ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Isla Nycta - PvE Cluster

Welcome to Isla Nycta, a gaming community franchise focused on survival, challenges, and fun. Isla Nycta's owners have been hosting ARK servers since 2016, and we officially started our branding in 2018. Since then, the franchise of Isla Nycta's gaming community has grown to a Discord of over 45,000+ members, and numerous servers across different games.

Our ARK servers have likewise expanded immensely since that very first Ragnarok server. We now support two clusters and the majority of the most favorited of ARK maps, with the gameplay carefully configured for balance and fairness, without completely stripping away the challenge. Our Ark PvE servers promise a relaxing yet challenging environment between players, their beasts, and the wilds of Ark.

XP: 3 ● Harvest: 3
Taming: 5 ● Egg Hatch: 5 ● Maturation: 5

Max Player Level: 250 (+50 Asc.)
Max Wild Level: 150 ● Max Tamed Levels: 100

To learn more about Isla Nycta and our Ark Servers, join our website to get involved!


Want awesome tools for managing your servers?
Isla Nycta uses GSA's DediConnect service for its admining needs, web shop, voter rewards, and more!

Items (19)
Isla Nycta's Nyctatyrannus
Created by bluescapes Mod ID: 3197822102 Makeship Campaign - Nyctatyrannus Plush!] Help support our campaign for the Nyctatyrannus! The Nyctatyrannus! Isla Nyc...
ARK Additions: The Collection!
Created by garuga123
Death Helper
Created by YMD
Corpse Finder and Suicide Potion. ★ Find your corpse and death cache easily with the Corpse Finder. ★ Drink a Suicide Potion when you are stuck, or depressed lol. This mod is clean and stackable, doesn't touch core files. Works in both single and multiplay...
Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered
Created by ExileAcid
Mod ID: 1814953878 Publicly Released: 25/07/2019 This mod will work on any and all maps. Server Hosting Provided By LogicServers - Get a server today and use promo code CKF for 20% off! ht...
Dino Tracker
Created by Knevilo
A smart tool for finding your lost Dino Just craft a Dino Tracker Required level 25 Ingredients 1 Metal Ingot 1 Hide Apply the Dino Tracker Skin onto your Gloves. You will see your Char now has a Tracker Wristband on his lef...
Shiny! Dinos
Created by nevcairiel
ModID: 2016338122 Are you bored with the constant dreary colors of Ark Dinos? Make your life more Shiny! That feeling when you walk over the Ark, and you see a pretty Dino you absolutely must have? That's Shiny! Shiny Dinos! Shiny will populate your Ark wi...
eco's RP Decor
Created by eco
MOD ID: 741203089 Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers! 100% Stackable Mod All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.) If item is destroyed, after placing, it will return the exact amount of material...
Castles, Keeps, and Forts: Science Fiction
Created by ExileAcid
Mod ID: 2121156303 Publicly Released: 06/06/2020 This mod will work on any and all maps. Server Hosting Provided By LogicServers - Get a server today and use promo code CKF for 20% off! ht...
Dino Storage v2
Created by Lethal
MOD ID: 1609138312⠀⠀⠀ This mod is clean and stackable. It has no list priority whatsoever No game content is remapped or altered. I only add 5 of my own items to the game This mod should also work with modded dinos, as well as...
ARK Additions: Domination Rex!
Created by garuga123
MOD ID 1445395055 ------------------------------------------------------- PLEASE CHECK PATCH NOTES HERE! Big Thanks to UpFromTheDepths for the Trailer! Check out their Youtube Channel here! Added the horrific Domination Rex to the ARK! The Domination Rex i... Integration
Created by
The official integration mod. +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Mod features In-game shop Have players order packages you created via the in-game shop or the webshop on your community website. Items c...
Animals Of Atlas
Created by Kraken:1
Mod ID: 1654255131 Ciao! Welcome to Animals of Atlas, the mod that adds the Animals of Atlas into Ark. This mod imports Atlas Creatures into Ark, giving them their own identity and abilities. The focus will be largely on the actual animals of Atlas rather ...
TributTransfer (Discontinued)
Created by Flauschi
Tribute Transfer is a small mod that allows the player to create Tribute and Trophies containers to travel on other maps that are blocked for transfer. Up to the current account, all bossmats, non-transferable trophies and Element are available as containe...
Kraken's Better Dinos
Created by Kraken:1
Mod ID # 1565015734 Hallo, and welcome to Kraken's Better Dinos. This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favourite dino friends. On installing this mod you will immediately notice various changes take effec...
Awesome SpyGlass!
Created by Chris
1404697612 Like a regular SpyGlass, except Awesomer! Works on... - Dinos - Players - Structures - Eggs - Loot - Supply Drops - And more - Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current target (see pics) - Has lots of player customizable options (see...
Nominal Structures 2.0 (N+)
Created by nevcairiel
ModID: 2163820397 Nominal Structures - a fork of Structures Plus focused on fixes, improvements and small Quality-of-Life changes. N+ 2.0 is a clean restart on top of the big 2020 S+ update, including all new S+ features. This new version of Nominal Struct...
akka's Interior Decor Structures
Created by akka
Various indoor decorations and furniture. Mod ID: 2428761590 100% Stackable Mod All items that are variations of existing ARK items (like tables, doors, etc.) have the same or similar properties, such as HP, won't be allowed to pick them up, etc. since I w...
eco's Chibi Displays
Created by eco
MOD ID: 2391265200 Craft Decorated Biome Bases to Display and store your favorite Chibis! Mod includes: Crafting Cart with the following: 42 Slot Storage Box Wall Displ...
Paleo ARK: Legends Expansion
Created by UpFromTheDepths
MOD ID=2804332920 Mod is 100% stackable Paleo ARK for ARK: Survival Evolved has ceased development and is being actively developed on ARK: Survival Ascended. New variants, new TLCs, more Paleo ARK! OFFICIAL GUIDE FOR .ini CONFIGS and SPAWN CODES Click here...
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