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Mouse : G PRO X Superlight
Mouse Pad : Skypad 3.0 XL
Mouse Skates : Corepad Air
Keyboard : Wooting 60 HE
Main Monitor : 280hz / 27" Asus

Pc Specs
CPU : i5-10400F
GPU : RTX 2070 Super 8GB
RAM : 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 2666
Storage : Kingston NV2 1TB M.2 2280 NVMe
Favorite Game
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Game Ranks (Peak)
Counter Strike 2 Premier : 20 628 rating (Top 1%)
Counter Strike 2 Wingman : The Global Elite
Overwatch 1 : Grandmaster (Top 15)
Apex Legends : Predator (Top 44)
COD: Modern Warfare 2 : Iridescent (Top 84)
Warzone : Iridescent (Top 54)
Paladins : Grandmaster (Top 62)
Rogue Company : Rogue
Brawlhalla : Diamond

Aim Ranks / Benchmarks (Peak)
Voltaic Benchmark : Astra Complete (Top 5)
Kovaaks Benchmark : Grandmaster (Top 25)
Apex Benchmark : Predator (Top 15)
3D Aim Trainer : Grandmaster 3 (Top 4)
Aim Lab : Grandmaster 1 (Top 10)

Warzone : World Series Top 100 Qualifier
Warzone : Nuke Champions Quest Completed
3D Aim Trainer : World Record Holder in Tile Frenzy Survival Mode
3D Aim Trainer : World Record Holder in Tile Frenzy Medium Mode
3D Aim Trainer : World Record Holder in Tile Frenzy Hard Mode
Oblivity : Tile Frenzy (Top 72 of 29 000)
Screenshot Showcase
MHW: MR999 & HR999
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True Master (1.103 hours played)
62 5
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231 Hours played

Love–hate relationship
Destiny 2, an action MMO set in a single, ever-evolving world, beckons you and your friends to partake in its adventure, all at no initial cost. It presents a multitude of captivating dungeons, raids, and an exceptional PvP experience, though it comes with an array of paid downloadable content (DLCs).

1. Exceptional Gunplay, Class Variety, and Movement Mechanics
2. Outstanding Dungeon and Raid Design
3. Distinctive Armor and Weaponry
1. Paywall for Substantial Content
2. Solo Gameplay Tends to Be Tedious
3. Toxic PvP Player Base
4. Content Vaulting Woes
5. Dismal Matchmaking Experience

Bugs & Issues
- Issue with reviving
- Ghost melee
- Server instabilities
- i5 10400f
- 2070 super
- 32GB RAM
- 1080p 280hz monitor

7/10. It's a commendable game, but not without notable drawbacks.
Is it worth buying?
Starting for free, it's a good deal. To explore more, expect to spend $80+ on DLCs. Worth it for dedicated Destiny fans, but casual gamers might consider other options.
Content & Replay Value:
Story replayability is low, but PvP and raids offer over 100 hours of quality content, making it a satisfying choice for those who truly enjoy the game.

1.Gunplay Par Excellence:
The gunplay is a symphony of power and precision, delivering impactful, satisfying shots. The handling feels robust, and there's an unmatched thrill in sniping an opposing guardian. While there's room for some balance improvements, the core gunplay is undeniably excellent.

2.Dungeon and Raid Mastery:
The dungeons and raids seamlessly blend puzzles, combat, parkour, and epic boss battles. To conquer a raid, communication is key, particularly when your team comprises friends. However, with random team members, prepare for potential chaos.

3.Exquisite Exotic Perks:
Destiny 2 shines through its exotic perks, offering a wide spectrum of abilities that can revolutionize your playstyle. From health restoration on melee kills to reflecting projectiles while sliding, these exotics enhance replayability and experimentation

1. DLC Dependency:
Although the base game is free, accessing endgame content and unique gear necessitates investing in DLCs. Playing Destiny 2 without these feels like munching on plain fries without salt – possible but significantly less satisfying.

2.Lone Guardian's Lament:
For those without friends in the Destiny 2 universe, navigating endgame content can be an arduous task, often marred by random teammates who may not be on the same page. Playing Destiny alone can become monotonous, and the solo experience is, for some, mentally taxing.

3. PvP Pandemonium:
The broader Destiny community may seem welcoming, but the illusion of friendliness crumbles in the crucible of ranked PvP. The prevalence of entitled, non-communicative players who vent frustration after underperforming can sour the PvP experience.

4. Content Vanishing Act:
Destiny 2's practice of "vaulting content" – removing previously paid-for content with the promise of potential reintegration – is deeply frustrating. It's a surefire way to alienate players, as entire planets vanish, extensive storylines disappear, and certain gear becomes unobtainable.

5. Matchmaking Mayhem:
Destiny 2's matchmaking can be bewildering, leading to situations where you and your friend face opponents with thousands of hours of experience, while your teammate barely contributes. Serious gameplay requires pre-made teams.

Bugs & issues
Ghost melee attacks and unreliable revives are a source of understandable frustration. In critical moments, these issues can lead to unexpected defeats, causing irritation, anger, and even disappointment.

With an i5 10400f, 2070 Super, 32GB RAM, and a 280Hz 1080p monitor, you can comfortably run Destiny 2 at mid-to-max settings, maintaining an average of 180fps in PvP. While occasional drops to around 140fps may occur, stability issues are rare. A decent PC setup should provide smooth performance.

Verdict: Good, but not great
Destiny 2 offers a thrilling and enjoyable PvP experience, complemented by unique armor and weapons, as well as outstanding dungeons and raids. Yet, the game's drawbacks are too prominent to overlook, warranting a 7/10 rating. It's good but not without significant flaws.

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569 Hours played
The Shadow Ban Experience:
The implementation of shadow banning in Modern Warfare 2 has introduced a new level of frustration for players. When shadow banned, you are placed in lobbies exclusively with other shadow banned players, which unfortunately often means encountering a hacker in almost every game. This not only diminishes the fun and competitiveness but also compromises the integrity of fair gameplay. The presence of cheaters can create a toxic environment, making it difficult for legitimate players to enjoy the game.

Punished for Success:
One of the most disheartening aspects of the report system in Modern Warfare 2 is how easily players can be shadow banned for simply performing well in the game. The system appears to lack proper checks and balances, allowing a single individual on the enemy team to spam report a skilled player and effectively sideline them from the game for a week or longer. This creates a discouraging environment where players are essentially punished for their proficiency and success, undermining the fair competition that should be at the core of multiplayer gaming experiences.

Lack of Fairness and Appeal Process:
The report system in Modern Warfare 2 seems to be flawed in its ability to accurately differentiate between genuine offenders and innocent players. The lack of a proper appeals process exacerbates the frustration, as affected players have no means to challenge their shadow bans or present their side of the story. This absence of fairness and accountability not only harms innocent players but also allows potential abusers to exploit the system without consequences.

The report system in Modern Warfare 2, particularly with the implementation of shadow bans, has brought about a myriad of frustrations for players. The prevalence of hackers in shadow banned lobbies and the ease with which players can be falsely reported for simply excelling in the game diminishes the overall experience. The lack of a fair appeals process only compounds the problem, leaving affected players feeling helpless and disheartened. It is essential for game developers to address these issues and strive for a more balanced and just report system, ensuring that players can enjoy the game without the fear of unjust punishments and encountering cheaters at every turn.
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Produced by the 5EArena: The map provides players with 4 different levels of difficulty and 8 different breakthrough or defense routes for practice. It simulates actual gun combat scenes in the service map, improving the ability of preview, positioning, an
5,246 ratings
Created by - 7ychu5, Ba1eno, and 5EPlay
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