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Primary Secondaries
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Primary Secondaries

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Musashis WotC Mods
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Primary Pistols and Primary Melee Weapons

Requires War of the Chosen Expansion and the WotC Community Highlander.

Please don't use this together with my "Primary Pistols" mod. The mods collide with each other.

This mod generates primary variants of all pistols and melee weapons in the game.

They are unlocked together with their secondary counterpart.

It supports all DLC and XPack weapons (Except Alienhunter Axes) and every melee weapon or pistol of any mod,
since the the primary weapons are generated at game initializtion from whatever you have installed.

Soldiers equippied with primary variant use a slightly modified version of the templar animations.

Additionally this mod incorporates the Pistol Upgrades mod which means it adds
visual attachments for the vanilla pistols (primary and secondary).

Primary Pistols have a clip size of 6
and they provide +3 mobility and -20% detection radius and +1 damage (can be disabled or modified in XComPrimarySecondaries.ini).

Specialist, Grenadier and PsiOperative are enabled to use primary melee weapons, primary pistols and templar sidearms.
Sharpshooter can use primary melee weapons and Rangers Primary Pistols/Sidearms.
This is not fully tested and could be buggy for abilities like supression e.g. Feedback is welcome.
Also you can't use ranged abilities with swords of course.

Reduce Armory Clutter causes this mod not to work properly.

Credits to:
Krakah for the pistol attachments.

Mod troubleshooting

donate link[www.paypal.com]
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Apr 8 @ 6:29pm
Snipers can't reload with this mod active
Mar 18 @ 5:07am
Can't get mod to work
Apr 15 @ 8:25pm
Game not launching with this mod enabled.
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Lumiere Apr 18 @ 12:19pm 
That was is. Reduce armor clutter. Removed it and issue was solved. Thank you!
Musashi  [author] Apr 18 @ 7:23am 
The mod Reduce Armory Clutter causes problems with Primary Secondaries.
Musashi  [author] Apr 18 @ 7:19am 
What is the problem exactly? RPGO and PS are compatible.
Lumiere Apr 17 @ 7:00pm 
I use the RPGO and use the soldier class (the only class that has all perk options anymore) primarily now because of it. Any way to get this compatible with that? Or if it is, any idea what might be conflicting with this mod to make it not work?
BTAxis Apr 16 @ 11:31am 
I'm still seeing duplicate items I'm only supposed to have one of, such as the Shadowkeeper, the Jan 22 patch notwithstanding.
darkdill Apr 12 @ 3:01pm 
Okay, I found a workaround to the whole "can't reload" glitch, but it requires the use of the Additional Soldier Console Commands mod, which lets you use a console command to reload your troops.
Lord Hengar Apr 7 @ 3:16am 
So I'm having a similar problem to KillerKlown except I don't have "Reduce Armory Clutter", oddly I do get the plasma pistol from the Halo Covenant Weapon Pack but not pistols from the Cosmetic Lasers and Coilguns or the Infinite Warfare Weapon pack.
darkdill Apr 6 @ 2:21pm 
Either way, I had to uninstall it and thus be unable to use the Akimbo class. :steamsad:
Musashi  [author] Apr 6 @ 1:23pm 
I doubt it’s caused by this mod since I don’t have that bug. Also people blame other mods to be the cause. I think it could be a weird combination of mods causing it but no modder was able to pinpoint the real cause yet.
darkdill Apr 5 @ 7:45pm 
This is causing my snipers to be unable to reload. MAJOR issue.