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The only purpose in life is to seek God, Divine Consciousness, become a Buddha or realize your own divine nature. The rest are mere trivialities.
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I only complete badges (including foils) for the games I own. For games which I don't own yet, I am not interested in completing any badges unless it is impossible for me to purchase the game in question due to region restrictions.

Before adding me, please state your reasons for doing so. I don't accept private profiles or Steam users under level 60 unless in very special circumstances.

For Steam users who have VAC bans, it does not concern me because those who have a VAC ban usually change for the better. A prime example is me!

I was issued a VAC ban on 20th October 2012 for hacking on Black Ops 1. I deserved it and vowed never to cheat again. However, I deeply regret my error of judgement because if one has a VAC record, he/she can't join certain groups or make certain Steam friends. If only I could change back time and not fall into temptation. Having a VAC ban is like a death sentence to gamers who take their Steam account and gaming sessions seriously.

So I hope that my case would serve as a warning to all would be cheaters who value their Steam account. My record, to say the least, will last forever even when I leave this sordid planet. Even if I stay clean for the next 50 years, I will never be able to remove this embarrassing blemish.

Foil Cards Needed:

Useful website for badge and level enthusiasts:

Useful websites for gamers who are looking for Steam bargains:

Number of my games which are eligible for booster packs as of 14 March 2017: 2777

Number of games which I completed badges including foils as of 14 March 2017: 918

My current Steam Level Experience Rank compared to the world as of 14 March 2017: 159th

Total Games Owned Rank as of 14 March 2017: 654th

Total Playtime Rank as of 14 March 2017: 2,155th

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First of all, I did not watch the Walking Dead TV series or read the comic books. So I bought this game without any expectation. Once I completely finished the whole game, I was blown away. The story line was near perfect.

However, I would like to add that the Point and Click genre of this game is a bit rudimentary. The reason being, most (not all) of the choices a player makes does not really change the whole story line. This brings up another question. I hate to say this but in our current computer programming technology, the Point and Click genre is at its infancy. Perhaps in 10 or 20 years time, this genre will evolve into maturity and the story lines of this genre will be near diverse in nature.

Perhaps in the future, our children and grandchildren might laugh at this game for being too rudimentary by the choices a player makes in the game. We shall see but currently, considering the limitation of computer programming, this is a great game though. However try to buy it when it is on sale. I would give this game 8 out of 10.
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Implements the Civ I palace and the Civ II throne room.

For anyone who didn't play those games (or doesn't remember back that far): the palace and throne room were screens that started out very plain, which the user could upgrade parts of when they were
Created by - alexwebb2
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Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
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