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Zulu One May 3 @ 12:22pm 
Hi, I don't want to bother you but I really like the Musik Modding System for XCOM 2. I have a very specific question regarding the mod because I'm trying to make my own music pack. It would be nice if I could pm you directly, thanks.
Cloaker Apr 27 @ 6:08pm 
Hey, is there a simple fix for why the template for your Voicepack Template isn't showing up in ModBuddy? I've tried changing my Template locations for the different SDKs, and have them placed in the right spots where they should be. But ModBuddy just doesn't read that they exist and I can't use it as a project template.
o0Zeke0o Mar 7 @ 2:54pm 
Boy i heard a lot of people that you helped them, you must be a really nice person, hope you're doing well, don't get stressed haha
Fluffy Falc Feb 27 @ 12:35pm 
Hey man, don`t know if u read this, but maybe u could help me with a technical issue in xcom 2 with your mods. It`s a well known gamebreaking bug, but for it mthere is no fix, or i cant find it. Stuck in the geoscape, when it should trigger a story video. Playing lwotc atm, killed the first chosen and after that i stuck in the worldmap without controls. Nothing i was doing, helped me out there. I thought u have more wisdom about xcom att all.

Bronz Feb 14 @ 12:46pm 
nice titan exotic 4head, get clapped
Skarsatai 2.0 Jan 8 @ 12:40pm 
hello Robojumper. Any chance that you come back to xcom2 to finish your work for the LW2 Squad Member system ? building different squads is still missing for wotc...