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Anonymous   Finland
I am Anonymous. You do not need to know anything about me. Anything I say in the internet stays in the internet. My identity is my own.

I don't multiplay anything so please don't send me multiplayer related friend requests unless we've agreed on it in advance. I will almost certainly reject them outright. Any CS:GO related friend requests are automatically rejected, no exceptions, so don't even bother.
Dino Apr 28 @ 9:07am 
+rep can actually be reasonable unlike most people
Sharkzilla518 Jan 19 @ 3:37pm 
Holy I don’t think I’m going to play my hard world anymore
Anonymous Helper Jan 19 @ 9:12am 
In hard mode every time you kill a shark more than 1 can spawn to replace on you killed. There can be up to 5 sharks present at any given time.
Sharkzilla518 Jan 19 @ 9:08am 
Can 2 sharks spawn at once?!?
:) Jan 7 @ 6:45am 
acid rain Dec 31, 2023 @ 3:29pm 
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