A Different Kind =ADK=
A Different Kind =ADK=
June 12, 2009
United States 
ABOUT A Different Kind

A Different Kind - Multi Gaming Community

>NOTICE: An invite to this group does not permit you to wear ADK tags or to represent the ADK Gaming Community. If you wish to be a part of =ADK=, please visit and submit an application! <<<

Welcome to A Different Kind! =ADK= is a gaming community for those who want to have fun! We are ALWAYS recruiting...

...BUT you must submit an application on the website ( An invite to the =ADK= Steam Group is not an invite into =ADK=. Sorry for any confusion that this might have caused. However, we are always accepting applications so please submit them at

=ADK= currently has multiple game servers including Battlefield 4, TF2, Minecraft, Ark Survival Evolved, ARMA III, CS:GO and more! Visit our website to find out more info.

=ADK= Discord:
Address -

ADK, which stands for A Different Kind. The term "A Different Kind" came from us wanting to make "A Different Kind of Gaming Community" unlike any other.

=Sponsored Games= - Visit the links for more information on how to access each particular gaming section and to enjoy gaming with the members of ADK!

Ark: Survival Evolved - Multiple Public Servers

ARMA - Public ARMA 3 Servers

Battlefield - One Public Battlefield 4 Server

Counter Strike: GO - One Public Server!

Elite Dangerous - Large Dedicated group that sides with the Federation

League of Legends - Weekly In-House Matches

Minecraft - Public Servers For Everyone!

Overwatch - Weekly In-House Nights With Custom Games!

Revelation Online -

World of Warcraft - Horde on Mal’Ganis

If you would like to see us add anymore servers, please donate to at and let us know what servers you'd like to see. The community runs off of donations and that is how we keep our servers running.


We play MANY games. Our membership consists of players from a variety of games.. and those are always changing. Our members play everything! The membership's repertoire of games includes:

- Team Fortress 2
- Battlefield Series
- Overwatch
- World of Warcraft
- Elite Dangerous
- Planetside 2
- H1Z1
- Star Citizen
- Arma 3
- League of Legends
- Tera
- Revelation Online
- and more.

Visit for questions, comments, and more information!
=ADK= Gamers Discord | Come Join Us |
=ADK= In Battlefield 1
Meridian Winter Mar 28 @ 11:06pm 
The links to your discord are all expired/invalid I have tried links on the main website, links on here, any discord link that said ADK discord I could click on, but they all keep saying they have expired.
🎮 DieM AAA GAMES 🕹 Mar 25 @ 10:02am 
Hi, I have been playing star citizen for a long time and I would like to give you a hand if you are starting or want to start the game. Ask me whatever you want. Add me as a friend and we talk in discord. A big hug people.
=ADK= AOB LXIX Feb 18, 2018 @ 12:34pm 
Afternoon all!
✠ Bear ✠ Feb 13, 2018 @ 10:32pm 
*DVA voice* Hiya!
MafiaBorn Nov 24, 2017 @ 5:48pm 
Do you guys still have an active server on Just Survive? If so can someone add me and give me some information on that?
ah| Brave conscript Nov 18, 2017 @ 6:56pm 
these guys are good! well, they block all russians from their website now, but when we were "[TnA]" (the new alliance) and "ah|" (all hardware) we had so much fun playing tf2 together (even when i had to wake up 4-5am for that!). nostalgia strikes.
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