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Note: this version of the Highlander is for Windows ONLY. If you're on MacOS/Linux, we maintain a separate workshop entry for your version, found here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1184500704

What IS the X2CommunityHighlander

A Highlander is a XComGame replacement, which replaces the code of the Vanilla
game, without requiring any ModClassOverrides to do so. As implied by the name,
there can only be one Highlander, so it's important to make a highlander address
as many modding use cases as possible, as well as incorporating bugfixes that
would require class overrides to implement.

The X2WOTCCommunityHighlander is a new highlander built from the same
processes we used in the X2CommunityHighlander. We endeavour to maintain
backwards compatibility for modders so they can do whatever great ideas they
want to implement safely and with less hassle.

But what does it actually do??

It provides lots of configuration and hooks for modders to do much more with the game without Class Overrides, so more mods can live in harmony doing all sorts of crazy things. It also provides bugfixes that would otherwise requires a Class Override.

The full list of documented changes can be found here:

How do I use the Highlander?

Enable the mod as per normal. The game WILL CRASH if enabled with any other highlanders, as they will conflict. There is really not much benefit to using the Community Highlander without other mods that make use of it, however we will ship fixes to Vanilla XCOM 2 if they are best done with the highlander to avoid depending on ModOverrides.

I want to help, or report problems

It would be super helpful to us if all issues are posted in:


The code is open source so contributions are welcome in the form of pull requests, please read the guidelines before getting started though.

Thank you for trying out the highlander. Our objective is to support all modders to be all they can be, so if you have suggestions please let us know, keeping in mind the Highlander will preserve vanilla behaviour as much as possible besides literal bugfixes, everything else will be provided in the form of configuration or hooks so modders can make the decisions on what to do.
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Dragon32 Aug 14 @ 10:58am 
Start a game with just the Highlander running, does it work?
Start a game with no mods running, get through Gatecrasher and save. Then use that save to test mods, if it's a class mod or what have you try saving in your no-mods playthough just before planting the X4
Violation2013 Aug 14 @ 10:39am 
I give up on this game I am literally about to beat my computer because none of the fixes or ways to check the mods are working. Can not get this to show up on the main load screen and if this is the cause of my dual wield melee not working or some of my other mods then I am completely stumped at this point and taking 1-3 hours per run just to get through the dang tutorial is kinda lame and exhausting just to get to a point where i can promote a solider to like infiltrator or samurai just to see if mods are working right and to be able to save just to exit.
Violation2013 Aug 14 @ 8:02am 
ugh looks l like I am jumping into this bandwagon, trying to figure out why this was working for me at first now it's not at all and it's messing with more than just musashi's dual wield and samurai mods. I dont get the highlander icon at main menu of game but both my swords appear in 1 hand atm. been trying to bug shoot / trouble shoot this for 3 days straight now.
lazyboredom Aug 13 @ 2:02pm 
Basically there's some sort of compatibility issue with Legacy Mod Everything Reloaded and this, so if you have that mod, disable it and it should allow you to go into missions
lazyboredom Aug 13 @ 12:50pm 
So fixed the issue of the duplicate, but the game is still crashing on mission loading screen
lazyboredom Aug 13 @ 12:26pm 
Any time I download the file from Steam, the alternative mod launcher points out a conflict an older file at XCOM 2\XcomGame\Mods\X2WOTCCommunityHighlander where if you look for it, it isn't there, and if you try to make the mod launcher open the file in explorer, it just opens my documents. The other one is where it should be and has all the files. Regardless, any time I go into the loading screen for a mission, the game crashes with the report menu, and it only does so with the Highlander enabled.
Severus Vape Aug 11 @ 8:32am 
Anyone else having problems with animations for Samurai, Dual Wield Melee, and Ballistic Shields mods?
Warmach1ne32 Aug 11 @ 3:15am 
This should work with WoTC ModConMenu right? I have tried everything I could think and removed any mod from vanilla Xcom2 that might be a problem. When I use no mods, it works fine, when I restart and refresh the mod list and select all mods (incompatible mods gets removed in the launcher) it works fine. But when I restart and select all mods and then click play it instantly crashes with a crash report. I am out of ideas on what to do.
warriorandtoaster Aug 7 @ 1:58pm 
Yeah but in all my time playing this game, this is the first time I've seen it. I guess it's a consequence of not playing the game for half a year and using those saves with updated mods, but the level of bugginess is just wild at this point. Hundreds of hours in this game and only now does it pop up...