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WotC Ballistic Shields
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You need DLC to use this item.

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WotC Ballistic Shields

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Balistic Shields

This mods adds three tiers of ballistic shields as secondary items.

From the default classes rangers and specialists and

from Musashis classes the samurai, specops, infiltrator and rpgo can equip shields.


Shield go in secondary item slot and will work with all primary weapons except cannons and sniper rifles for obvious reasons.
The primary secondaries mod allows you to use shields with melee weapons and pistols.

Shields grants 6/10/14 shield points and half cover to allies but impose a -1 mobility and -10 aim penalty.

Provides the Shield Wall ability that replaces hunker down.
Works like hunker down but can be used outside cover and provide full cover for allies.
While the shield wall is in effect the soldier has a -20 defense penalty.

Additionally shields allow you to make a melee attack with your shield that leaves your opponent disoriented.

Tier 1 is a starting item.

Tier 2 is unlocked by medium armor.

Tier 3 is unlocked by heavy armor.

Claus - All assets including meshes, textures and animations
Musashi - Code

Future Plans
A dedicated class that utilizes shields.
Cutomizable decals on shields.


Mod troubleshooting


Vanilla / LW2 Version when?
Never, at least not from us. Who asks this again will be banned.

How do add this to custom classes?
Add the following code to the X2SoldierClassTemplate section of the XComClassData.ini of the custom class mod:
+AllowedWeapons=(SlotType=eInvSlot_SecondaryWeapon, WeaponType="shield")

Dedicated shield class when?
As soon as i have time for it.
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Tilting Cat Apr 16 @ 9:00pm 
if u upgrade armor shield upgraded too
Bdbrown6900 Apr 16 @ 8:54pm 
I really enjoy using this mod, especially with the Gunslinger and Warrior of Light specializations. My only question is if the shields could be treated as armor for upgrade purposes. Right now, when you go into the upgrade screen for the shield, you only see sword upgrade options. I assume this is because Shield Bash is a melee attack. I would like to use the armor upgrades that provide additional defensive boosts.
Tilting Cat Apr 15 @ 5:18pm 
if u want not have minus defense just edit the ini that have- 30
[WAR3] Ragepyre Apr 14 @ 7:25pm 
can we get a primary weapon variant of those shields? i want to put one on tank class but they got a tanklin in secondary slot. And if you did, would be nice if primary shield shieldwall did not penalize defense. that or you could talk with the guy who made tank class to give them some shield related skills
Yandere Yankee Apr 14 @ 4:10pm 

I keep encountering a bug where my soldiers with the shield equipped seems to be blocked by invisible walls when the previous turn was ended adjacent next to another soldier with the shield
Waltfield, Rider of Womp Apr 14 @ 12:47pm 
... I feel a little stupid now that you said that. Thanks!
Musashi  [author] Apr 14 @ 3:53am 
Because the shields are secondary items and so are the sharpshooters pistols.
Waltfield, Rider of Womp Apr 13 @ 3:17pm 
Just curious, why wasn't this added to sharpshooters who have the entire pistol tree? Was that deemed a little overkill/OP?
Yandere Yankee Apr 10 @ 10:04pm 
@Tilting Cat It's not body blocking, they simply can't move as though they're being body blocked, even if the teammate has already moved
Tilting Cat Apr 10 @ 6:26pm 
@Yandere yankee vanilla xcome behave like that as well prove :my mec and 2 soldier suround my psi op she cant take the straight she goes araound 3 of em to move