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I Play a lot of games, and showcase the best i like in my YT videos.
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Abrix is the name, let's start the game, shall we!!

Hello everyone, Thank you so much for visiting my profile. Here are my stats [steamladder.com]

I'm XX years old and i love to play a lot of games, that got me into somewhere i like to work. I'm a game collector, i like to collect a lot of games, and also like to play most of them, I love to travel, I love to eat, and more than that, i like to communicate with people and talk all about games.

Besides this, Me and my friend run a YouTube channel [Link is above] where we talk about cheap games, and cheap deals, and have some fun.

Gaming is my love, Gaming is my world
Gamer is what i called, Game is my religion.

My main aim is to find each and every gamer residing in India under one group, it's hard to find them anyway. So if you're reading this, and if you're a Bhartiya, then don't forget to join my group above.

So what are you waiting for, make sure to visit my channel and if you like the content then do let me know in the comments regarding the same. I would really love to appreciate your feedback.


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1. Check your steam profile stats/rank - Steamladder [steamladder.com]
2. Check your steam inventory worth - SteamDB [steamdb.info]
3. Check your friendlist stats - Steamfriends [steamfriends.info]
4. Check ongoing bundles - Barter [barter.vg]
5. Check games for exchange - Steamtrades [www.steamtrades.com]
6. Buy CSGO/TF2 keys for cheap - Marketplace [marketplace.tf]
7. Buy steam level using card bot - Cardbots [steam.supply]
8. Create beautiful steam art - Steam Tools [steam.tools]


Bundle Websites

1. Humble Bundle [www.humblebundle.com]
2. Fanatical [www.fanatical.com]
3. Indiegala [www.indiegala.com]
4. GoGoBundle [www.gogobundle.com]
5. OtakuBundle [otakubundle.com]
6. Bunchkeys [www.bunchkeys.com]
7. LazyGuys [www.lazyguysbundle.com]
8. Groupees [groupees.com]
9. DailyIndieGame [dailyindiegame.com]


:heartgr::heartgr::heartgr::heartgr:Something from heart :heartgr::heartgr::heartgr::heartgr:

1. Barter is really a brilliant programmer and an awesome person. I would like to thank Barter, Alexandra, Lilly[Shakti], Archie, CG, & LeoFR from the bottom of my heart for creating such amazing and useful websites for gamers like us. Love you guys for helping players like us.

2. Help others and you'll see all the good in this world. A smile is worth a priceless memory.

3. All Indians are not scammers, and even if they did scamming, then they're not Indians (anymore).

4. I want to be the largest game collector within my country and trying to get every indian gamer under one roof. Along with some of the professional and amazing Youtube gaming community.

5. If you ever encountered NEOCOW in GROUPBUYS then there's no way in hell he's gonna listen to what you've to say. He's a 25YO with an IQ of a 3YO.

6. If you're an Indian reading this, then consider joining our group above, let's bring everyone together, Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Vande Matram, Hindustan Zindabad.

Lots and Lots of Love,

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Forever Favourite :) :)

You cannot replace this masterpiece ever. It's like something that you play once in a decade. If you haven't played it. Consider buying this immediately and then you'll know why this game, though a decade earlier, still the best arcade racing game you've ever played.

This game has everything it needs. from strong and fluid gameplay to amazing mechanics. wrecking car hasn't been more fun
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