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Faces of war
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Mar 25, 2017 @ 6:13pm
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Faces of war

Faces of War is a modification for ArmA 3 that tries to bring the scenario of the Second World War. However to you bring you that kind of experience we work on specific areas of the war, like Europe, Afrika and the Pacific.

The mod aims to bring accurate content of the Second World War to the ArmA 3 Community. This will happen through a huge update process until we can confirm that we reached the point of beeing a total conversion!

We are currently working on the Western Front focusing on the Normandy 1944. The main forces from the United States of America, Germany, United Kingdom and Japan are currently being worked on with all the Uniforms, Weapons, Equipment and vehicle which belong to them.

We do not allow:
- Any edit to our files without permissions
- Any re-upload on Steam workshop
- Any commercial use (monetized servers included)

The Faces of War Development Team:
tpM a.k.a. Miska
Hawk Silk

Aaron Schwehm (Fachpersonal) - FoW logo (
Spycer42 for his donation!
Reyhard and RHS team for their help and donations!
StG44: Model by Luchador, Licensed from Unsung Team (donation by Shermanator)
M1919A6: Model by Luchador, Licensed from Unsung Team (donation by McHellsten)
M1918 BAR: Model by Luchador, Licensed from Unsung Team
zf41 scope:  Model by Luchador, Licensed from Unsung Team

Former HIP team:
Waxbutter a.k.a. Rinze Ramon van de Kluft familie
Nico Pedersen
Timothy McHugh
Major Kudo
Benoit Malis

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Test Tube Jul 21 @ 9:16am 
If you guys want Europe maps, you could try using Iron Front Arma until the FOW team gets one done
mishka2000 Jul 21 @ 12:41am 
we need atleast an europe map. pls.
Lary Da Gamer Jul 20 @ 1:17am 
Love this mod; it is incredibly helpful, and I it is the reason I got arma (not sucking up, I literally just wanted a realistic WWII game, and your mod really provides this). My one request is, can you add a Tinian and or Siapan map, or a Polish faction, or Stalingrad? Plz and thank you :steamhappy:
Xakriin Jul 19 @ 12:03am 
I absolutely love this mod, I have been playing since you initially released the mod in 2017 and your airborne uniforms blow away all the other ww2 airborne mods. I have recently gotten into messing around with British scenarios and realized Britain is a little weak compared to the other factions you have done. Do you plan on adding British jeeps, trucks, stokes mortar and mortar Bren Carriers? I know you plan to add alot of content I was also just wondering if Britain is a focus right now or if your focus is currently on another faction? Not trying to rush you, just curious.
Bluebeard Jul 12 @ 2:40pm 
If someone joins my server while other people are wearing the AB outfits, the pants go pure black for those joining late and can be seen through the thickest of fog.
Test Tube Jul 4 @ 9:32am 
You can find multipalyer scenarios on the workshop too.
All this mod does is adds assests themed in WW2, stuff like uniforms, vehicles, guns. You can easily make a multiplayer mission by going into the editor and placing multiple playable units. Or as I said before, look around on the workshop, some missions will be co-op, some single player.
sasuke Jul 4 @ 5:06am 
you mean scenario ? but that is for sp
i want play this mod mp but i dont know how
and others mod too iam new in arma
i have launched mods but when i go mp its just vanila
Test Tube Jul 3 @ 2:13pm 
Look around on the workshop for some missions using this mod. Or make your own missions, it's suprisingly easy.
sasuke Jul 3 @ 2:11pm 
i buy this f-game for this mod and even cant found 1 server/game for this mod iam done
some help or instruction what to do will be fine
sasuke Jul 3 @ 12:05pm 
i realy cant play this game ? tell me pls how can i found servers for this mod