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Assault on Le Bray | WW2
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Scenario Type: Infantry
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Mar 11, 2023 @ 8:24pm
Mar 12, 2023 @ 5:25pm
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Assault on Le Bray | WW2

Play as the 82nd Airborne in the battle for Normandy!

This mission Supports up to 4 Players!

D-Day +2

Assault and Capture Le Bray and Link up with the 505th at the edge of town!-
The Fallschirmjäger are prepared to defend Le Bray with brutal force. Move up with your platoon to assault Le Bray. The Germans are prepared to stage Counter-Attacks on this position. Work together to eliminate all the enemy forces from Le Bray.

Your mission is to lead the initial assault on the farm houses on the outskirts of Le Bray. You will link up with Sgt. Murphy and take command of Squad 7. Your attack on the farm houses will clear the path for the rest of the platoon to move into position on the main road leading to Le Bray.

Your platoon will split into 4 squads and will be ordered to perform a coordinated assault from three sides. Capture Le Bray and defeat the enemy resistance.

(This is a fictional battle.)

Mission Overview:
You and your team are dropped off by a transport - you will link up with Sgt. Murphy and take command of his squad. You will be leading the assault on Le Bray.

Link up with Murphy
Meet Sgt. Murphy and link up with Squad 7. You will take command of 9 Paratroopers and lead the initial assault on the farm houses. Stealth is the best option.

Capture the farm houses
Your squad is responsible for capturing the farmhouses at the edge of town. This engagement will allow the rest of the platoon to move up and begin their assault on Le Bray. The Germans may call attention to the attack - eliminate counter attacks and secure the farm houses.

Assault Le Bray
Alpha, Baker, Charlie and Dog have formed into four columns and are preparing a coordinated attack - Capture and secure the church at the edge of town. Move with Baker or Alpha. Charlie and Dog will push forward on the main road and attack head-on.

Capture Church
Our objective is to neutralize the enemy forces and secure the Church.

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Knuckleroo Apr 15, 2023 @ 7:44am 
Hey man, will this and/or any of your other missions work without ACE, do you know? A few of my buddies have issues when playing with it so we try to avoid using it as much as we can, but your missions look like good fun and I'm sure they'd love to try 'em!