ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered
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Jul 25, 2019 @ 9:48am
Jun 6, 2021 @ 9:56pm
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Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered


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This mod will work on any and all maps.

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Structure Memory Optimizations
This mod is fully compatible with -structurememopts

Over 200 versatile building parts
Multiple Cosmetic Variants
Stackable Foundations
Corner Pillars
Fully Paintable Parts and Regions
All engrams are now pre-added to CKFR masonry table
(You are not required to unlock the Engrams, This is done for you when opening the masonry table)
Enhanced Snapping
Vanilla Floor Sizes
Vanilla Snap Compatible
True no collision on placement.
Adobe Cooling on all parts

3 full structure tiers
-> Settler Tier = Wood equivalent
-> Villager Tier = Stone equivalent
-> Castle Tier = Metal equivalent

Each building part also features multiple cosmetic variations and all parts and variants are fully paintable.

-> Cosmetic Quick Change Tool to quickly change the look and style of your castle from a distance.
-> Foundations stack, step, and snap from ceilings for easy building on uneven terrain and bridging
-> Ceilings can become foundations via INI
-> Auto opening and closing doors
-> Foundation support radius increased from 2 to 3
-> This mod is 100% stackable and does not require priority

INI settings for GameUserSettings.ini
*These are not required unless you wish to change them from the defaults listed below;


**If you are running CKF:R and CKF:SF both INI configs can be placed under the same header.
**Only one instance of each INI command line is needed

A more in-depth explanation of INI-settings and values can be found pinned to the discussion board.

Mod Summary

CKF has had a major overhaul, everything in this mod has been completely remade from scratch in order to bring you a much greater experience when using Castles, Keeps, and Forts. CKFR now uses Vanilla floor sizes and shapes for easier mixing with vanilla and other mod floors.

CKFR parts also use an enhanced snap system, walls now snap side to side, as do the roofs and even around corners, leading to a more enjoyable building experience, greater structural integrity and more ways for you to realise your epic builds.

All the parts in CKFR are fully paint-able with multiple colour regions, and multiple static mesh variants within the parts to provide even more customisation. All parts are designed to fall within the performance optimisation of vanilla parts, with models and materials made to be within vanilla spec.

At the request of many of users, this mod has also now been registered with the Beacon App to allow users to to more easily add this mods items to spawn beacons on their servers.

This mod contains building and construction parts, there are no decor items within the mod. If you wish to decorate your builds, there is a wide variety of existing decor mods available on the steam workshop such as Medieval Props, Eco Decor and RP decor. The decor items used in some of the user submitted build images above will be found within those decor mods.

CKF Team Members
ExileAcid - Developer
Gimilkhad - Extensive testing, influence upon the direction of the mod and feedback.
eNc - Henrik - Extensive testing, influence upon the direction of the CKFR platform and feedback.

Mod Discord and Support
If you\'re having an issue you can\'t figure out or just want to hang out and maybe get some sneak previews of things to come, join our discord by clicking the image below :-)

Special Thanks to all who participated in the pre-release testing of this mod!
CKFR Community Volunteers;
Gimilkhad - Extensive and highly detailed bug reports, community tester
Nevcairiel - community tester
Aethyrea - community tester
Red Mustang - community tester

Server Hosting Provided By LogicServers -
Get a server today and use promo code CKF for 20% off!

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DreamingVoid Sep 30 @ 4:13am 
Field stone is the best texture I have seen in the game.

Would be nice if half arch inverted lined up better with wall accents (and capped gables). And, if they actually had the same caps available to them! Why is this not a thing?

Installing glass into villager double window walls is more frustrating than anything WC has ever shipped. Lack of vanilla snaps makes it significantly more useless than it could be. No greenhouse effect (not even in SF)?! Wall snaps are basically the only technical feature that improves upon vanilla.
uscf2 Sep 26 @ 2:19pm 
can't place gates. if i place a gate frame, then try to place the gate it says no foundation, on top of a foundation. tried using a fence foundation for snaps, because the gate frame does not snap to basic foundations, and that says no foundation, on top of a double foundation. mod is broken and needs updated or fixed. the only things that work the way they are meant to are the cooking and forge structures. but even those cannot be rotated when placed.
BlakeGaming259 Sep 21 @ 7:40pm 
Are sloped roof accents in the works? whats the deal with their absence?
hieudiamond9x Sep 12 @ 4:11pm 
I can't find any structures except the pot and furnace in the masonry table, although when using the settler table and villager table everything still works normally
SteelIroh Sep 10 @ 12:27pm 
Will you ever add the circle foundations back in or not cause honestly if not this mod is no better than S+ infact S+ might be even better as it has more snapping for crafting stations and there is no point in using this mod on my server because of it
BiniGamer Sep 6 @ 4:26pm 
How to make the stuff not require foundation support?
Sekkei Sep 6 @ 3:37pm 
there should be three benches in ckf. And many of the structures you build you can hold E on to get other options after its built
Chief Sep 5 @ 9:10am 
The only engram you have is the bench. All structures are available when you place bench
bigcountry11782 Sep 5 @ 7:46am 
I downloaded this and have looked over all the engrams and I am not seeing half of what the pics show is supposed to be in this mod. Am I missing something?
jassykitty Sep 4 @ 2:13pm 
Is there actual fences/rails to go with the fence foundations?? Cant find any if there are