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ld1449 Sep 12 @ 7:37pm 
Robojumper, I'm sorry if this is a bother (I know you must get a lot of requests) but I'm wondering if you might be willing to make something (or if you have and I just haven't seen it) similar to "Squad cohesion" from Vanilla Xcom mods to WotC? The main thing would be the "Squad mannagement" aspect of that mod, where you can literally "pre-form" squads and then just select them wholesale for missions rather than individually running up and down the soldiers list to find the specific squadmate ur looking for. It would make the game *so* much less tedious, to the point that I would literally *pay* to have it done if it were possible. Pls, Thank you and apologies again if this message annoyed :(
xQdcss Sep 11 @ 10:28am 
Hey man.

I was wondering if you have any ETA on the duplication bug from the Balanced Finite Items mod. I'd do this myself, but I have no hard drive space for the SDK...
ADVENT Sep 11 @ 8:10am 
u wot m8
Soul D. Dragneel Sep 9 @ 1:53pm 
sent a friend request. love your work but you seem an awesome dude besides. I will admit i have a question for you regarding a mod you commented on.
兔毛 Jul 30 @ 12:48pm 
Super big BOSS
MOD mentor
BigRowdy Jul 15 @ 10:40am 
dude your xcom mods....boss