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The Last Clockwinder is a fantastic game and truly one of the most creative applications of VR out there. The gameplay revolves around recording clones of yourself whose actions loop in order to automate fruit plant harvesting. So, for example, you might record one clone that cuts a badgertail off of its plant and then tosses it across the room—and then go across the room and record another clone that catches it and sticks it to a bomb berry before putting it in the press. It’s extremely satisfying building these automated chains of control, and the process of recording interactions between several versions is yourself is a gimmick uniquely possible in VR. Despite being a relatively short game, there’s tons of room for creativity and problem-solving as you seek the most efficient ways to automate each mechanism. The lore is pretty well-done; it contributes nicely to the atmosphere of the game, as do the music and visual style. It also has options for smooth locomotion vs teleporting and smooth rotation vs rotating at customizable intervals (e.g. 30°, 45°, etc.), which is great for accommodating different levels of player comfort in VR. I would love to see The Last Clockwinder discussed in the same breath as Beat Saber, Superhot VR, or even Half-Life: Alyx as a must-play VR title presenting a unique, immersive gameplay experience that genuinely makes the most of VR capabilities. 10/10.
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