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Those who abandon their friends are scum, but those who write unlawful parking tickets are worse than scum :dealerrizz::satan:

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When it comes to my reviews, I use Steam as a convenient way to leave notes for myself about what I thought of a game while trying it out. I often get games and potentially simply change my mind on wanting to play through the game fully at that moment. That's why I simply leave a review, uninstall the game, and then come back to it when I feel like it.

Sometimes Steam sort of feels like a second job when you force yourself to play certain games just because "you bought them". Your enjoyment of that game and your thoughts on it may get impacted by secondary factors that the game had no influence over. That is why simply taking some time off from those games that I lost the willingness to play, will eventually bring me back to them to play as much as I initially planned.

For example, Papers, Please – I love this game, I love its art style. Heck, I watched the OG YouTubers play through the game back when it first came out and have deeply looked into Lucas Pope's past as a game developer, all of which have made me ever so confident in the fact that I love this game no matter what. And yet, after playing through the entire story once, I was simply burnt out. I simply took some time off and then come back to it when I were ready. :jorji: :optikaheart: :demoticon:

I likewise treat leaving reviews as a small hobby. It feels really fulfilling to be able to leave your thoughts on your experiences. And with the general Steam culture of interacting with other people's posts and thoughts, no other gaming platform can really compare as the ideal platform to leave your thoughts on a product. That said, no matter what other people may think of my reviews, I am not writing them to state facts; I am trying to convey the feelings I felt while playing through the game.
(I could also use twitter, but I genuinely doubt that the people on that platform can feel anything)
The marching clock of time terrifies me for many reasons
but one of them is having to see this game limp along not in grace
but rather despondently ambivalent to how erratic its development has become

No more Christmas re-balances, no more experimental game modes and, I know it's not over.
I know the game will probably, eventually get big updates
but that is now an outlier to the static, unchanging, undying status quo.

I love TF2 and I miss it :winter2019sadyul:

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There is… actually…. A single secret boss that you can fight, but the conditions for encountering which are VERY tedious and annoying to tackle, so I will provide a step by step guide on how to reach this boss.
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A timeless masterpiece that needs no introduction

TF2 is hands down the best first person, multiplayer shooter ever made. It has everything, from iconic characters to solid gameplay. It has inside jokes, a competitive scene, a trading system with an actual economy; a cinema scene with complete access to all of the games assets, a never-ending supply of fan-made content, and to top it all, this game, and all of its features, are all ABSOLUTELY FREE.

TF2 has an entire workshop community which is purely dedicated to creating content for TF2, which valve, if see fit, can port into the game and make it accessible within the economy of the game (a portion of the profits from which will go to the creators of the content).

Team Fortress 2 is an amazing game in the aspect that it has been going strong since its release, and has been at the top of the most played games on steam, despite its competition actually getting proper updates.

Minecraft may be the best sandbox game ever made, but FPS wise, that honor belongs to TF2. The successful creation of which hasn't been able to be duplicated in other games that came and went as this absolute titan of a series stood and didn't even flinch.

It is great to see tf2 finally get some love but even if it shall only get bug fixed from here on out, nothing, and absolutely nobody, will be able to eclipse the sheer beauty of this digital masterpiece.

Play TF2
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This amazing dress-up shooter game :)
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Small & Medium are coffins Large replaces the bullet & rockets with bones These models were Initially made for a custom map but we decided to submit them here so you can use it when creating your own map if needed. All the files are compiled and ready for
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Status - Pending, Created by - FanCyy, Coolchou Zhao says: Hello Chat, and Sparcdoctor
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