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Kraken's Better Dinos
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Nov 14, 2018 @ 12:17pm
Jul 10 @ 5:22pm
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Kraken's Better Dinos

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Hallo, and welcome to Better Dinos.

This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favourite dino friends.

On installing this mod you will immediately notice various changes take effect on vanilla dinos, some may be small tweaks, some may be complete overhauls, but all are done with the intention of improving the vanilla-ish gameplay experience. By and large base dino stats will not be effected unless specified. The aim is not to make OP dinos, but to make dinos that are either nicer to use, or are brought more in line with how they were described in the dossiers.

Will this mod effect my already tamed dinos?

Yes, most definitely it will. This mod uses a mixture of remapping, additional buffs and dynamic casting to make changes to vanilla dinos. The changes will take effect immediately when installing the mod, and if you remove it for any reason your dinos will simply revert to being completely vanilla once more, making it completely clean (it should be noted here that this will of course not include dinos stored in Cryopods or Soul Balls. Those aren't dinos anymore, they're data stored on an item and removing the mod prevents that data from being referenced, so make sure to release them before you remove the mod. If the mod is removed then any remapped dinos from this mod that are in Cryopods will become corrupted*. With Soul Balls from Dino Storage it's not as much of an issue as Lethal has built in various safe guards to prevent corruption, as I always say, say no to Cryopods kids, Dino Storage is far superior in every way. Also any unique classes the mod adds will be removed.

*As of the 14.0 update, full cryopod recovery protection for all BD remapped and unique dinos is in place. Simply reinstall the mod and you'll be able to release any BD dinos that got corrupted, and then you'll be able to remove the mod again if desired.)

What dinos does this mod affect

A full list of all current and current future planned changes can be found here:

Dinos Affected By This Mod

This list will be updated as I make more changes, and come up with more ideas.

Can you please do such and such, please, please, pretty please???

This mod will be developed along my own particular vision of what can be done to make dinos better, however please do not be afraid to make suggestions, all I ask is that you make them in this thread here:


I won't be bending over backwards to incorporate every suggestion made, but a good idea is always welcome.

Will you be bombarding my server with constant updates?

Hopefully not. If I do then it means that something has gone terribly wrong and gotten broken, in which case I apologise in advance. Barring catastrophe, I aim to only update no more than once or twice a week, and will be in the evening of BST/GMT. Nothing will be updated until it has been thoroughly tested on both my SP instance and server.

Does this mod need to be first in my load order?

Nope. I would recommend having it fairly high up your load order, but there is no definitive need to have it in first place. It does remap some dinos, so if you have other mods that remap those same dinos make sure you have the one whose changes you'd prefer higher up the load order for their changes to take priority.

Will this mod affect my Alpha Primeaval Super Elemental Giga Dodorex from X Mod?

No. This mod will only affect vanilla dinos and will not make any changes to dinos introduced by other mods. The exception here is that there is full compatibility with my own Additional Aberrant Dinos mod, and also Myrmecoleons No Untamables. I've also worked closely with Lethal to add passive generation for BD Dinos to Dino Storage terminals.

Will this mod revert the flyer nerf?

Remember when it said here that it won't? Well now it will! This is optional, you must use the AllowFlyerSpeed=True Ini option. This goes in the GameUserSettings.Ini and must be placed underneath the [BetterDinos] header. This will then grant you the ability to manually convert Wyverns, Argents, Pteranodons, Moths, Griffins, Tapejaras, and Pelagornis' into versions that are able to be levelled in Speed, simply go into the Options section of the flyer radial menu and select 'Convert To Speed ...'

All converted speed enabled Flyers will gain 2% speed per level, and will gain up to 20% speed from imprinting. Converted Speed Flyers are unique classes to the BD mod, and therefore if removing the mod they will be lost, however you will have the ability to convert them back to Vanilla/Better at any time. Doing so will see any points put into speed refunded. Setting the AllowFlyerSpeed option to False after already having it set to True will see all converted Speed Flyers automatically converted back to Vanilla/Better and points spent into speed refunded. All Speed enabled Flyers also retain their BD buffs.

If you have any issues with using this mod, please let me know here:

Bug Reports

I will update the first post there with known issues, so please check to see if your problem is already known of before reposting.

As noted, as this mod makes use of remapped dinos, there may be some compatibility issues with other mods that also remap the same dinos. Any dinos that are remapped will be noted in the relevant discussion thread.


Patch Notes

Current: V: 14.0

Better Tropeognathus!

Better Crystal Wyverns!

Bug fixes and tweaks, see patch notes for the full details


Many thanks for taking a look at and subscribing to this mod, if you like it don't forget to give that Like button a good ol' clicking, and as always, the utmost thanks and appreciation to the awesome peeps over at the Ark Modding Discord, and check out my other mods too!

Animals of Atlas
Additional Aberrant Dinos
Kraken Stacks
Mini Manticores
Additional Desert Dinos 2.0


Better Dinos has now been added to the Beacon app, if you wish to add any of the items to drops etc, Beacon is a quick and easy way to go about it. Head to for more infos


Massive love to my Patrons and donators, Pip, Eyaexiu Oli, Cabbage, Kam, Chani, Cee-Jay, Bolehlav, Koista, Nettle, Humera, Lye, Honesty Snorlax, Brian and Ravensfang, and my good buds and fellow content creators UpFromTheDepths, Lethal and Myrmecoleon, you all rock!

Also a massive thanks and utmost appreciation to Zythera for kindly providing the model for the Tek Anky, and Orionsun for providing the Snappy Saddle source for the platform extensions


For up to date info on my modding endeavours, including update announcements, sneak peeks, and other stuff, join the Krakens Lair Discord server here:

Krakens Lair Discord[]
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Shaye-bae Jul 11 @ 9:16pm 
Do the event coloured tropical crystal wyverns have issues with being converted to BD versions? I tamed a passive one and it doesn't have the BD buffs, nor the option to convert it to BD.

Also, any plans to do support for the Crystal Dino Addition mod for Crystal Isles? The Embertross could really benefit from a flier buff + reins
Kraken:1  [author] Jul 11 @ 6:15am 
Good news everybody! An undocumented addition to the 14.0 update was that I added full Cryopod corruption protection for all BD remapped and unique dinos. It was undocumented because at the time I added it, it didn't work! However after exerted my power and influence (by letting Zen Rowe know there was an issue and asking very nicely if he could look into, pretty please, sorry for troubling you) it got sorted! So therefore, if a BD update get borked, or you remove the mod and any BD dinos in cryopods get corrupted, simply reinstalling the mod will allow those dinos to be correctly released from their pokeball prisons! Fly free my pretties!
Haakon Jul 10 @ 5:39pm 
Do you get primal crystals from living tamed wyverns or dead ones?
Kraken:1  [author] Jul 10 @ 5:29pm 
Apologies for the two updates in two days, but exploits need a fix'n! Chucked in a couple of nice little goodies to go with a fix though, details are in the change notes. Have a great weekend everybody!
Gundyr Jul 9 @ 9:01pm 
Sometimes dinos that can crawl on walls wont aggro when i am near them. Making caves much easier.
luka - cured Jul 9 @ 6:24pm 
@kraken what are your plans for future updates ?
Kraken:1  [author] Jul 9 @ 4:49pm 
Update ahoy! Better and Speed Crystal Wyverns and Tropeognathus now available, tweaks and bug fixes, all the deets in the change notes. Note that as of this patch I am no longer providing support for either Genesis or Valguero Rock Golems, apologies if you were not experiencing any issues, but a significant enough amount of people were that I had to take action. Hopefully WC will sort out the class confusion problems with them as they eventually did the Ice Wyverns, but for now they are a no go.
luka - cured Jul 7 @ 3:00am 
could you enable tuso dino grabbing on pve servers ?
LaRvae01 Jul 6 @ 11:40am 
Is there something wrong, I am having a problem which causes the FPS to drop sometimes to 30 or a little less and sometimes below 50-40 when I exit my SP world and open it again,I noticed that this problem only happens when I put Kraken's Better Dinos in the active mods. When I do DestroyWildDinos command the FPS return back normal (more than 60) but the problem happens again when I exit and reopen my world. Is there any solution ?
vas Jul 6 @ 9:34am 
I've enabled drake and Griffin mating and after disabling it they keep mating any fix for this issue ?