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Nominal Structures 2.0 (N+)
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Jul 12, 2020 @ 8:43am
Jun 14 @ 1:05am
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Nominal Structures 2.0 (N+)

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ModID: 2163820397

Nominal Structures - a fork of Structures Plus focused on fixes, improvements and small Quality-of-Life changes.

N+ 2.0 is a clean restart on top of the big 2020 S+ update, including all new S+ features.

This new version of Nominal Structures is provided as a new mod on the workshop to allow players and server admins to swap over from N+ 1.0 on their own time (or keep using the old version), instead of forcing a possibly disruptive change.

Compatibility with S+

N+ is a drop-in replacement for the 2020 version of S+, only the config header changes to [NominalStructures]. The means that you can replace S+ with N+ and not lose any of your structures.

The only changes you need to perform are to change the Mod ID, and change the config header from [StructuresPlus] to [NominalStructures] in GameUserSettings.ini (if you changed the configuration at all)

Do NOT run N+ and S+ at the same time!

Check the Migration discussion when coming from N+ 1.0, an old version of S+ or another S+ fork.

Changes in N+

Only changes compared to S+ are listed here. You can refer to the S+ documentation for a full list of features and configuration options.

  • Refrigerator TLC - Cleaned up textures, fully paintable, and can have a label on the door
  • Platform improvements - More reliable foundation support and more snap points

  • Cooking Pots: Added Brainwash Stew (Brainwash Stew is a Mindwipe that retains Engrams)
  • Feeding Troughs: Configurable Feeding Range in the in-game UI for each Trough individually
  • Dedicated Storage: Resources with existing Storage nearby are highlighted in the Set Resource dialog, and you can access the inventory directly for easier access to resources without pulling
  • Unstable Element can be crafted in the Tek Replicator, and converts to normal Element much faster while in its inventory
  • Large Storage and Metal Storage snap to foundations and ceilings (can be toggled with G)

  • All structures are renamed to N+, Config Header is [NominalStructures], options otherwise remain the same (even those with SPlus in their name)
  • Grinder: Added the "GrinderResourceReturnPercentMission" option to configure how many resources to return from mission loot
  • Dynamic Gates properly emit gate opening/closing sounds
  • New Config "AdditionalEngramGroupBits" to configure which engrams are unlocked when engram unlocking is enabled (default: all engrams)
  • New Config "DefaultLightConfig" to configure the default auto on/off behavior for lights (0 = Auto (default), 1 = Manual)
  • Fixed crop scaling in seamless crop plots
  • Tek Storage is now lockable

All new configuration options are also documented in the discussions


This mod was primarily created for fun, and for personal use. However, due to overwhelming positive feedback, I am gladly providing it for anyone to use and will ensure that it remains functional for the forseeable future.

Do note that while there are some plans for more fixes, QoL changes and a handful of new structures, N+ will not be fundamentally changed or fundamentally diverge from S+. I welcome suggestions for new features or changes - within the scope of this project.

For feedback, bugs and suggestions, please join us on Discord
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Dragnier Draconai
< >
Hutch S187 Jun 15 @ 2:30pm 
Does the N+ Hive produce honey?
MooseJuice Jun 13 @ 9:04am 
Hey there. Is it possible to uninstall blueprints? I installed some blueprints to my workbench, but they disappeared. Maybe its because I dont have the original engram learned?
V4Wouter Jun 7 @ 11:02am 
This mod breaks my server. Can anyone help? Even if it's the only mod installed the server freaks out! Is there something I'm missing with the setup?
CoolImmatureNatureBoy Jun 6 @ 11:45am 
Could possible make N+ manequins compatible with ARK uncut mod?
Arunn Jun 5 @ 7:50pm 
N+ Tek Transmitter -> Dino Scan dont work on Gen2!
He say me all time i'm need 2 transmitter but i have 3.
I'm try one more N+ Tek Generator but dont work.
Father Jun 5 @ 6:18pm 
any particular reason why the ocean platform is so small?
nevcairiel  [author] Jun 5 @ 8:04am 
This issue will be resolved soon in an update
Dragonmstr79 Jun 5 @ 7:44am 
Having the same issue, Omni Tool scanner is not working. When I look in the transmitter, it is showing 0 Transmitters and 0 Power and we have 6 generators and 6 transmitters set up.
aptak78 Jun 4 @ 4:20pm 
omni toll scanner does not work
l3lackHawk May 26 @ 4:09pm 
Update. Got it working. Was an error in the floating tek triangle foundation file.