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Animals Of Atlas
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Feb 13, 2019 @ 1:58am
Aug 30, 2021 @ 6:00am
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Animals Of Atlas

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Ciao! Welcome to Animals of Atlas, the mod that adds the Animals of Atlas into Ark.

This mod imports Atlas Creatures into Ark, giving them their own identity and abilities. The focus will be largely on the actual animals of Atlas rather than the more fantastical monsters, although I may add them in eventually.

For the current abilities of the creatures added, spawn codes, and future thoughts and plans for the Atlas creatures, please see here:

SPAWN CODES HERE >> Stuff that's in and future plans << SPAWN CODES HERE

Where'd that come from? Oh! It's always been here!

If you encounter a bug with this mod, please let me know all about it here:

Bug Reports

Current creatures included:

Aurochs (Bull):

Spawns in Island, Center, Rag and Extinction Snow Biomes, on Valguero in the Tundra, Genesis Arctic Biome

Bobcat (Cat):

Spawns in the Redwoods (Island, Ragnarok, Center, Valguero) Green Desert on Scorched, Desert and Forest biomes on Extinction, Fertile land on Aberration, Genesis Ocean Biome Islands

Bos (Cow):

Spawns on those maps with a history of farms (Ragnarok and Valguero 'Scotland' areas) and in desert areas (Scorched, Rag, Ext) also has a small chance of replacing a Phiomia spawn on any map where Phiomias spawn (2%), Genesis Lunar Biome caves

Cave Lion (Lion):

Spawns in most caves on the Island and those maps that make use of the same cave cave spawners (Rag and Center) Forest Cave and Wastelands on Extinction, Caves and Dunes on Scorched Earth, Dunes or Desert Region of Ragnarok, White Cliffs Plains on Valguero, Genesis Bog Biome

Corvus Karak (Crow):

Spawns in Grasslands and Snow (Island, Ragnarok,Center) Extinction Forest and Aberrant version spawns in Fertile Land, Genesis Arctic Biome

Dryptosaurus (Razortooth):

Spawns in Jungles (Island, Center, Ragnarok, Valg) the bottom of the Wyvern Trench (SE) the Biolum (Aberr) and the more dangerous parts of the City (Extinction), Genesis Volcano Biome

Hammerhead (Shark):

Spawns alongside Maibalaena and has a symbiotic relationship with them.

Homotherium (Tiger):

Spawns on Aberration in the Fertile land area, the Extinction Forest, The Center Snowy Grasslands, and those maps that use the base Grasslands Spawner (Island, Ragnarok, Valg), Genesis Volcano Biome

Koloponomos (Bear):

Spawns in Snow areas with access to penguins (Island, Center, Ragnarok Not currently on Valg due to overspawning issues) Genesis Arctic Biome

Livyatan (Sperm Whale):

Currently not set up on any spawners, admin summonable only

Ludodactylus (Leatherwing):

Spawns in Scorched Earth and Ragnarok Badlands, Extinction Desert Dome Mountain, Valguero Savanna, Genesis Volcano

Lycoteuthis (Squid):

Spawns in all Oceans

Macaw (Parrot):

Spawns on Beaches (Island, Rag, Center, Valg) Green Desert and Oasis (Scorched, Rag, Extinction), Genesis Ocean Biome Islands

Maiabalaena (Gentle Whale):

Spawns on maps using the base Oceans spawner (Island, Ragnarok, Center, Valg), Genesis Ocean Biome

Metridiochoerus (Pig):

Spawns in the Redwoods Island/Center/Rag/Valg, Ext City Park (East side) and Scorched Oasis', Genesis Bog Biome

Mihirung (Chicken):

Spawns on Valguero and Ragnarok 'Scotland' regions, the Island on Herbivore Island and Extinction City Park spawners, Genesis Lunar Biome caves

Moa (Ostrich):

Spawns on Scorched Earth in the Green Desert Areas, and on Ragnorok and Extinction in the Desert areas, also in the Jungles of those maps that use the base Jungles Spawners (Island, Center, Valg), and the Jungles of Ragnarok, Genesis Bog and Arctic Biomes

Palaeeudyptes (Penguin):

Spawns wherever Kairuku do alongside their smaller cousins (Island, Rag, Center, Valg, Extinction), Genesis Arctic Biome

Sivatherium (Giraffe):

Spawns on Scorched Earth in the Green Desert Areas, the Savannah on Valguero, and on Ragnorok and Extinction in the Desert areas, Genesis Volcano Biome

Timber Wolf (Wolf):

Spawns in the Redwoods, Island/Center/Rag/Valg and Extinction Forest Biome, Genesis Arctic Biome


Big thanks to Jacobeforthewin, Millerrex, Oreleth and Bauti Topin Dogememe for the awesome screenshots


Many thanks for taking a look at and subscribing to this mod, if you like it don't forget to give that Like button a good ol' clicking, and why not check out my other mods too!

As always, I raise a glass to my homies over at the Ark Modding Discord, whose wit and wisdom occasionally sinks in. Big thanks to my main man UpFromTheDepths for all the support, and Eyaexiu Oli for just being such a massive help and wonderful person.

And a massive, massive, gargantuan THANK YOU! to my fellow mod creators Myrmecoleon and Lethal without whose help large parts of this mod just wouldn't work!


For up to date info on my modding endeavours, including update announcements, sneak peeks, and other stuff, join the Kraken's Lair Discord server here:



Massive love to all my Patrons and donators, you're all wonderful!
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jeffreynew17 May 9 @ 12:57pm 
I would love to see what you would do with the shield horns they look so amazing but the other atlas mods that have them also have creatures with ridiculous stats and ability's, but this mod here has been a favorite of mine and my sisters for years I believe in what ever choice you have for the next thing for this mod.
金蛇Goldensnake Apr 27 @ 5:33am 
need elephants
JackGenesisX Apr 19 @ 4:42am 
when will be the next update?
Stella Apr 17 @ 3:40am 
if fjordur uses vanilla game spawn containers instead of custom ones, then yes. If it's missing some creatures, you can add them in with .ini.
DakotaPlayz Apr 17 @ 2:17am 
One question, do they spawn on mod fjördur and the unreleased fjordur? If so where?
Stella Mar 28 @ 10:37am 
@^0Rata^1,^4Chepudo please join the Discord for help
VonMarko Mar 28 @ 10:11am 
This mod crash my game any solution
孤獨恐龍遊戲玩家 Mar 15 @ 8:15am 
@marowc91 THANKS BUDDY, i am not a Native English Speaker so I am not able to explain my meaning clearly. After I use this DinoSpawnEntriesRedwoods_LostIsland_C everything's fine.
tammysherry65 Mar 11 @ 12:13am 
are there spawn codes for the new type of animals added?
marowc91 Mar 7 @ 2:47pm 
By "disappeared", I think (s)he meant not spawning anymore due to a bug with Redwoods spawn container (the base map/The Island one, which a lot of other maps use is for some reason replaced by custom Lost Island one, therefore not any modded dino will spawn there by default on most maps).
Even after last big update with supposed fixes to all maps there's still no cats nor pigs. Wildcard still did not fix the bug. What a joke...

You can still add missing creatures back with .ini codes (or simple spawners mod) though. Just remember that you have to put DinoSpawnEntriesRedwoods_LostIsland_C in the code instead of DinoSpawnEntriesRedwoods_C for it to work, even if you don't play on LI.