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Dino Tracker
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Dino Tracker

Find your Dinos easily with this Mod,

Just craft a Dino Tracker
  • Available at Lvl 25
  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Crystal

With Leftclick it will open an UI where you can select the Dino you are looking for,
rightclick will show the last Dino you searched for.
An Arrow will show you the direction where the Dino is, the Dino will also highlighted with a green beacon.

It will find your Dinos ALL across the Map no Matter on what map you are

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ModID: 924933745

Admin Spawncode:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoTracker/PrimalItem_DinoTracker.PrimalItem_DinoTracker'" 1 0 0

Engram Entry:

Ini options for:
Finding Wild Dinos (Default On)
Tracking Tribe Member (Default On)
Tracking Death Points (Default On)
Tracking Wild Dinos (Default Off)
Tracking Allied Players (Deafult On)
just add:

in your GameUserSettings.ini

Feel free to report Feedback and Bugs to our Discord at:

Special Thanks to Neothom for borrowing me some of his Code

If you like our Work, feel free to Support
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Oct 6 @ 9:30pm
Won't work for me
Darkblood (18BR)
Oct 13 @ 6:52pm
PINNED: Known Bugs
Oct 20 @ 4:25pm
Left click makes sound but nothing else
< >
Nefentari Oct 20 @ 4:25pm 
The server I'm playing on is now running the Classic version and it's actually working! So looks like it was really the last update of this version that messed something up.
Nefentari Oct 15 @ 5:42pm 
Since the last update the dino tracker doesn't work for me anymore. I get the beep but the main menu doesn't open, I only see the background - somethimes it's the blue one with a lot of blue hexagons and no status bar but usually it's the blue-greenish one + status bar.
I've tried so many things already (please check the "Left click makes sound but nothing else" thread for a full list) but nothing has worked so far. :/
Canavar Oct 15 @ 12:20pm 
A few players on my server are noticing that if you use it from the back of a water dino, you cannot close the interface. they have to exit the server and reconnect. Anyone else experiencing this?
c71clark Oct 14 @ 1:02am 
Would this work on a Primitive Plus server? (no electronics to craft with)
T.w² | Frosteffects Oct 12 @ 8:59am 
Would it be possible to add the tracked dinos coords in the phone menu beside each tame? just as an alternative quick reference.
Dark Oct 11 @ 1:14pm 
hey can you set a exclusion filder? coelacanth's man, good lord the numbers XD have 2.0 on the dino count so certain ones will spawn more (higher chances to get max spawn lvls) which also means things like coelacanth spawn twice as many and they're already in abundence at 1.0 the scroll is real haha.
Sam of Haywood Oct 11 @ 7:08am 
TeamRgizil Oct 11 @ 6:44am 
Iron Ingot = Metal Ingot?
Knevilo  [author] Oct 10 @ 4:24pm 
i test this again
Tyrel Oct 10 @ 3:28pm 
Just loaded the mod onto our test server. The Find alliance members button still shows. I can click on it, and I can see people in an alliance (being the alliance admin) and they can see people too. DisableAllyTracking is set to True