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Death’s Door is a 3D top-down action game where you play as a young Crow, also referred as "Reaper". You are tasked with a job to travel from your bland office-work afterlife to claim souls of three powerfull beings who overdued their respected stay in this world, and ultimately use those large souls to open a "Deaths Door" that’s been sealed shut for generations.

Visually stunning on many occasions and grim on others, the game communicates it's world and atmosphere really well just through visuals and overall sound design. Featuring many easily distinguishable areas, Death's Door tries very hard to never make players bored of what they see and face, and succeeds on most occasions. Narrative and dialogue range anywhere from funny to sad, even quite philosophical and thought-provoking at times.

That sense of risk versus reward is present throughout and mostly extends to the environment and level design. You collect flower seeds, and when you plant them in scattered pots, they bloom into permanent health stations, which you can use only once per life, and are the only way of refilling your health. There are plenty of them scattered around the world and, depending on how thoroughly you explore, you should be able to collect and plant most of them quite easily. That design feature automatically leads players to make strategic choices like balancing between elements of risk and reward as you are effectively creating your own safe zones.

Besides those health seeds there are multifarious of collectibles and secrets to be found on each level, ranging from "shinies" that explain a backlore a bit, shrines that raise your health and magic bars, to some really well hidden secrets that feel like a quest of their own. You will need to collect ALL of those to experience the true ending of the game, which I enjoyed very much. Collecting everything never felt like a task, like it often does in many games, as many secrets and collectibles are placed in logical and intuitive places on the level maps.

Although the game does include souls-like features, to some extent, I would rather place it in the souls-lite category, as it is approachable by players of any skill level and prior experience in the genre. Learning curve is not steep and game does well to gradually introduce you to all it has to offer. I would also like to point out that after beating the game you still have many things to see and do, including some unique dialogue options and secrets to be found. I would say that roughly around 20% of Death's Door content is in it's post-game, and it really helps to bind the whole narative and lore together.

There is no difficulty to choose from, but there is an achievement for beating the game using only a simple umbrella (least powerfull melee weapon in the game), which I consider to be a hard mode and much more challenging. I suggest playing your second playthough with the umbrella, after you learned all of the enemy patterns and map layouts.

I really cannot recommend Death's Door enough, as it is one of the most unique and engaging games I have played in the last few years. There are no game-breaking bugs and glitches of any kind as far as I'm aware of, and loading screens are less than a secong long, literally, making the overall experience as fluid as possible.

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