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[WOTC] LW2 Secondary Weapons
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Sep 21, 2017 @ 3:43pm
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[WOTC] LW2 Secondary Weapons

Long War 2 Secondaries for WOTC

Brings Long War 2's new secondary weapons out for use with custom soldier classes in WOTC! Includes weapons, upgrade schematics, and all associated abilities as of LW2 version 1.5.


Requires the WOTC Community Highlander :
Why?: The Highlander adds support for adding new sockets to attach the weapons to the soldier. Without it, the weapon meshes will not show up (animations will play with no visible weapon).


More than just a straight port of assets and code, this version includes some enhancements and additional features not present in Long War 2:
  • 3 Tiers for All Items - The Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Combat Knife only had one upgrade which came rather late and had roughly Tier 2.5 stats. The stats and tech requirements for the first upgrade have been reduced and a Tier 3 upgrade has been added for smoother progression. The Tier 3 versions share the same visuals as the Tier 2, unfortunately.

  • Added Ability Tags - Ability Tags have been setup so that the actual values from the config files will be pulled in for most localization text. The Localization text has been cleaned up and altered to support the Ability Tags. (I've only done this in English - If you would like to submit a translation, let me know in the Discussion section)

  • Support for Alternate Configurations - There are a lot of mods out there that change the way the game plays: I've tried to build this to work with as many setups as possible. By default, the weapons are setup to function like base-game weapon upgrades that are infinite and use Upgrade Schematics; however, the config framework and a boolean toggle in the config files are there to switch to upgrading them as finite items like LW2. Cost configurations have been expanded to include more resource types that can be configured as desired and all resource costs will be ignored in the UI if set to 0. Additionally, conditions have been added to all of the abilities where it's appropriate to disable their display and effects when a valid weapon type is not equipped, allowing better support for multi-purpose classes that have access to multiple weapons. The list of valid weapon types for each set of abilities is expandable to support any additional weapon categories that the modding community may release in the future.

    NOTE: The bFiniteItems variable should not be changed mid-campaign... things will likely break.

  • Some Small Bug-Fixes - I fixed a few issues and inconsistencies that I found while testing the abilities. If you find any more, let me know and I'll try to sort them out.

How to Use

This mod now adds basic support for the 4 base game classes to use these secondary weapons. Each class will have the choice between their normal secondary weapon, one long-range secondary (arcthrower for specialists, gauntlet for grenadiers, and holotargeter for rangers/sharpshooters) and one short range secondary (combat knife for rangers, sawed off shotguns for everyone else). The base classes will only have access to the base abilities - custom classes that are assigned the weapons and abilities will have to be used to get access to the more specialized abilities. If you want to try your hand at creating your own custom classes from existing assets, i recommend checking out Richard's WOTC Create Your Own Class Template .

NOTE: In order to make integration with the base game classes possible, all of the abilities used by their normal secondary weapons had to have weapon restrictions added. The abilities and the weapons they are restricted to can be edited in XComLW2SecondariesWOTC.ini - this should only be necessary if additional weapon types/categories are released in future mods that need to work with these abilities. IF this happens, let me know and I'll add them to the default list for everyone.

The names of the weapons and abilities are identical to what they were in Long War 2, but for those who may not be familier, below are the names to reference:

Arc Thrower:
Combat Knife:
Sawed-Off Shotgun:
Weapon Type:
  • By default, the Combat Knife abilities can also work with swords

Thanks and Credits

All credit for visuals and original abilities goes to Pavonis Interactive and the LW2 team. See their mod page Here for detailed team credits. Huge thanks to Favid for porting the toughest parts of the Gauntlet code that I had been putting off doing myself and letting me use it, to the X2CommunityHighlander team for extending what we can do with mods, and many thanks to Firaxis for a mod-friendly game.

Huge thanks to Erazil for the French translation. All of the dynamic ability tags in the localization text make it a real challenge/chore to translate - he was kind enough to put in a lot of work to make that happen!

Known Issues
  • Ability Interaction Fixes is incompatible with XModBase!! Quickburn will not function with this mod installed!
  • Gauntlet is attached to the wrong location on the serpent suit mesh (the cosmetic torso mesh, not the armor type). The fix for this (cosmetic only) issue from LW2 is not currently working. Using a different cosmetic torso will let you use the Serpent Suit without the visual issue.
  • Visual issues with some Gauntlet abilities - sometimes rocket projectiles dont show up, Firestorm's shoot animation isn't working correctly, etc.

Version History
(See Change Notes for full history)
    • Updated targeting method for Blaster Gauntlet. (Big thanks to Favid and Mr. Nice for identifying the issue!)
    • Updated Holotargeter conditions to correctly grab the source unit when the ability is granted through an item instead of in the soldier's ability tree.
    • Updated Holotargeter abilities to work off the presence of effect names rather than ability names to support custom Holotargeter abilities.

Please let me know what you think of the mod, if you run into bugs, or if you have balance concerns. Thanks and enjoy!
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May 24 @ 1:25am
French Translation
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Sputnik Monroe Nov 18 @ 5:11pm 
Thanks @shiremct @Favid and Mr.Nice!!!
shiremct  [author] Nov 12 @ 10:31am 
Should be working correctly now (thanks Favid and Mr. Nice!)
shiremct  [author] Nov 12 @ 9:07am 
Thanks, I was planning on doing some investigating on this today, so perfect timing! I'll test and update this afternoon.
Favid Nov 12 @ 8:47am 
@shiremct I've found a fix for the Blaster Bomb issue. At the end of X2TargetingMethod_LWBlasterLauncher.GetTargetLocations add GrenadePath.bUseOverrideTargetLocation=false; as the last line in the function. Credits to Mr. Nice on the discord for helping track that down.
Tschudy Nov 11 @ 7:30am 
Any word on when the blaster bomb might get fixed?
intakemanifold Nov 8 @ 5:12am 
RPGO user here. The mod is working great in all aspects except I can't seem to equip the gauntlet on any soldier. All other items have no problems. Any solutions?
Dragon32 Nov 5 @ 10:29am 
yes_commander Nov 4 @ 6:59pm 
Also, I just discovered that the sawed-offs are able to accept the weapon upgrades from The Axe Mod. So of course I put an elerium coating on my sawed-off for +5% extra crit chance... >.> Just in case.
yes_commander Nov 4 @ 6:57pm 
My experience is with modding for Fallout 4, but I assume there are some similarities here -- If certain item placements aren't specified just so, then you get floating items, or alternatively, clipping. It's just going to happen.

For example, if you equip a sword on someone who's wearing any sort of backpack it's going to clip, and that's not something a modder is going to go out of their way to clean up for every possible combination of armor and accessories.

That said, I do get anal about clipping, myself, and will swap my armor pieces around to satisfy that bit of personal OCD. You can try Fixed Light Armors. There are multiple packs for that, and depending on what outfit/armor mods you're using, one of them may remedy the issue for you.
shiremct  [author] Nov 4 @ 5:18pm 
@Dragon32, those loc tag warnings and redscreens dont seem to cause any issues. I'm not sure why they get triggered like that, but running with redscreens, they pop an error loading up the main menu, but work correctly in-game. I've asked the experts in the past and it didn't seem to be a problem.

I'll trim out the log entries you mentioned in the next update (whenever that ends up being, very busy atm). Thanks!