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Yet Another F1
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May 27, 2017 @ 2:25pm
Oct 24, 2018 @ 10:51am
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Yet Another F1

This mod is compatible with War of the Chosen. The Alternative Mod Launcher[github.com] may be required to enable it for WotC.

Adds an XCOM EU/EW/LW style unit information screen to the game. Stats. Equipment. Equipment Stats. Abilities, Passives, Buffs, Debuffs!

How do I use it?
Press F1 (or press the left controller stick) to open up the screen. Opening it up with one of your units selected will show that unit, doing it when you're targeting opens it up with enemy info. You can still use the tab/shift keys with the screen open to cycle through units / targets.

The screen will show a "XCom" color scheme for friendly units and a "ADVENT" color scheme for enemy units (see screenshot). If you don't like it one of them, you can toggle them using the small buttons in the lower right corner (or press the X button on the gamepad).

It will show stats, active abilities, passive abilities, buffs, debuffs, the primary weapon, secondary and armor.

I have complaints!
Please take a moment and think about what your complaint is about: Is it a missing feature or stat you'd like to see? It's fine to write them into the comments.

However, if there's an ability or item that you think should be shown or hidden:
For vanilla abilities, please post it in the dedicated thread for vanilla abilities.
For mod-added abilities, please contact the mod author and link them THIS discussion post with instructions on how to make their weapons and abilties play nice. If the mod is abandoned, write a message in the vanilla thread with a link to the mod.

This mod overrides the F1 and Stick_L3 (XboxTypeS_LeftThumbstick) keys at runtime when not using the WotC Community Highlander. Since the recent updates, some people have been reporting issues with getting the mod to work. Please try clearing your config . You may find the old version here [drive.google.com].
There are no other conflicts. It works with LW2.

Recommended Mods
-bg-'s Show More Buff Details expands the buffs and debuffs by a stat change and duration display. Give it a shot!
If you are using War of the Chosen, RustyDios' [WOTC] YAF1 Profile Extension adds some more color profiles to unique units, factions and teams for more visual variety.

to .vhs for the thumbnail.
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Seems to crash my LWOTC on startup. This is weird because this is in the collection for required mods for LWOTC
stappy82 Oct 19 @ 2:22pm 
Loaded a lot of enemies mod

Can not run
Aks Oct 15 @ 8:06pm 
Thanks for the mod! The existing translation of the mod is incorrect and I corrected it, please add it!

Update Russian Translation
Русский перевод
Бросить в папку локализации мода (...\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\934236622\Localization)
UndyingArchon Oct 7 @ 6:29pm 
@XpanD would be very interested to try your mod list if you have time to post your collection. thanks
XpanD Aug 27 @ 2:23pm 
Just finished a campaign with about 280 mods, this one included, and had no major issues! Thanks for putting this up.

(used in WOTC)
vrndll.g Jul 23 @ 8:07am 
@Dragon32 I was able to make it work by using the old files.
Dragon32 Jul 13 @ 7:22am 
Do you use another mod that binds to the F1 key? Like Free Camera Rotation? Scroll down for some discussion.
vrndll.g Jul 13 @ 6:42am 
how does it work? tried clearing the config already but nothing happens when pressing F1 before and after clearing config. Mod is also enabled in AML.
Nemo Jr. Jun 15 @ 11:34pm 
I would also like to inquire about a WotC-specific version -- is it even necessary?
At least can you tell us what the issue is / was? I'm very curious...

"It was revealed to me that this version has an issue in WotC that I can't fix without breaking compatibility with vanilla / LW2. As such, there will be a WotC-specific version soon(tm), and it will contain that bug fix, and include functionality to rebind keys (at the cost of a CHL requirement), on top of setting `RequiresXPACK=true`.
Stay tuned!"
Diabetical Jun 10 @ 2:32pm 
@robojumper Any update on the WotC-specific version you mentioned on January 19th?