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OffensiveBias Jul 13 @ 6:36pm 
Hey Mushai, I'm using the WoTC primary pistols mod, and I'm also subscribed to the WoTC coil gun mod. I've noticed that there's no schematic for primary coil pistols. Is that included in the Primary pistols mod? Is there a way to enable the schematic?
Musashi Jul 8 @ 1:20am 
The infiltrator doesn’t use shotgun. Only pistols and melee.
Havoc_Skies Jul 8 @ 1:16am 
Have an issue with the infiltator class, they do hold the shotgun, it just floats in front of them while in mission briefing/ etc
kspyder00 Jul 2 @ 2:08pm 
made a comment on the WOTC RPG mod, dont want to spam the same question so I just wanted to ask if you could take a look at it
Varthlokkur Jun 30 @ 4:43pm 
Sorry to keep spamming your profile, but I have found the solution to the problem I was having. I am using steam share and had to copy the contents of highlander's CookedPC to the game's CookedPC. Now I am getting the highlander version in the corner and everything is working correctly. Sorry for taking your time and thank you for the comment you left about that on one of the github issues :P
Varthlokkur Jun 30 @ 4:23pm 
I have the latest version of highlander installed from github. I found that I somehow had an old version of highlander which didn't contain the method, but replacing it hasn't fixed the issue. Does highlander leave behind trace files that aren't updated when installing a new version?