Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Conflux Odin Library Add-on
Type: Add-on
Game Mode: Story
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Sep 2, 2021 @ 7:07pm
Feb 6 @ 8:44am
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Conflux Odin Library Add-on

Patch 1.0.4


Simply extract DXGI.dll to the same directory as EoCApp.exe for DefEd and you're good to go.

Conflux Odin Library is a fully modular add-on for the Conflux Overhaul mod.

Whether you have one Odin Class enabled or all of them, this mod will automatically detect them, dynamically change tooltips, stat entries and balance tweaks for a more clean experience. Conflux uses very different Armor/HP scaling than the Vanilla game so some changes are required. Best of all this mod adds cures for many of Odin Class status effects.

Odin Aerothurge
Odin Scoundrel
Odin Pyrokenetic
Odin Huntsman
Odin Geomancer
Odin Hydrosophist
Odin Necromaner
Odin Spectre
Odin Umbra

- This mod still requires the base Odin mods. Load this module after all other Odin mods.
- A full list of changes will be posted here soon.

Conflux Discord [discord.gg]
Nexus Version [www.nexusmods.com]
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Sep 2, 2021 @ 9:18pm
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Mareb Sep 11 @ 8:01am 
Hey, I thank you for your amazing mod. It's been a blast. Could you give me some advice though? i want some of your scoundrel skill changes but they get overriden by odinblade's. I tried to put odin scoundrel mod before yours and it works somewhat but it's a bit buggy with others like rupture tendons and others. Is there a way to control which skill you want? Odin new skills are owesome but your take on scoundrel skills are more fun.
Xorn  [author] Aug 12 @ 7:53am 
@Under the Red Hood
Some Odin skills are deactivated for the Conflux version and vise versa. I'm fairly sure all the Scoundrel skills were left alone due to the combo system. It's possible Odin changed something in the main mod and this will need to be updated to reflect the changes.

It may simply be a description bug and the effects work regardless.
Under the Red Hood Aug 12 @ 5:20am 
Is it intended that some of the Odinblade Scoundrel skills have their combo abilities removed? For example, Adrenaline has its combo bonus ability, but Sawtooth Knife does not. The skills that are missing their combo abilities are still able to generate combo points however.
turkeymerkey Aug 7 @ 8:44am 
Thanks a lot and cheers for all the work, hard to see someone updating dos2 mods nowadays.
Xorn  [author] Aug 7 @ 8:42am 
Most other mods just need to be loaded after Conflux.
turkeymerkey Aug 7 @ 8:28am 
Hi author should I load mods in an order of conflux---odin class---library add-on? And what about other mods, maybe I just keep them as they are?
Xorn  [author] Jan 6 @ 8:42pm 
@Ruin of Palmira
I've not taken apart that mod before. I don't see why it would cause any issues though.
An update for this add-on is coming in the future so I can give it a look.
Ruin of Palmira Jan 6 @ 8:27pm 
thx for this! Is this mod compatible with Odin's Initiative-Based Turn Order? Cheers, and keep up the great work
N O r Nov 13, 2021 @ 8:29am 
Wow amazing response times thx for the clarification Xorn
Xorn  [author] Nov 13, 2021 @ 8:16am 
@N O r It's more like one big intercept function. Lua allows mods to check if other mods are running. So this mod checks then grabs entries and changes them.

It will actually 95% work no matter where the mod is in load order however there were a couple status descriptions I had to manually write so it should still be loaded after.

It still requires the other mods to be preset in order to do it's work.