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Dino Tracker
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May 13, 2017 @ 8:08am
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Dino Tracker

A smart tool for finding your lost Dino

Just craft a Dino Tracker
Required level 25

  • 1 Metal Ingot
  • 1 Hide

Apply the Dino Tracker Skin onto your Gloves.

You will see your Char now has a Tracker Wristband on his left Arm.

will open an UI where you can choose what are you looking for and select the Dino you are searching for
will point again to the last Dino you searched for.

An Arrow will show you the direction where the Dino is, the Dino will also be highlighted with a beacon.

  • It will find your Tribe Dinos ALL across the Map no matter on wich map you are
  • It can show you all Wild Dinos in Render Range
  • It can Point you to Tribe/Alliance Members (Tribemembers even when they are logged out)
  • Rebind your Hotkey

Originally posted by ModID::
Admin Spawncode:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint\\\'/Game/Mods/DinoMobile/PrimalItemArmor_DinoMobile.PrimalItemArmor_DinoMobile\\\'" 1 0 0 admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint\\\'/Game/Mods/DinoMobile/PrimalItem_DinoTracker.PrimalItem_DinoTracker\\\'" 1 0 0
Engram Entry:
EngramEntry_DinoMobile_C EngramEntry_Dinotracker_C

Ini options for:
  • Tracking Wild Dinos
  • Hiding the Find Wild Dinos Button
  • Tracking Tribe Member
  • Tracking Death Points
  • Tracking Allied Players
  • Hiding Coordinates on Wild Dinos

If you only want to Find your Tribe Dinos, just add:
in your GameUserSettings.ini to disable all other Features.
[DinoTracker] DisableWildTracking=True DisableWildFindButton=True DisableTribememberTracking=True DisableDeathTracking=True DisableAllyTracking=True DisableWildCoordinates=True


Q: How can i find Wild Dinos across the Map?
A: I dont know, maybe try another Mod that can do this. Our Mod was never and will never be a Mod to search Wilds across the Map.

Q: The Color of my Gloves is Disapearing
A: This is not a Bug, its a Feature. If you remove the Tracker Skin from your Gloves they still have their Color, This way you can give the Gloves another Color if the Tracker is Applied.

Q: Why is it now a Skin? I want to use my X/Y Skin.
A: We tried a few different things and decidet that a Skin would give the best Immersion. Even Wildcard uses it this Way with the Zip Line and Hang Glider.

Q: Does it affect my Dinos or other mods?
A: No, the Mod is clean and Stackable and wont overwrite vanilla Files or interact with any other Mod.

Q: Why does the Tracker not show my own Coordinates
A: We wanted to create an Immersive search function without breaking the use of ingame items like the GPS

Q: My Tracker wont open, im confused wich Hotkey is the right one
A: Go into a Singleplayer Game with only Dino Tracker enabled and type "cheat ScriptCommand DinoTracker open" in the Console. Rebind the Keys how you like them and join your Multiplayer Game again.

Special Thanks to Neothom for borrowing me some of his Code

If you like our Work and want to give a Donation, feel free to Support and Contact me on Discord

If you like the Mod, consider giving it a Thumbs up

Feel free to report Feedback and Bugs to our Discord
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Cache 42 Jun 18 @ 1:15pm 
I was able to get this mod working just fine. Trick was that I had to reboot the server 3 times for it to update but it finally let me in after that and the mod works great. No ini changes or anything tricky. I don't know why it took that many times to install./update but at least it works!
Kakaroteu Jun 18 @ 6:39am 
나도 참 대단 하지
NoDMoD Jun 13 @ 10:01am 
Game is crashing after installing this mod today. So the last patch didn't fix that?
Protatoe Jun 12 @ 1:42pm 
So I have all of the tracking disabled except tribe dinos and yet it still sometimes shows the full menu with player tracking. Is there anything you can do to fix that?
yaboiaj Jun 11 @ 2:55pm 
its not the mods fault steam and ark are having trouble communicating. To make it work you must do a clean re install of this, and might as well do all your mods in case its not just this one. You must do the clean install on both server and client(your pc). if you dont know how to do this please follow a detailed guide online somewhere. TO REITTERATE THIS IS NOT THE MOD THAT IS CAUSING THE PROBLEM IT WORKS FINE ITS THE SERVER AND CLIENT FAILING TO COMMUNICATE WITH STEAM TO PROPERLY UPDATE. if neither update youre good. if both update youre good. but if only one properly updates and the other does not then you have a MISMATCH. thank you and goodluck.
kevinmusewicz Jun 11 @ 9:53am 
Has the crash issue been resolved yet?
Jhoosier Jun 10 @ 10:16pm 
Thank you for all your hard work and keeping a mod going that has been extremely useful to me.
yuki Jun 8 @ 2:44pm 
man, i never knew how hard it must be modding a game this buggy but i can only imagine how annoying it must be having to fix every time there is an update.
the game crash pls fix
Martijn Jun 8 @ 2:01am 
the game crash when this mod is installing, any solutions?