Dances with Spookaboo
Moo Collins   Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Feeds the village urchins and volunteers at the tee-pee soup kitchen. Mends, sows and darns the socks of the tentless and sings songs to the unloved. Then dances them off to be eaten by the wolves.

I know I loved you, because I hate you but right now I would rather haunt you!

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Completed Games for 2018 listed from best to worst

01. Bloodborne [PS4]
02. A Hat in Time [PC]
03. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider [PC]
04. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [PC]
05. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy [PS4]
06. Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition [PS4]
07. Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon [PC]
08. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End [PS4]
09. Vampyr [PC]
10. Omensight [PC]
11. Yooka-Laylee [PC]
12. Resident Evil 5 [PC]
13. Super Lucky's Tale [PC]
14. Heavy Rain [PS4]
15. Mafia II [PC]
16. Allumette [PS4-VR]
17. A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV [PS4]
18. HITMAN: Silent Assassin [PC]
19. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit [PC]
20. Invasion [PS4-VR]
21. Alan Wake [PC]
22. Max Payne [PC]
23. Life is Strange: Before the Storm [PC]
24. The Order 1886 [PS4]
25. Aliens: Colonial Marines [PC]
26. Bless Online [PC]

Replayed games 2018

27. Portal 2 [PC]

Completed Games for 2017 listed from best to worst

01. Dishonored 2 [PC]
02. The Last Guardian [PS4]
03. Mass Effect: Andromeda [PC]
04. Dishonored [PC]
05. Resident Evil 7 [PC]
06. Until Dawn [PS4]
07. What Remains of Edith Finch [PC]
08. Observer [PC]
09. The Evil Within 2 [PC]
10. Sonic Mania [PC]
11. Agents of Mayhem [PC]
12. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception [PS4]
13. NieR Automata [PC]
14. Tyranny [PC]
15. Dragon Age 2 [PC]
16. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS4)
17. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice [PC]
18. Vikings - Wolves of Midgard [PC]
19. The Witcher: Enhanced Edition [PC]
20. Cat Quest [PC]
21. Pinstripe [PC]
22. Last Day of June [PC]
23. Tomb Raider: Anniversary [PC]
24. Subsurface Circular [PC]
25. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor [PC]
26. Alienation [PS4]
27. L.A. Noire [PC]
28. inFAMOUS: First Light [PS4]
29. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune [PS4]
30. Mirror's Edge [PC]
31. Rise & Shine [PC]
32. Among the Inoccent: A Striken Tale [PC]
33. A Normal Lost Phone [PC]
34. Echo Tokyo: An Inro [PC]

Replayed games 2017

35. Tomb Raider [PC]
36. Rise of the Tomb Raider [PC]

:happypug: 2016
Favorite game :- Dark Souls III
Runner up :- Firewatch

:2018raygun: 2015
Favorite game :- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Runner up :- Ori and the Blind Forest

:2018salienbeast1: 2014
Favorite game :- Alien Isolation
Runner up :- Shovel Knight

:starsmile: 2013
Favorite game :- Tomb Raider 2013
Runner up :- Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn

:HPBoot: 2012
Favorite game :- Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Runner up :- The Walking Dead: Season One

:2017eyeball: 2011
Favorite game :- Portal 2
Runner up :- The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

:WoTB_Choc: 2010
Favorite game :- Sid Meier's Civilization V
Runner up :- Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

:dustpan: 2009
Favorite game : Demon's Souls
Runner up : Batman Arkham Asylum

:SpacePug: 2008
Favorite game :- Bioshock
Runner up :- Dead Space
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I am here to suck the conversation out of you
I decided to take a chance on Vampyr at full price, which is not something I would normally do, given that I am generally not really a fan of the developer, DontNod's, previous works. I found Remember Me to be a colossal bore that even with its incredibly short playtime was a chore to play through and I find their Life is Strange games a bit too mawkish and overly-sentimental for my tastes. So blow me over with a feather that Vampyr actually turns out to be surprisingly good, well at least good enough for me to reconsider their games in the future when they aren't mining adolescence for the nausea-inducing feels. Vampyr had me gripped from the get go, especially given that I was drawn to the bitter irony of the tale that centers around a turn of the century blood transfusion doctor being bitten by a vampire and being turned into one himself and then having to deal with a viral epidemic that threatens to wipe out London, that may or may not be linked to his creator. Vampyr isn't perfect however as it suffers from what Life is Strange suffered from which is some god awful prose. The game is littered with some clangers that nearly caused my ears to bleed ("What is glass but tortured sand"; "What is darkness but setting sun") but thankfully it's a lot better this time around. Learning to dial it back a bit is still a lesson the writers at DontNod haven't quite yet mastered. The combat is also not as refined as it could be (I would describe it as scrappy and rough around the edges), there are sections of the game that feel a bit graphically underwhelming considering that early 20th century London can look striking when you are out and about questing. There also seems to be an odd problem with engine lighting because each character looks like they are being lit up by an inner lantern dialed all the way up to 10, with light piercing through the crevices of where they have been stitched together giving each character an odd Frankenstein look. Where Vampyr does excel is that it offers one of largest and most memorable cast of characters I have yet encountered in a game. Each character (and there are many) are fleshed out and feel distinctly real, not cardboard-caricatures of the era when they aren't sprouting purple prose. It is also an incredibly focused and tight affair (something I am all the more grateful for). There is no busy work/fat built in here (unless you plan on healing every citizen in every district). You have main quests and side quests (all which enhance the main story) and none of the hundred million other doodahs that seems to populate open world RPG's these days that simply serve as distractions. Vampyr is also an incredibly well optimized game and I was able to run it without any slow down at 4K/60FPS. Word of warning:- Vampyr is heavy on exposition and you will often be locked into lengthy pieces of dialog with various characters so if that is not your thing you might want to reconsider. Thankfully all of it is gripping and enjoyable to listen too with enough twists and turns along the way to ensure that, narratively , you are kept on your toes. As it stands, Vampyr gets a recommend from me.
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No game breaking bugs were encountered outide of the odd engine lighting issue highlighted in the review. Game is incredibly well optimized and should scale admirably on various hardware.
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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines; DARK; Castlevania: Lords of Shadow; Bloodrayne
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Lovers of all things vampiric, people who enjoy a good yarn, people who love it when their games get a case of the "talkalitis".
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