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akka's Interior Decor Structures
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Mar 18, 2021 @ 4:27pm
Feb 2 @ 5:59pm
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akka's Interior Decor Structures

Various indoor decorations and furniture.

Mod ID: 2428761590

100% Stackable Mod

All items that are variations of existing ARK items (like tables, doors, etc.) have the same or similar properties, such as HP, won't be allowed to pick them up, etc. since I want to keep the base game's functionality intact. One exception to this is the engram cost, which isn't feasible since you'd quickly run out of engram points.

All items are crafted from within a crafting table, so they do not require any engram points to use. The crafting table itself is the only item that appears in your engram list, at a cost of 0 engram points.

Most items (where it makes sense) can be colored with the paintbrush and dyes.

Many items have variants; use the radial menu (hold E) and choose "Structure Variants" to pick from different styles.

Some items shown in the screenshots are from my other mods, since there's some crossover thematically between mods, so as I build and set up scenes, items from multiple mods sometimes make it in the scenes.

GameUserSettings.ini configuration for changing the storage container inventory slot numbers:

The number is a set number that all the containers will use, the multiplier is a multiplication of the default values (so using akkaStorageSlotsMultiplier=2 will double the default slot number for all the storage containers)
If both settings are in the ini, akkaStorageSlotsNumber will be used.

Check here for the spawn codes.

List of items (found inside crafting table) - Spawn Code
Crafting Table

(x#) means separate structures (not variants within a structure)

Dungeon Cell Door
Medieval Door (x3)
Rustic Bookshelf Door
Double Door Thatch
Double Doorframe Thatch

Floor Decor
Floor Clock (3 variants)
Standing Banner Flag (5 variants)
Gothic Floor Decor (2 variants)
Rugs (x6 - 24 total variants)
Tavern Barrel Single

Bathroom Bathtub (4 variants)
Bathroom Mirror - No Reflections (4 variants)
Bathroom Mirror - Reflections (x4)
Bathroom Shelf (4 variants)
Bathroom Sink (4 variants)
Bathroom Toilet (4 variants)
Drafting Table
Large Refining Forge
Gothic Armoire
Gothic Bed (2 variants)
Gothic Bedside Table (2 variants)
Gothic Bench (4 variants)
Gothic Coffee Table
Gothic Column (15 variants)
Gothic Column (15 variants)
Gothic Dining Chair (4 variants)
Gothic Dining Table (3 variants)
Gothic Display Table (2 variants)
Gothic Room Divider (8 variants)
Gothic Statue Shelf (2 variants)
Gothic Table Round (2 variants)
Gothic Wall Shelf
Leather Couch (2 variants)
Modern Armoire
Modern Bed
Modern Bedside Table (2 variants)
Modern Bench (2 variants)
Modern Chair
Modern Coffee Table (2 variants)
Modern Column (12 variants)
Modern Column (12 variants)
Modern Couch
Modern Display Table (2 variants)
Modern Kitchen Countertop
Modern Kitchen Countertop Corner
Modern Kitchen Sink
Modern Kitchen Stove
Modern Microwave
Modern Refrigerator
Modern Room Divider (8 variants)
Modern Statue Shelf (3 variants)
Modern Stool
Modern Table (3 variants)
Modern Table Round (3 variants)
Modern Wall Shelf
Rustic Armoire (2 variants)
Rustic Bed (2 variants)
Rustic Bedside Table (3 variants)
Rustic Bench (4 variants)
Rustic Chair (5 variants)
Rustic Coffee Table
Rustic Column (15 variants)
Rustic Column (15 variants)
Rustic Display Table (2 variants)
Rustic Hallway Dresser (2 variants)
Rustic Kitchen Countertop
Rustic Kitchen Countertop Corner
Rustic Kitchen Sink
Rustic Kitchen Stove
Rustic Microwave
Rustic Refrigerator
Rustic Room Divider (8 variants)
Rustic Statue Shelf (2 variants)
Rustic Table (3 variants)
Rustic Table Round (2 variants)
Rustic Wall Shelf

Bathroom Wall Light
Lamp Wall (x2)
Lamp Wall Ceiling
Pendant Light
Picture Frame Light Electric
Table Lamp
Wall Torch

Gothic Metal Staircase
Wooden Stairs Railing

Barrel Rack Storage
Blueprint Cabinet
Crystal Storage
Dye Storage
Electronics Storage
Equipment Storage (7 variants)
Fiber Storage
Hide Storage
Metal Storage
Oil Fuel Storage (2 variants)
Paste Storage
Stone Storage
Storage Chest (16 variants)
Thatch Storage
Wood Storage (2 variants)

Table Decorations
Art Table Props
Bathroom Doodads (6 variants)
Bathroom Folded Towels (3 variants)
Book - Floor Pile
Book Open Horizontal (3 variants)
Book Open Horizontal (3 variants)
Book Open Horizontal (3 variants)
Book Single Horizontal (10 variants)
Book Single Vertical (11 variants)
Book Stack (5 variants)
Ceramic Table Props (7 variants)
Drink Bottle (8 variants)
Gothic Vase (12 variants)
Kitchen Doodads (16 variants)
Kitchen Vase (4 variants)
Modern Vase (4 variants)
Rustic Vase (2 variants)
Scroll (2 variants)
Seashells (6 variants)
Shelf Books (Full Row) (8 variants)
Shelf Books (All Rows)
Table Picture Frame A (8 variants)
Table Picture Frame B (8 variants)
Table Picture Frame C (8 variants)
Table Bowl Gothic (2 variants)
Table Bowl Modern (4 variants)
Table Bowl Rustic (6 variants)
Table Clock (3 variants)
Small Table Props (12 variants)

Food Single (18 variants)
Glass Tableware Single (x3)
Gothic Bowl (x2)
Gothic Goblet (x3)
Gothic Plate (x3)
Gothic Table Setting (x3)
Rustic Bowl (x2)
Rustic Mug (x2)
Rustic Pitcher (x2)
Rustic Plate (x2)
Rustic Table Setting (x3)

Wall Decor
Banner Flag Wall (4 variants)
Bathroom Wall Decor (3 variants)
Ceiling Rug (4 variants)
Gothic Picture Frame (8 variants)
Medicine Cabinet (4 variants)
Modern Picture Frame (8 variants)
Rustic Picture Frame (8 variants)
Wooden Picture Frame (8 variants)
Wall Canvas (x4)
Ceiling Support (3 variants)
Stone Arch
Awning (3 variants)
Gothic Wall Decor (7 variants)
Tapestry Flags (6 variants)
Wall Box Butterfly (x3)
Wall Box Flowers (x3)
Wall Decor Shield (4 variants)

Sloped Metal Wall Left Up
Sloped Metal Wall Right Up
Sloped Stone Wall Left Up
Sloped Stone Wall Right Up
Sloped Thatch Wall Left Up
Sloped Thatch Wall Right Up
Sloped Wood Wall Left Up
Sloped Wood Wall Right Up
Stone Wall Half
Wall Clock (3 variants)
Wood Wall Half

Curtain (4 variants)
Dungeon Cell Window
Medieval Window (x2)
Metal Window Extended
Metal Window Frame Extended
Window Stained (x4)
Window Stained Circle (x2)
Window Stained Double (x3)
Window Stained Full (x3)
Window Stained Extended (x4)
Stone Window Extended
Stone Window Frame Circle
Stone Window Frame Extended
Thatch Window
Thatch Window Extended
Thatch Window Frame
Thatch Window Frame Extended
Wood Window Extended
Wood Window Frame Extended

Creating these mods is very time consuming, if you like my mods and want to support their development:
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My other mods:
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Nov 20, 2021 @ 5:54am
Really Rilee
< >
PrismaticKitsune May 27 @ 8:34am 
Yeah, I used a generator and electricity and it works great without having big ugly wires sticking out from them! Thank you for the response though!
akka  [author] May 26 @ 9:13pm 
They accept the Charge Battery from Abberation simply because ARK's default Lampposts do, and I wanted to keep that same functionality. The tooltip is the same as ARK's Lamppost as well, though I should probably change that since it doesn't mention anything about electricity, only that it requires a battery.
PrismaticKitsune May 23 @ 12:38pm 
Where do I make batteries for the lamps? I tried spawning them in but think it crashed my server and couldn't log in.
akka  [author] Mar 24 @ 3:34pm 
It's made from the plastic refining machine which is crafted in the decor crafting table (in the resources folder).
kimiki89 Mar 24 @ 10:21am 
How do i make plastic ???
Norre Feb 19 @ 5:17pm 
understood. Thank you for your response! I'll compare it to my current list and see if there's any room. Another thing, while this is more pie-in-the-sky thinking, would your resource containers happen to have any visual quantity elements like visual storage itself? That would be a really wonderful addition if its not a feature already.
akka  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:51pm 
The install size of the mod is just under 1.5 GB, so it's not small as far as mods go, although it will be staying under 1.5 GB even with some new additions.
Norre Feb 19 @ 3:42pm 
about how big is this mod? I want to consider this in place of visual storage due to the unique resource containers and other unique building options, but my server is already a struggle to load into for middle to low range pcs or those that use hard disk drives. How much will my players have to load per login?
Skullfurious Feb 19 @ 3:35am 
The gothic staircases cannot be traversed. You get stock at the top.
akka  [author] Feb 10 @ 9:09pm 
The candles are from another mod of mine, you reminded me that I meant to re-take the thumbnails because of the confusion, sorry about that! If you're interested, the mod is