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BigRowdy Jul 15 @ 10:40am 
dude your xcom mods....boss
թ. Jul 13 @ 9:27am 
-rep useless piece of shit
MeareX Jul 12 @ 7:56am 
Hi, is there a way to enable Squad team creation similar to autofill in LW2 squad autofill but with out the requirement to have LW2?
roland3710 Jun 24 @ 7:16am 
Hello. I wanted to make sure there wouldn't be any issue with my using code from the [WOTC] New Target Icons in my own mod? I had asked on that mod's page but vhs said I should ask you due to it being your code.

Thanks for your work on that.
Nex Jun 3 @ 11:30am 
Hey man I just wanted to say thanks for your mods in X-Com 2, I can't live without your speed-ups and squad screen, love you <3
ridwan May 29 @ 6:49am 
Hello Mr. Robojumper,
I would like to ask a question if you dont mind.
Is there a spreadsheet for voicepacks in Xcom 2: War of the Chosen.I know there is one for vanilla but i cant find one for the xpack.
I really wouldnt like to download the Tools too soon because its too big and i still have to sort which cues would fit.
Best Regards and bring more awesome mods.
Yours sincerely,