Don't cry for me, I'm already dead

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Death is the only escape

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Una guía completa para ayudarte a desbloquear todos los logros, disfraces y muertes del juego, totalmente en español.
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Nobody I am
(Digital) game collector. Novice completionist and achievement hunter; cf. : 100pAG & AScouts . Para hispanohablantes: HispAchievers . For retro games [] : RetroAchievements org []

Getting through my backlog (of mostly MP grinding) for completionism:
-> Among Us , CrimeSight , Boring Man - Online Tactical Stickman Combat , Fall Guys , Clue/Cluedo: The Classic Mystery Game

Currently playing (for fun ) mainly:
* Slowly climbing in gold rank in Brawlhalla . Highest ELO yet is 1540.
* Decent, non-toxic survivor main who occasionally plays killer (Huntress mainly) in Dead by Daylight .
* Also currently playing other games outside Steam like Genshin Impact , Overwatch , Rocket League (on Epic Games).

Completionist challenges for fun and glory
* 2nd place in a race for completing 100% achievements in The Henry Stickmin Collection (against my dear friend Dust .)
* 2nd place in a race completing Lily's Well (against Dust.)
* 1st place in a race completing Genesis Noir (against Dust.) :winter2019coolyul:
* Currently in a race to complete Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (on Nintendo DS) thorugh RetroAchievements org the fastest soonest (against Dust.)

And everyday I ask myself 'how will I make it?'
I won't, that's how

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Hiro May 23 @ 4:23pm 
ez Huntress :Monokuma2_DGR:
LittleRed Jan 11 @ 11:41pm 
Np at all lol :P
LittleRed Jan 11 @ 8:25pm 
I was not the huntress lol :P I was the random :D
alone Dec 6, 2021 @ 4:05pm 
im so sorry you died, i tried to get him to get me, but whatever teammate that was beside you was braindead :wnsad:
nobody_at_all Oct 7, 2021 @ 11:37pm 
Yeah, once the Pinhead started stroking his ego for nothing I left the lobby, but thanks for that :whiteward:
Hesdin Oct 7, 2021 @ 11:15pm 
had to dc so u could get hatch but it worked out