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Corrupt_Arrow 6 hours ago 
for some reason, rpg overhaul just isnt loading for me
Annonar 7 hours ago 
Hey could you make a mini mod for me that changes the experiemental armor proving ground recipe to be 1 elerium core + 1 nanofiber vest? I'm trying to piece together the old "ammo and vest slot" mod for XCOM 2. I love your Vest slot mod and ive already got another mod that adds an ammo slot as well but im stuck on trying to modify the proving ground recipe for experimental armor to be the 1 elerium core + 1 nanofiber vest since this recipe is really hardcoded into the game.

If you can make it let me know if you can make it! hopefully itll only take a few minutes of your time
Dimos May 18 @ 6:05am 
Thanks :-)
Musashi May 18 @ 3:03am 
That the infiltrator suit by ObelixDK
Dimos May 17 @ 2:09pm 
Hello excuse me, but which mod is this beautiful armor and head made of?
Musashi May 12 @ 11:10am 
sorry i can't give personal mod support/troubleshooting