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A very stylish, spacy RTS-lite that has you commanding your little block men to mine resources, build, research and defend, with the ultimate goal of reaching and researching the four monoliths in each corner of the smallish map. The gameplay is as minimalistic as the graphics -- you have seven building structures to choose from, and have to balance your construction of them based on your available resources, while at the same time making sure you don't put your block men too far away from their battle stations at any time as they must fend off the occasional attack wave, which increase in frequency and strength as the game goes on.

Without balance and a fair (but not frustrating) level of difficulty, this game probably would have been too simple to be anything but a flavor of the minute, the type of game you play for a day or two to never return to. But it is well balanced and challenging, and the minimal graphics and excellent space synth soundtrack (my wife walked by and asked if I was listening to Pink Floyd) allow this game to succeed in both style and play.
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