a separate stock in market zones. All item variations will be displayed in a new dropdown selector in the detailed item section of the menu.
  • Default market item variations configuration for all vanilla and expansion items.
  • Default configuration for a Base-Building supply trader.
  • Different sell/buy option filters within the menu.
  • Search for items.
  • Default min and max prices for all vanilla and expansion items.
  • Option to the trader item settings to determine if an item can only be purchased/sold.

And much more!

If you need help to install the mods or the mission files please follow this guide:

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We're grateful to hear any feedback and suggestions from anyone, the best place to give it to us would be our Discord (, please also join if you have any questions too!

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us on this journey during the past two years! Without everyone's continuous support, we might have never made it to this point. With DayZ Expansion out the gates, we can finally lean back for a moment and relax but don't worry, we've got many more things planned for the future of DayZ Expansion!

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