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XCOM 2 RPG Overhaul
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XCOM 2 RPG Overhaul

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Musashis WotC Mods
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  • [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists
  • [WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
  • View Locked Skills - Wotc

  • Gameplay overhaul that revamps various aspects of the game
  • Replaces vanilla classes with a single class with 14 specializations with 7 ranks each for a total of 98 abilities to choose from
  • The new class can choose from all primary and all secondary weapons (including LW2 secondaries). Every combination is possible.
  • Dynamic class title / class icon based on your ability choices
  • 2 random starting abilities on squaddie
  • Stats can be upgraded with ability points
  • All secondary weapon abilities work regardless of the inventory slot (e.g fan fire with pistols in the primary slot).
  • Weapon and Attachment mechanics got revamped to have a more focused role for each weapon
  • Full support of Primary Secondaries
  • Full support of weapon mods like Resistance Firearms

I recommend to play this mod with the following mods:

About this overhaul
The idea of this mod was born out of my passion for oldschool rpg games.
I thought it would be cool to develop every single soldier in every way you want and give it every weapon or item you want.

So here it is. The mod replaces the vanilla class by one class starting as "Soldier".

The Soldier class can use every weapon (supporting Primary Secondaries, LW2 Secondary Weapons).

This class has 14 rows of abilities (named specializations) with 7 ranks each (98 abilities total) to choose from. I am planning to even expand on this.

When your soldier evolves your class name and icon changes dynamically to the specialization you have the most perks from.

On squaddie your soldier will get two random starting abilities from a pool to give each soldier an idea to where he/she could be developed.

Any combination of abilities and weapons are possible. For example you can create a cannon wielding medic, a gunslinging grenadier, sniper with ripjack or whatever you can imagine.

Most abilities work with each weapon, the secondary weapon abilities work with their associated secondary regardless if it is in the primary or secondary.

Another big change is the possibility to upgrade the soldiers stats with ability points. Therefor i designed a completely new ui screen.

For overall balance and because i wanted to i overhauled the weapon mechanics and how most weapon attachments work.


*Standing on the shoulders of giants*

A huge thanks to everone involved in this mods. So many great people helped me along the way.
I could not have done it without you guys!

Pavonis Interactive for all long war 2 perks i used and initial Detailed Soldier Lists.
Robojumper for the stats icons i used in the stats upgrade screen, some class icons, controller support and coding assistance on countless occasions.
xylthixlm for xmod base and the perk icon library. Fantastic work and a tremendous workload reduction.
MalucoMarinero - there can only be one (community highlander)
creative xenos for being that crazy chaotic creative bunch of great people that they are.
bg for [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists
MoonWolf for the initial [WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
zamster for helping me turning my localization into proper english
Chris the Thin Mint for help with balancing and localization
FelineKnave for a lot of great localization
bstar - adding the mint aptitudes to the fun
Ziodyne - for the aptitude perks of mint
DerBK - for some ABB perks bstar "aquired"

Thanks to the first line of infantry and brigadier rank bug hunters
Chris the Thin Mint


I only see the first 4 ability rows and can't scroll in the promotion screen!


  • [WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists
  • [WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
  • View Locked Skills - Wotc

After that delete %User\Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Config

Will custom class mods work with this?
There are some issues with ability restrictions applying to other classes.
Classes with only custom abilities should works though.
If you want to remove the ability restrictions you can delete the lines starting with
from the XComRPG.ini
This is on your own risk, because some restrictions are there to prevent ability incompatibilities or broken ability combinations.

What about Faction Heros, SPARKS, Psi Soldiers?
They are not touched by this mod and should work normally

Is this mod compatible with Mod XY?
Most mods should be compatible. If you have an issue let me know.
Other Overhaul mods like MINT and A Better Barracks obviously clash in some areas.

Known incompatibilities:
- "Configure Upgrade Slots" doesnt work cause this mod set all slots to 3
- "Hack Plus" leads to insane high hacking stats
- I am the commander here

A note on the beta status
This mod will change frequently.
Therefor it might be needed that you rebuild you soldiers.
Use the command RebuildSelectedSoldiersClass from the mod Additional Soldier Console Commands
for that purpose.

Mod troubleshooting

Have look at my work in progress and infos on my mods at my patreon page.
Your really like my mods and would like to see sneakpeeks of work in progress mods or become a closed beta tester? Consider become a patreon :)

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Cort 7 hours ago 
Would it be possible to add Templar and Reaper specializations? Skirmisher is already in and really nice but I really dislike having separate faction hero soldiers. Any ideas/help?
yes_commander 17 hours ago 
@bstar WIll do. I'll try to manufacture some situations to test various things related to the last few failed Irregular procs. My main suspicion is that, not unlike the grenade launcher/Firebug situation, if a troop with Irregular receives any other form of concealment option, they may lose the inherent ability from the perk for that mission, but I'll try some things and post to the discussion if I find anything that seems definitive.
Musashi  [author] 17 hours ago 
You can run without it, just miss on its features @Meltaor
Meltaor 21 hours ago 
On linux, the "primary secondary" mod prevent the game from launching (it doesn't even crash, just hang for ever). Can I run RPGO without it or am I ***** ?
bstar  [author] 23 hours ago 
Gonna answer some of the questions that I know at least part of the answer to:

@Baji I don't think there is a console command for that.
@The Gruffalo Add me on steam and I'll take a look at your .ini files.
@Tim_ Regarding Part 2 (4), since you mentioned that you tried using "No Rank Up Throttling", I think the double promotion from Major to Brigadier might have to do with that mod.
@yes_commander The issue with Firebug is known, it's the same with other perks that provide free grenades and it has to do with the grenade launcher - without one equipped they work fine. Irregular seems to work fine for me, can you describe the situations in which it didn't work and post them in the "Bug Reports" discussion?
yes_commander Nov 14 @ 1:32am 
Since the Training Center has a less significant role with RPGO, it would be nice if the AP count on each individual character screen was made visible before the facility gets constructed. Instead of showing the double question marks ("??" next to Combat Intelligence score). I mean, yes, we can just back out to the main soldier list to view points for everyone anyway, but the more info that's readily available (in as many locations as possible), the better. And this game is already very heavy on menus that need to be clicked into, multiple levels deep, then backed out of to see some stat that doesn't show on the screen you need it, then clicked back into.
The Gruffalo Nov 14 @ 12:50am 
Hi Musashi, I was wondering how you would go about making a blank level in a specialization. That is, there is not a perk available at every rank. I have seen other people do this, such as the RPGO plugin for Richard's Classes, but copying their ini format doesn't work for me. Rather than give me a skill tree with options at 1,2,3,5,7 and blanks at 4,6. All the perk are pushed down to 1,2,3,4,5 and then 6,7 are left blank.
Doctor Borris Nov 13 @ 5:28pm 
Is there something I'm missing to unlock perks in the GTS? Can you still unlock Ranger or Sniper high level perks? Is there a mod I need to combine it with Musashis? Just asking, I love this mod. FIVE STARS.
Baji<RangersPL> Nov 13 @ 11:31am 
Hi, thanks for the mod. I have a question, is there a console command to add to each soldier ability points? GiveResource AbilityPoint command adds Xcom ablity points, but not for specific soldier, and with that you can't add point to traits (Aim, Health,...)
yes_commander Nov 13 @ 1:39am 
If I revert "+HealSoldierProject_TimeScalar[3]=2 ;Impossible" in the RPGO XComGameData ini back to 2.5, will that translate to about a week per point of damage taken? I'd prefer that, since with the current healing times I can basically run the A Team on every mission. I just want there to be a possibility of a fatigue spiral again because managing the roster and rotating people in or out is part of the fun for me.