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Animals Of Atlas
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Feb 13, 2019 @ 1:58am
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Animals Of Atlas

Mod ID: 1654255131

Ciao! Welcome to Animals of Atlas, the mod that adds the Animals of Atlas into Ark.

This mod imports Atlas Creatures into Ark, giving them their own identity and abilities. The focus will be largely on the actual animals of Atlas rather than the more fantastical monsters, although I may add them in eventually.

For the current abilities of the creatures added, spawn codes, and future thoughts and plans for the Atlas creatures, please see here:

SPAWN CODES HERE >> Stuff that's in and future plans << SPAWN CODES HERE

Where'd that come from? Oh! It's always been here!

If you encounter a bug with this mod, please let me know all about it here:

Bug Reports

Current creatures included:

Aurochs (Bull):

Spawns in Island, Center, Rag and Extinction Snow Biomes, on Valguero in the Tundra, Genesis Arctic Biome

Bobcat (Cat):

Spawns in the Redwoods (Island, Ragnarok, Center, Valguero) Green Desert on Scorched, Desert and Forest biomes on Extinction, Fertile land on Aberration, Genesis Ocean Biome Islands

Bos (Cow):

Spawns on those maps with a history of farms (Ragnarok and Valguero 'Scotland' areas) and in desert areas (Scorched, Rag, Ext) also has a small chance of replacing a Phiomia spawn on any map where Phiomias spawn (2%), Genesis Lunar Biome caves

Cave Lion (Lion):

Spawns in most caves on the Island and those maps that make use of the same cave cave spawners (Rag and Center) Forest Cave and Wastelands on Extinction, Caves and Dunes on Scorched Earth, Dunes or Desert Region of Ragnarok, White Cliffs Plains on Valguero, Genesis Bog Biome

Corvus Karak (Crow):

Spawns in Grasslands and Snow (Island, Ragnarok,Center) Extinction Forest and Aberrant version spawns in Fertile Land, Genesis Arctic Biome

Dryptosaurus (Razortooth):

Spawns in Jungles (Island, Center, Ragnarok, Valg) the bottom of the Wyvern Trench (SE) the Biolum (Aberr) and the more dangerous parts of the City (Extinction), Genesis Volcano Biome

Hammerhead (Shark):

Spawns alongside Maibalaena and has a symbiotic relationship with them.

Homotherium (Tiger):

Spawns on Aberration in the Fertile land area, the Extinction Forest, The Center Snowy Grasslands, and those maps that use the base Grasslands Spawner (Island, Ragnarok, Valg), Genesis Volcano Biome

Koloponomos (Bear):

Spawns in Snow areas with access to penguins (Island, Center, Ragnarok Not currently on Valg due to overspawning issues) Genesis Arctic Biome

Livyatan (Sperm Whale):

Currently not set up on any spawners, admin summonable only

Ludodactylus (Leatherwing):

Spawns in Scorched Earth and Ragnarok Badlands, Extinction Desert Dome Mountain, Valguero Savanna, Genesis Volcano

Lycoteuthis (Squid):

Spawns in all Oceans

Macaw (Parrot):

Spawns on Beaches (Island, Rag, Center, Valg) Green Desert and Oasis (Scorched, Rag, Extinction), Genesis Ocean Biome Islands

Maiabalaena (Gentle Whale):

Spawns on maps using the base Oceans spawner (Island, Ragnarok, Center, Valg), Genesis Ocean Biome

Metridiochoerus (Pig):

Spawns in the Redwoods Island/Center/Rag/Valg, Ext City Park (East side) and Scorched Oasis', Genesis Bog Biome

Mihirung (Chicken):

Spawns on Valguero and Ragnarok 'Scotland' regions, the Island on Herbivore Island and Extinction City Park spawners, Genesis Lunar Biome caves

Moa (Ostrich):

Spawns on Scorched Earth in the Green Desert Areas, and on Ragnorok and Extinction in the Desert areas, also in the Jungles of those maps that use the base Jungles Spawners (Island, Center, Valg), and the Jungles of Ragnarok, Genesis Bog and Arctic Biomes

Palaeeudyptes (Penguin):

Spawns wherever Kairuku do alongside their smaller cousins (Island, Rag, Center, Valg, Extinction), Genesis Arctic Biome

Sivatherium (Giraffe):

Spawns on Scorched Earth in the Green Desert Areas, the Savannah on Valguero, and on Ragnorok and Extinction in the Desert areas, Genesis Volcano Biome

Timber Wolf (Wolf):

Spawns in the Redwoods, Island/Center/Rag/Valg and Extinction Forest Biome, Genesis Arctic Biome


Big thanks to Jacobeforthewin, Millerrex, Oreleth and Bauti Topin Dogememe for the awesome screenshots

Massive love to my Patrons and donators, Pip, Eyaexiu Oli, Bolehlav, Koista, Nettle, Humera, Lye, Brian and Ravensfang, and my good buds and fellow content creators UpFromTheDepths and Myrmecoleon, you all rock!


Ta very much for taking a look at this mod, I hope you enjoy it. If you do then please go ahead and give it a like and favourite. Thanks as always to the cool cats of the Ark modding Discord, and why dontcha go ahead and check out some of my other mods while you're here.

Kraken's Better Dinos
Additional Aberrant Dinos
Kraken Stacks
Mini Manticores
Additional Desert Dinos 2.0


Support for this mod now added to the Beacon App for easy addition of items to drops etc. Check it out here


For up to date info on my modding endeavours, including update announcements, sneak peeks, and other stuff, join the Krakens Lair Discord server here:

Krakens Lair Discord[]
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hIgH_piXl 3 hours ago 
i cant seem to find any animals maby its a bug
Tachyon 12 hours ago 
I just have to look for a Ludo now. :D Ragnarok here I come...
marowc91 14 hours ago 
Everyone has their own tastes or are just spoiled (perfect example: Managarmr which before nerfs it invalidated every other travel mount and made PvP extremely broken and boring). People are angry if you take something from them and that's normal I guess. I've tried Marnii's Wildlife mod (which has Atlas chickens btw) and I can safely say it is mainly for RP purposes so there's an option.
What I like about this mod and additionals from Better Dinos is that creatures are balanced stat-wise with vanilla ones - only mods known to me. I have AC mods by Shadlos and they made me sad when dinos didn't "blend" well with base game even though they add more prehistoric life to the game. Aside from that you gave us new mechanics - a lackluster in Ark creatures and mainly this thing alone attracted me to both of your works.
Just keep up the wonderful work and I can't wait for another flyer. The Ludo is fun to use, basically an upgraded Pteranodon but i'm curious what ideas you have for Vulture.
Tachyon 18 hours ago 
I'm off for a Chicken tame on Ragnarok right now. :) Two thumbs up Kraken:1, I love it. People have dodos as little egg layers already, and as you say it's neither an RP mod nor a realistic simulation. I guess some people are obsessive about their pixels. :)
Kraken:1  [author] 18 hours ago 
Yeah, deep breath taken, and chill. I'm just irked that a lot of work went into this update, the Ludo being launched, the Icons that a lot of people put really good work into that I would love to have noted, and instead the only response here is 'Muh chickens!' when prior to this all I've had on chicks is 'How do I disable them? I prefer Maarnis.' which is fine, Maarni is doing really good stuff and specifically catering to the RP crowd, and as I said below, for anyone who only wants a farm with chickens and cows just to wander around and be there, then I highly recommend Maarnis and I am doing all I can on my end to ensure that the two are different so that running both is an option without having to play around with Ini to remove conflicts for essentially the same things, just as I have always done with Shads. I've never claimed the goal of this mod to be realism, or an ideal RP xp, I just want the neat Atlas creatures in Ark to muck around and have fun within game and dev kit
Tachyon May 30 @ 11:34pm 
Ignore the critics. The mod is great.
Kraken:1  [author] May 30 @ 8:48pm 
The Squid in Atlas was the size of the Tusoteuthis in Ark, I don't recall you or anyone else objecting that it was made smaller. I've seen no complaints that I plan to make the vulture larger and rideable. Various other creatures have been resized and otherwise tweaked to be more useful, frankly I will continue to make and call this mod however and whatever I choose to, and if you're not happy with it then feel free to hit the unsubscribe button.
Hawkra May 30 @ 8:32pm 
i would love to have what your smoking.. first of all. you call the mod animals of atlas.. it is no longer that if you are changing them so far from what they were in atlas.. second. the giant fowl.. were not chickens.. didnot look like chickens.. they looked closer to ostriches and rheas and the like. so you might want to consider changing the name of your mod .. since it is no longer what it was..
Kraken:1  [author] May 30 @ 8:29pm 
This mod contains machine gun penguins, farting pigs, and invisible dinosaurs, but giant fowl which actually did exist is where you draw the realism line?
Hawkra May 30 @ 8:19pm 
honestly.. how can you call it.. animals of atlas.. if you have changed the chickens so much? . i liked the chickens. i had them running around my island to clean up brush and such.. i dont want giant chickens.. which there is no such thing they are ugly.. not realistic. might as well call them a re-skinned terror bird or whatever the others are called..