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akka's Interior Decor Structures
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Mar 18, 2021 @ 4:27pm
Nov 14 @ 11:36pm
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akka's Interior Decor Structures

In 1 collection by akka
akka's ARK Decor Mods Collection
4 items
Various indoor decorations and furniture.

Mod ID: 2428761590

100% Stackable Mod

All items that are variations of existing ARK items (like tables, doors, etc.) have the same or similar properties, such as HP, won't be allowed to pick them up, etc. since I want to keep the base game's functionality intact. One exception to this is the engram cost, which isn't feasible since you'd quickly run out of engram points.

All items are crafted from within a crafting table, so they do not require any engram points to use. The crafting table itself is the only item that appears in your engram list, at a cost of 0 engram points.

Most items (where it makes sense) can be colored with the paintbrush and dyes.

Many items have variants; use the radial menu (hold E) and choose "Structure Variants" to pick from different styles.

Some items shown in the screenshots are from my other mods, since there's some crossover thematically between mods, so as I build and set up scenes, items from multiple mods sometimes make it in the scenes.

GameUserSettings.ini configuration for changing the storage container inventory slot numbers:

"akkaStorageSlotsNumber" is a set number that all the containers will use, "akkaStorageSlotsMultiplier" is a multiplication of the default values (so using akkaStorageSlotsMultiplier=2 will double the default slot number for all the storage containers)
If both settings are in the ini, akkaStorageSlotsNumber will be used.

Click here for the spawn codes.[]


Creating these mods is very time consuming, if you like my mods and want to support their development:
( Donate [])

My other mods:
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akka  [author] Sep 5 @ 7:46pm 
I'll probably still release new content updates and fix anything critical for this version, especially since I'll still be playing original ARK on my current private server that's been running for years.
Jeffrey C Drywater Sep 5 @ 6:14pm 
I'm curious... When ASA is released, will you stop updating this version or maintain both?
Samara Sep 5 @ 4:29am 
yay <3 i m super happy about that :D
akka  [author] Sep 4 @ 4:37pm 
Thanks! I do plan on updating/upgrading my mods for ASA, whenever the devkit is available.
Samara Sep 4 @ 12:21pm 
hello, i just wanted to say i love ur decor mods :D and will u make them avaiable in ASA too?
akka  [author] Jul 16 @ 2:07pm 
Thanks! I need to shift focus on a content update for another one of my mods next, but I still have a lot of plans for this mod.
Ganthus Jul 16 @ 11:50am 
Thanks akka, this mod has always been really helpful :)
Jeffrey C Drywater Jul 15 @ 6:59pm 
Awesome update! I love the new "rustic" sink. And not having to spend thirty minutes getting pipes to line up is SO much nicer. Keep up the great work!
akka  [author] Jul 13 @ 8:29pm 
The sinks should work without being connected to a pipe now. I planned on updating a while ago but had a lot of issues working on this update.

On a side note, I started up a Discord server to have a more direct line for reporting issues or suggestions:
akka  [author] Jun 28 @ 12:55am 
@Jeffrey C Drywater Yeah in the upcoming update the sinks should be able to be placed without needing a pipe but still function like they're connected to a pipe.