ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Update: Oct 24 @ 4:22am

Fixed Death Button

Update: Oct 19 @ 6:46am

Fixed Death Button

Update: Oct 19 @ 2:23am

Fixed Death Button

Update: Oct 10 @ 2:55am

Fixed some Bugs

Update: Oct 7 @ 3:22pm

- Added custom predefined Hotkeys

Update: Oct 5 @ 9:50am

- Wild Search box bug fix
- Dinos will be sorted alphabeticaly by Species
- Timeout bug fix
- more .ini options (you can now disable the coordinates on wild dinos and the find button on wild dinos)
- new controls F5 & F6 replace to (Shift+C, Shift+V)

Update: Oct 4 @ 12:52pm

Complete Rewrite for the Ark Mod Contest

Update: Apr 8 @ 2:25am

fixed ally Tracking

Update: Apr 5 @ 2:08pm

removed server wide search
fixed tracker nor working in mp

Update: Apr 4 @ 4:45am

added back Rightclick
added Filter for Wild and Tribe Dinos
some optimization
less anoying Tracker sound
ini option for wild search on whole map (use on own risk)