Arma 3
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Action at Colleville
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Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
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Action at Colleville

Fight through the hedgerows in Normandy.

This Mission takes place in three stages, each stage has multiple objectives:

The German forces are defending important roadways. Your mission is to secure the roadways surrounded by a network of hedgerows. These are used by the Germans to transport supplies and securing these roads will be crucial to our mission. Capture a series of enemy garrisons and destroy enemy equipment trucks.

-88 Flak Guns
We have received intelligence that the Germans have hidden several 88 Flak guns in the hedgerows near a farm. Your mission is to locate and take down these Flak guns to prevent them from firing at Allied aircraft.

-Exit 4 Roadway
Exit 4 roadway, a critical route for linking up with the troops landing on the beaches. However, the roadway is heavily guarded by German forces, and the 82nd must fight their way through to secure it.

As the Allied forces make their way inland after the D-Day landings, the 82nd Airborne has been tasked with capturing the town of Colleville. The Germans are beginning to surrender, but there are still pockets of resistance in the town. Link up with the Rangers at the edge of town!

Squad System:
You can choose to play with 11 players, but I recommend 3-4 players.

You lead the squad as Matt Baker - The squad has been split into 3 teams which can be led by 3 different players. Each player will command a specialized fire-team which will be essential to our mission.