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Tribute Transfer is a small mod that allows the player to create Tribute and Trophies containers to travel on other maps that are blocked for transfer.

Up to the current account, all bossmats, non-transferable trophies and Element are available as containers.

The engrams of the Tributes and Trophies are automatically unlocked from level 1. Only the engrams for the converter, the Artifacts and Element have to be learned. These are unlocked at level 1 and do not cost any points.

To convert the Trophies and Tributes, put them into the converter and click either on "use" to pack them individually or (default) "A" to convert them all at once.

All tributes and trophies can be converted individually and stack on 200 pieces each class. The exception is the "ElementShards", which can only converted in 25 pieces stacks.
You can unpack the containers in the player inventory by clicking "Use" and in fast forward by holding "Use".

Furhtermore my converter with 300 storage places and 50k health (Vault) serves as storage which can always be stored an replaced.

Artifacts and Element can also be converted or upacked both in my converter and in the inventory. Artefacts stack to 200 pieces and Element to 2000 pieces.
If there is already an Artifact of the same type in the player inventory, the container cannot be unpacked, this is a security precaution so that Artifacts are not overwritten.
You can exclude the Artifacts and Elements with EngramOverride.
If you want to change the crafting costs of the converter, you will find the command for this below the EngramEntrys. You only need to change the parameters for the materials and enter the command into your "game.ini".

The packages are available for all bosses in all levels of difficulty and are divided accordingly into Alpha, Beta, Gamma. With the exception of the Titans, which are located in the root directory of the packages.
On the one hand, the packages were created to save time by searching for the necessary resources, on the other hand you can already prepare the bossmats and take them with you as 1 container. The packages can be transfered too.
As with the artifact containers, a protection is built in which blocks the unpacking in the inventory, as soon as one of the artifacts to be unpacked is already in your inventory. This ensures that you will not overwrite any artifacts.

ModID: 2044129379



If you like my mod, I would be glad about your support!

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Mily32PL 2 hours ago 
And thats would be nice when u add blockade for no-tribe members for item converter
Mily32PL 2 hours ago 
Can u add container of 1,10k hide and metal thats would be really helpful for trade without overflow every time.
Flauschi  [author] May 11 @ 3:06pm 
@shootwho I will reduce the converter health with the next update.

@bambiwacker you can try with stack size override
BAMBIWACKER May 11 @ 1:42pm 
can i increase to stack size for element and shards?
Shootwho Apr 30 @ 7:53am 
Is there a way to lower the health of the converter terminal?
Vocal Tune Apr 23 @ 11:37am 
Very handy to have! I wish it was in vanilla game too!
Zanguin Mar 12 @ 5:29am 
Love the mod! Any chance you would add more Element Shard containers like containing 500 shards? Had it requested by some of the players that play on my clusters :) Thanks and keep up the good work :)
Zarkovka Feb 15 @ 3:19am 
After the last update, the USE button does not work
RandomPersoV Jan 29 @ 9:35am 
It is indirectly because there are like 20 new Engrams which make your Char Data even bigger. And we never had the problem before.
And 20 isnt even all pf them.
Flauschi  [author] Jan 28 @ 5:07pm 
Would be surprised that the buffer overflow comes from my mod and the other 85k players, as well as our 12 servers are not affected.