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Key Features
- Customisable Health, Resistance, Movements, Strength and Vision Distance for the different zombies categorie.
- Each characteristics can have a different value for day and night time.
- All characteristics are customisable without mod repack needed, no server restart needed
(the admin have just to press numpad4 ingame to apply changes made in xml files).
- Features well documented.


Detailed customisable characteristics
--- Health points :
---------- Day / Night time

--- Resistance to :
---------- Bullets
---------- Melee Weapons
---------- Heavy Attacks
---------- Vehicles
---------- Explosions
---------- HeadShots
---------- Toxic Gas
---------- Backstab
---------- Day / Night time

--- Movements :
---------- Minimum speed
---------- Maximum speed
---------- Chance to spawn crawling
---------- Make zombies never crawl
---------- Day / Night time

--- Strength :
---------- Health damage
---------- Shock damage
---------- Stamina damage
---------- Blood damage
---------- Bleeding chance
---------- All of that with different values for Blocked / Unblocked attacks
---------- Crawling zombies spoil shoes.
---------- Day / Night time

--- Vision Distance :
---------- If player have bloody hands or not
---------- If player wear a special mask or not
---------- Day / Night time


Side features
Day/Night Time :
You can modify the beginning and the end hour of the night (default vanilla values are not very consistent in my opinion). This only affect the time when characteristics switch from day to night (and night to day) it does not affect server speed day/night times.

Fist fighting :
It is very easy to fight zombies with fist so I added a little damage and a chance to bleed during fist fighting (not to death of course) when player fist fight without glove and gloves degradation when player does wear gloves. This option is of course fully customisable and deactivable.

Modifications in cpp files :
(can't be modified without repacking)
- Zombies inventory size increased.
- Zombies mask and eyes slots activated.
- Zombies are less easily attracted by the impact of bullet and the shots with suppressor
(and the durability of the suppressors have been increased).

Other :
- Zombies can break closed doors that are not locked with a lockpick.
- Crushing zombies with cars damage vehicle radiator.
- Zombies can hit the stopped cars.
- Crossbow oneshot if zombies are shot in the head.
- Helmets protect zombies from headshots.
- Player's heavy attacks can hit many zombies at the same time.
- Zombies can hit players on obstacle like cars (and sometime through buildings windows)
- Zombies can throw stones on player who are on obstacle.
- Bear traps make zombies crawling if they are not killed by it.
- WW are friendly.
- This mod can be use to modify zombies from another mod (but you have to test, it doesn't work for some creatures, Look at the list here).
- Each key feature can easily be deactivated independently.
- These is « global factors » to easily modify main characteristics for all zombies at once.


Useful Links
Installation Instructions.
Known Bugs.
Compatibility with the other mods.
Patch notes


You CAN use, modify, repack the mod as you need.
(do not simply redistribute it with another name and don't forget credits)

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ELEMENTAL Jun 4 @ 2:54pm 
What a based mod. Liven = big pp
Liven  [author] Jun 3 @ 11:54pm 
@ELEMENTAL, yes there is "Zombies_Hearing_Standing_Players_Ratio" and "Zombies_Hearing_Crouching_Players_Ratio" values to tweak in the PvZmoD_CustomisableZombies_Globals.xml config file
ELEMENTAL Jun 3 @ 8:24pm 
Could this be used to customize their hearing, just like we can with their vision?
Liven  [author] May 10 @ 8:40pm 
@Davis Campbell, can you send me a zip of your pvzmod profile folder on discord (liven28)
Davis Campbell May 10 @ 12:45pm 
Good evening, my somewhat doubtful language is Google translate. I can't get zombies to walk during the day with this formula " <Move_Speed_Max Day="1.5" Night="3.0"/> " I need help please
Liven  [author] May 4 @ 12:39am 
@eduardo.prus, I heard that when you add custom buildings you have to update the navmesh.
I don't know how to do it but I think google can help you to find info about that
eduardo.prus May 3 @ 11:04pm 
Liven your MOD is very good. But I can't use it on my server, the creatures go through the walls of my custom buildings.
talonstad Apr 15 @ 6:18pm 
think i figured it out, just have to put a 0 into number of hits
talonstad Apr 15 @ 6:07pm 
Quick question, can you turn off the door breaking opening or do i just set the number of hits really high?
Alan Apr 3 @ 12:39am 
Thank you very much, your module is amazing!