2nd Class Janitor - Wilco
Alex   Durham, Ontario, Canada
Clean razor by tapping
Nail to Nail Shower Bifurcating Squat
Towelie Tap&Rub reddot
Peanut Butter or Jam Oatmeal
DriveThroughRPG (website and program for D&D, GURPS reading etc, free of charge for many books and paid options PDF)
Rufus for Making OS USB (bootables too)
keyword giphy steam feature
Print option!| Print PDF. NOT COPY PASTE
WASD sell O-Ring CherryMX Board
Right Click Speaker in Taskbar. Device Properties. Additional Device Properties. Advanced. Boost XHz higher rate audio
CAFR Layout: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:KB_Canadian_French_text.svg
Mech Anodized CAFR: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/
Instructions: WASD V3 105 ISO Custom Mechanical
(Click caps/Swap Color)
Board Color - Click on Alphanumeric on a Color -Click on the Aa and choose Text Color for Alpha - Repeat for Mods
Under Legends/Design Change "Alphanumeric" from UK to Canadian French

Accents Separés:
Avoir: French(Canada) dans l'override: Language. Preferred Language. Add a Language: French(Canada). Clique dessus. Options. Scroll down. "Add Keyboard". "French Canadian"
Clavier: Language:Keyboard:Override for default input Method. Use dropdown menu option: French (Canada) - Canadian French

X570S TypeC=10
USB Baffle/Bracket cable+9pin/20pin/Type E USB2/3/C. Avoid in-slot connection. 9pin=DualUSB2. 20Pin=DualUSB3 Type E to C is 1=1. Amazon before AliExpress prices competitive with shipping fees, faster, higher quality, better store pictures, better brands. Determine if TypeE is 10 or 20gbs. Then Buy Baffle. 4xUSB2.0 bottom slot (For easy Xbox360 wired connections. 2xUSB3.0 Second to Last slot. Type C Third to Last. Only plug in when front facing connections are missing from case.

Game w/o pad/partial. Big picmode: Xbox One pad, right joystick=mouse!
Hold WINDOWSKEY+TAB to create desktop instances to swap. You can move fullscreened crashed software and taskmanager kill.

Steam nav slow: (task manager taskkill) Ctrl panel. View large/small icons. Dbl click: Internet options. "Connections". Near bottom "LAN propreties". Uncheck "Detect Lan Settings Automatically". Restart Steam.

Steam no launch Keep:
steamapps [FOLDER] (Contains all game data)
userdata [FOLDER] (Contains Library Info)
steam.exe (launch to rebuild)
Delete all else. Launch Steam.exe. Steam rebuilds.

Steam stuck odd language:


Evolve is Hamachi-like. Verdantil. PastriesMagi

Falche fixes days limit Fo2 & fixes encounter rate in Fo1/Fo2
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Descent 3 Trailer 264p 30fps H264 96kbit AAC
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Annah Patty Backdrop Planescape
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Manor Week

LW(G) - N - W(RavK+Hands)- E - S - Use Hands on Clock (EG) -N - E(Unlatch)- E(RavUse)
S - E - BookPuzz (EG) -

W - N - E - N - SW2nd(StatPzz) (EG) - N - W - UP - East(I) - E - SW

Resarch (Spid/SB) - E - NW - W - S - W (SpidUse) - W - South(I) (CorpseEG) - W (Curt+StatKey) - E

NE - S(Mid) (StatSnk) (EG) (ScyK) - OUT(Snk) - W - S - E (MHU) - E (ScyUse) - N -SE (PianK+Skull)

S - SW(TalkDrag) - SE(SearchAltar) - West(Peek) - NE -NW - W - Down - SE(DangC) -SW - W(MH)

N - N(MidSkullU) - E(SB) - W - N -W(I) - PianUse+MiniSkel(EG) - N - E - SE - DOWN


W (DollK+Scrm) - E - E - NE - KHook(SnkK) - UP(SnkUse) - Upwest - W (DollUse) - UP

TskK+Return Corridor - North(I) - NE(2xTskUse) - Bust DOWN (EG) + Return Corridor - South(Mid)

Stat(SnkBrush+Return) - W - SE - UP - NosK - E(out) - E(MHU) - NE(Shove) - NE - NW - S(NosUse)

Cup Down - Midpeep - NE - NE(Stair Turn) - DOWN - StatSPSPSP Midstand DOWN (3X+Rope)-

Exit(E) - Desk(Book+ChnK) - NE - E(ChnUse) - E(2xDark) -SW WOODBEAM ROOM (DagK) - W (4X)

S - W - UPROPE - UP(3x) - UP(SWSTAIR) - SW - UP(StairRoom) - SW -S(Secret MiniCupSquare) -

Exit (pastpeep) -Exit(N) Quick: E - S - SW(DagUse+SBFULLCOMB) - Exit+WalkDist+UseBCurse
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Military Science Consumer

Disabling Windows Hello
Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key and the R key together.
Type "Regedit", hit "Enter"
Registry Editor: GO TO


RIGHT PANE, DBL CLICK on "DWORD " (entry named value) set it to "0"
This is a cross-user solution for a PC. It is cancellable by returning the value to "1"

Windows Drivers after fresh OS
*Before updating Windows or connecting to the internet*
(Windows sometimes downloads default drivers if none are installed but the website ones are better)

Open each folder in the numbered order and

Once you are done with the list you can then turn on the internet and update Windows


Those files should be re-updated with the latest versions from

Gigabyte x470 AORRUS Gaming 7 Wifi Rev 1.X Support Tab for downloads

BIOS files can be updated using files from the same webpage.
A FAT32 key needs to host the files and you should point to the key in your BIOS Quickflash
Do NOT update to BIOS that has a letter in the name. (exemple: F35b)
Reason: Those are BETA bios wait for final versions without letters in the name.

SoundBlaster Drivers
Once installed go to "Settings" in "Soundblaster Command" (taskbar)
Go to update tab and run several checks to make sure you download latest drivers for your card.

Improve Windows
Internet Search if you cannot find a setting. Precise instructions change with every Windows Version

1. Disable Mouse Acceleration (Pointer Precision)
2. Set Theme to Dark Mode
3. Activate Miniature Taskbar Icons
4. Show Desktop Icons
5. Power&Sleep: Set to High Performance Mode. Disable USB Sleep. Disable Hard Drive Turning Off. Set Screen Shutoff to Never.
6. Set File Explorer as List/Small icons/Show file extensions/Show hidden files
7. Set Download location to Desktop for all relevant programs
8. Get an adblocker for your browser
9. Install the programs USB Key (VLC/7Zip/Jdownloader/Qbittorrent/Foobar/Audacity/Plex/Launchbox/Malwarebytes/etc)
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Aribeth Official Art
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Second Harmony RuneScape 3 Music 720p 30fps H264 128kbit AAC
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Tags: Tactical - Space Crew Sim

FTL plays like a top down game - You control the ship through a map by jumping from point to point. Each point triggers an event, combat events involve managing the crew to man the battlestations - do spot repairs - quell fires - and whatnot. Many tactics are available, and with the release of the additional content of the advanced edition there is plenty of playstyles to explore, add to that the unlockable ships and you got quite a nice experience. The game is stable, the music is effective and it really has a memorable gameplay. Permadeath will make each decision much more critical. There is a bit of a learning curve at first but once you grasp the basics - which is not too hard at all - its very very fun. Worth the full asking price any day.

Edit: Subset Forums are hosting information on a Massive Overhaul mod project called FTL Multiverse on their forums. Really worth a look
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65 Hours played
Tags: 4X - Empire Management

Stellaris is a top shelf "Master of Orion" successor with a good balance of use of governors and automation mixed in with player input, decent audiovisuals and typical civ-like research, colony management.
Workshop Showcase
Lore+ is a fanon Xenopedia addon which provides additional (and useful!) lore about alien classes and ufo missions, presented in the same conversational style as the main game. CREDITS: Artwork by: a333 and Henry Ponciano Writing and coding by myself.
544 ratings
Created by - Pingu_the_Great
Workshop Showcase
Xenonauts: Community Edition (X:CE) is an unofficial community-made update for Xenonauts, produced by volunteer programmers who have been given access to the source code of the game by the developers of the original game (see details). X:CE is not only a m
783 ratings
Created by - llunak
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Created by - Saleck
1,510 ratings
Mods. From texture upgrades to total conversions, they can make old games look and feel brand new again. Here's a selection of some of the best ones out there as well as how to apply them. You'll also learn about Fan Missions here and how to play them.
Favorite Guide
Created by - mac-at, D., and Корвелл
244 ratings
Latest version: Authors: Multiverse Team
CPU : Ryzen9 AM4 5950X 16 Cores Multithreaded. Vermeer.
CPU TDP: 105 Watts
CPU Cooler : Noctua NH-D15-SE-AM4
CPU Cooler Fan : (1X) Noctua NF-A15 - 4-Pin - PWM - 140mm - Brown (Rear Vent Orientation)
Case : Fractal Design Define C Blackout. Dust Filtered Top.
Rear Fan : (1X) Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM - 4Pin - PWM - 120mm - Brown (Exhaust)
Front Fans : (3X) Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM - 4Pin - PWM - 120mm - Brown (Intake)
Top Fans : (2X) Noctua NF-A15 - 4-Pin - PWM - 140mm - Brown (Exhaust)
RAM : G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series (4 x 32GB) - Base:2666Mhz - F4-3600C18Q-128GVK
XMP: DDR4-3600-18-22-42-64-1.35V
Motherboard : X570 AORUS Master Rev 1.0 PCIE Gen4. Chipset Fan. USB3. Wifi. Socket AM4.
PCIE SLOT1 (GEN 4 x16)
GPU : SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24GB GDDR6 ATX 11322-02-20G.
GPU SPECS: Generation: RDNA 3 Size: 2.5 Slots Power: Triple 8-Pin. PCI Express: 4.0 Lanes: x16
GPU TDP: 355 Watts
GPU Ports: USB-C - 3x Display Port 2.1 - 1xHDMI 2.1
PCIE SLOT 2 (DISABLED): No Lane-Splitting from Slot1 is Desirable
PCIE 2.5 (X1 SLOT) SOUND CARD : Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5
M.2 A : SABRENT 8TB Rocket 4 Plus R/W 7100R/6600W (SB-RKT4P-8TB)
M.2 B : Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB QLC NAND. GEN3. 3500R/3000W
M.2 C : Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB QLC NAND. GEN3. 3500R/3000W
PCIE SLOT 3(x4) - M.2 D (GEN3 Sabrent Add-in Card for M.2) : Sabrent Rocket Q 8TB QLC NAND. GEN3. 3500R/3000W
PSU : EVGA G3 1000W
SATA0 : Pending (Location: Back of Motherboard SSD Tray Slot 1)
SATA1 : Pending (Location: Back of Motherboard SSD Tray Slot 2)
SATA2 : TeamGroup QX 15.3TB 2.5" SATA III QLC (560R/480W) T253X7153T0C101
(Location: Basement-Under Shroud-By Power Supply Cables)
SATA3 : TeamGroup QX 15.3TB 2.5" SATA III QLC (560R/480W) T253X7153T0C101
(Location: Basement-Under Shroud-By Power Supply Cables)
SATA4 : DISABLED (M.2 D with NVME Device in Use) (Top of lower-most SATA connectors on motherboard is Disabled)
SATA5 : DISABLED (M.2 D with NVME Device in Use) (Bottom of lower-most SATA connectors on motherboard is Disabled)
SATA Cable Connectors : (4x)Micro Connectors 40” SATA III Straight Nylon Sleeved Cable with Locking Latch - White (F03-40SLW-2)
SATA Drives Configuration : JBOD
Display : Gigabyte M32U
Source: https://www.gigabyte.com/Monitor/M32U/support#dl *Update through OSD sidekick*
Display Cable Connectors : HDMI 2.1
OS : Windows 10 Home
Source : https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/X570-AORUS-MASTER-rev-10/support#support-dl-bios
Lighting : N/A (Blackout Silent Case with no RGB)
Headphone : Pending
Speakers : Pending
Dac+Amp : Pending
Microphone : Pending
Mice : Corsair Glaive RGB
Keyboard: Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT w/ Cherry MX Brown Switches
USB Flash Drive Holders : Pending
USB Flash Drive : Pending
Windows 10 Pro Authentication Serial Card :
Core Programs - Tweaks - Benchmarking - Stress Test - Monitoring - Hardware Validation
Win10 64bit Pro Tweaks, Options&Adjustments
-File Explorer: "View" Set "Small Icons" "Detailed View" "Show Hidden Objects" "Show File Extension"
-Power&Sleep Options: Slide to Performance. Set Screen to "Never" Sleep. Set Sleep to "Never when plugged". Open performance profile find the Hard Drive Shutdown after... "set to 0/Never".
-Mouse Options: Navigate to the tab about cursors. Find "Enhance Pointer Precision". Disable that it is a form of uneven acceleration that is useless to experimented users and messed with game aim.
-Have an Overview of "Display Settings" (Right click desktop). Make sure everything is okay with: Resolution - Refresh Rate - Monitors included and their display mode - Scaling - Font Sizes
-Remove Cortana from Taskbar. Remove Task View from Taskbar (Win+Tab does the same thing better). Consider changing the "Search Bar" into a "Search Icon". Set Taskbar Icons to "Small". "Auto-Hide Task bar: On".
-Right Click Desktop and "Personalize":Go to Themes Tab and Go to Desktop Icons to include "Computer - Recycle Bin - Network - Control Panel"(Optional: User Files). Check the Start Menu personalization especially "Choose which folders appear on Start"
-"Personalization" go to "Colors". Put Windows and Apps in "Dark Mode". Pick a non grating accent color (e.g. Dark Green)
-"Disk Management" in Windows Search. Make sure all drives are recognized, GPT formatted and reassign their letter as needed. You can also give them proper names with Brand/Size/Numbering. If you are stuck with an unwanted Recovery Partition you can only delete those through Administrator Command Prompt. Google it.
-Check Searchbar "MSInfo"/"Device Manager"/Properties tab of Computer Icon and make sure you see no conflict and nothing stands out as unrecognized or having an issue.
-Go to Search "Add/Remove" Program and remove any glaring intruders from the fresh install
-Take time aside to customize the Taskbar/Start with icons that make sense. Experiment with the small icons option. Remove the weather icon. Set time to Military 24:00. Go to Start Menu and remove all interactive tiles/trial games/phone apps and other trash that Win10 included with the fresh install. Then experiment with custom start menu tiles for a select few projects as needed.
-"Toggle Windows Features" - Go to "Media" - Expand it. Uncheck "Windows Media Player"
-Remove MS Holiday Seach Bar Icons and links by right clicking searchbar in taskbar. Go in "Search" & uncheck "Show Search Highlights"

The Three Browsers Solution
Browser1: (Default Windows Browser) Firefox - Set as Default in Windows
Always Private Default Navigation (will auto open for OACM)
Drop down menu: "Always Use Private browsing Mode Setting"
Browser2: "Default User Browser": ????
Pin to Taskbar and use normally. Will remember your passwords. Use for regular internet jobs.
Browser3: Tor Browser - Unsuitable as a main driver due to lower navigation speed
No Instructions at this time but in terms of privacy this is the ultimate browser and needs testing.
Browser Settings&Extensions

STRESS TEST/Monitoring/OC Stuff/
Ryzen Master
LinX (Memory). Untested and Unresearched. (Well regarded)
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