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Kraken's Better Dinos
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Nov 14, 2018 @ 12:17pm
Aug 8, 2022 @ 11:10am
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Kraken's Better Dinos

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Hallo, and welcome to Kraken's Better Dinos.

This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favourite dino friends.

On installing this mod you will immediately notice various changes take effect on vanilla dinos, some may be small tweaks, some may be complete overhauls, but all are done with the intention of improving the vanilla-ish gameplay experience. By and large base dino stats will not be effected unless specified. The aim is not to make OP dinos, but to make dinos that are either nicer to use, or are brought more in line with how they were described in the dossiers.

Where to find info about what this mod does, including spawn codes, details about dino changes and items added:

All the relevant info about Kraken's Better Dinos can be found either in the Guide, or if it's not in the Guide which is still a work in progress it will be in one of the pinned discussion threads which are linked here for your convenience;

Will this mod affect my Alpha Primeaval Super Elemental Giga Dodorex from X Mod?

No. This mod by default will only affect vanilla dinos and will not make any changes to dinos introduced by other mods. The exception here is that there is full compatibility with my own Additional Aberrant Dinos mod and some compatibilities with mods whose authors I work closely with such as No Untameables by Myrmecoleon and Paleo Ark Expansion by UpFromTheDepths. There is however an .Ini option available that can cause BD buffs to be placed on certain other modded dinos provided certain criteria are met. See the Guide for further information.

Will this mod revert the flyer nerf?

Remember when it said here that it won't? Well now it will! This is optional, you must use the AllowFlyerSpeed=True Ini option. This goes in the GameUserSettings.Ini and must be placed underneath the [BetterDinos] header. This will then grant you the ability to manually convert Wyverns, Argents, Pteranodons, Moths, Griffins, Tapejaras, and Pelagornis' into versions that are able to be levelled in Speed, simply go into the Options section of the flyer radial menu and select 'Convert To Speed ...'

All converted speed enabled Flyers will gain 2% speed per level, and will gain up to 20% speed from imprinting. Converted Speed Flyers are unique classes to the BD mod, and therefore if removing the mod they will be lost, however you will have the ability to convert them back to Vanilla/Better at any time. Doing so will see any points put into speed refunded. Setting the AllowFlyerSpeed option to False after already having it set to True will see all converted Speed Flyers automatically converted back to Vanilla/Better and points spent into speed refunded. All Speed enabled Flyers also retain their BD buffs.

Mod Support:

All support for this mod is now handled via my Discord server. Steam threads and discussions are largely un-monitored and posting here will be unlikely to garner a response. As soon as I have completed the Guide in full then all discussions via Steam will be disabled.


Patch Notes

Current: V: 20.3

Better Dilo!
Even Better Spino!
Bronto buff!
More configs, mod compatibilities and bug fixes!

See here for the full info Pinned Patch Notes!


Many thanks for taking a look at and subscribing to this mod, if you like it don't forget to give that Like button a good ol' clicking, and why not check out my other mods too!

As always, I raise a glass to my homies over at the Ark Modding Discord, whose wit and wisdom occasionally sinks in. Big thanks to my main man UpFromTheDepths for all the support, Eyaexiu Oli for just being such a massive help and wonderful person, and all the members of my Discord!

And a massive, massive, gargantuan THANK YOU! to my fellow mod creators Myrmecoleon and Lethal without whose help large parts of this mod just wouldn't work!


For up to date info on my modding endeavours, including update announcements, sneak peeks, and other stuff, join the Kraken's Lair Discord server here:



Massive love to all my Patrons and donators, you're all wonderful!
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Frozendragun May 31 @ 4:21pm 
does this no longer let you allow aberrant versions of things to spawn?
Zella May 30 @ 1:18am 
Love this stuff! Keep up the good work!
potathoe May 28 @ 4:24am 
@twigalucie they work fine for me. There are just multiple types of unicorns. I have seen both on my live server and both were tamable. I haven't seen a lot of unicorns, but that might be caballus over-riding the equus spawn with the "horse" animal instead. but I feel like those creatures should be rare anyways
twigalucie May 23 @ 12:38am 
I was wondering if anyone has combined this mod with the Caballus map. Is there a problem with the Unicorn and the Caballus specific Equus? Or do they just coexist?
Roryson May 20 @ 6:41pm 
Is there anyway to allow Desmodus to use the Valaryan reigns?
Faster Flash May 19 @ 7:10pm 
@Tivara Is this mod still working fine?
y04n May 16 @ 12:49pm 
some dinos dont have spawn codes in the guide e.g. carno
Tivra May 15 @ 7:28am 
@Smoker I'm very much hoping that it does (at some point/as soon as possible)
Smoker May 13 @ 3:51pm 
Hello just wondering if when Ark Ascended comes out if this mod will be available right away for it
Martok May 11 @ 4:40pm 
I have this line in my game.ini file at the bottom, all on one single line, but the trike saddle is still set to level 34 and not the default lvl 16. I also have the line to prevent the KBD trike from spawning and just using the vanilla trikes. Can anyone tell me what I did wrong please, I need to put the trike saddle back to lvl 16 and not lvl 34 as I do not like the trike changes and want to keep them vanilla along with the saddle.