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eco's Chibi Displays
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Feb 10, 2021 @ 9:49pm
May 4 @ 9:40am
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eco's Chibi Displays

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MOD ID: 2391265200

Craft Decorated Biome Bases to Display and store your favorite Chibis!

Mod includes:

Crafting Cart with the following:
42 Slot Storage Box
Wall Display Base
Biolum Display Base
Blue Crystal Display Base
Calming Display Base
Green Crystal Display Base
Green Ocean Display Base
Lava Display Base
Purple Crystal Display Base
Red Crystal Display Base
Sandy Display Base
Snowy Display Base

Large Terrarium Bases:
Red Mushrooms
Ice Cave

New Chibis that aren't yet available in the ARK Dev Kit may be oversized when displayed. I will be updating the mod when they become available.


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BranTuna Jun 16 @ 7:41pm 
I just want to take a moment to point out the elephant in the room... THIS IS IMPORTANT: eco has been with us a long time. The MODS ARE A CREATIVE OUTLET FOR ECO, and the MORE TIME eco spends ANSWERING QUESTIONS (already discussed in the FAQ's), the LESS TIME and PATIENCE eco has in general. And let me tell you, as an artist, when someone comments on your art and tells you that it's trash - THAT S*** IS VERY HURTFUL, and UNCALLED FOR. There's NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE ABOUT COMPLAINING, but POLITE SUGGESTIONS and IN-DEPTH BUG REPORTS are MORE THAN CONSTRUCTIVE. Most of you get me, and I salute you for being good little humanlings, but there are SOME ARSE-MUNCHERS out there who need to LEARN THEMSELVES A LESSON or two: JUST BE CONSIDERATE. The whole world changes around you when you are. Thank you for reading, everyone. :steamthumbsup:
Boops Nice Killerz May 31 @ 4:04am 
This is an amazing mod, i've been enjoying it quite a bit!

and now the annoying part: Is there a way/possibility/what have you that you might be willing to add a "shelf" where you can display more than one chibi on it?

The otter with the straw hat and the bonnet i'd love to have together, but that's just a pipe dream to have them in pairs. Thank so much!
Rhibirr May 13 @ 12:41am 
Doghouse or some kind of primitive kennel would also be funny but probably more work then just a stool to stand on. Still going to add it to the list of maybes I presented.
Rhibirr May 13 @ 12:36am 
After hearing it works with ark additions I'm definitely going to be getting this. Might you consider a stand that looks like a pillow, a cushion, a dog bed or a stool so it looks as though your chibi is just chilling in your house like a regular pet? Maybe even an invisible base that can be placed on various surfaces so you can put it wherever? I could consider any of these extra hilarious.
eco  [author] Apr 22 @ 9:01am 
Ok thanks for the info. I will make a note to adjust that
Babok3k3 Apr 22 @ 8:47am 
Can't rename the Tall terrarium display so it doesn't work with automated ark mod because each time i m using the pulling function it will remove the chibi.
If i could rename it i could add ~ so the chiby would stay in the terrarium.
eco  [author] Jan 16 @ 9:00am 
That's great to hear! I have thought about like lil biomes for the Chibis to sit in. It is definitely a process to setup but would be fun!
Joshgreymaster Jan 16 @ 8:28am 
Hey! Just wanted to update on your mod being compatible with Ark Additions and its Chibi's! I went ahead and crafted some Displays last night and put my Chibi's into them and the fit fine! I had a blast trying to set up a small 'Chibi Zoo'. So you can mark off Ark Additions for being compatible!
On another note, I had a thought and wondered if in the future it could be considered, either as an update to this mod, or a new on if this one is too big or something. (I don't mod-make, so I have no clue about all of that.)
Large Multi Chibi Displays. Perhaps with the upper limit being four in a display. I'm using Boss Chibis, which works wonderfully with your mod, and was trying last night to somehow get them to be looking at one another and making it look right in my base. Haven't figured out that yet, but it popped up in my head.

Anyways. Thanks again for your mods, eco! I really can't wait to see what you show us next!
eco  [author] Jan 13 @ 9:00am 
Thanks and congrats on the leveling!
Joshgreymaster Jan 13 @ 8:59am 
Cool. I'll play around with it today and report back. I have already leveled it and just wanted to put it somewhere where I could look at it.

Thanks for the quick response Eco!