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Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Odinblade's Scoundrel Class Overhaul (DE) [REQUIRES NORBYTE'S SCRIPT EXTENDER]
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Game Mode: Story, GM
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Jun 26, 2020 @ 2:28pm
Jul 15, 2020 @ 10:06am
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Odinblade's Scoundrel Class Overhaul (DE) [REQUIRES NORBYTE'S SCRIPT EXTENDER]

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This mod requires Norbyte's Script Extender[github.com] and OdinCore - Mod Services to use.

Cunning, deceptive, and visceral; an expert Scoundrel always gets their mark. This mod overhauls all existing Scoundrel skills, as well as adding plenty of new ones into the mix, to deliver a truly devastating Scoundrel skill tree.

"Never play fair..."

Also available on Nexus Mods![www.nexusmods.com]

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As stated above, this overhaul requires Norbyte's Script Extender[github.com] as well as OdinCore - Mod Services to use.

What is the Script Extender and why do I need it?
Norbyte's Script Extender is similar to how the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) works; it provides access to a lot of lower-level code for modders. As such, I've been able to create lots of new script-heavy mechanics for this mod.

Another excellent feature that the Script Extender provides is a HUGE improvement to load times when playing with lots of mods, cutting 10-minute load screens down by ~90%. Even if you aren't planning on using this overhaul, I'd recommend grabbing the extender for that feature alone!

How do I install it?
Check out my installation guide here. Alternatively, if you are using LaughingLeader's excellent Mod Manager[github.com], you can simply click the "Tools" option at the top of the window, and then click "Download & Install Osiris Extender". Easy peasy!

Version 1.0.5 (Read the Patch Notes here!)

Core Mechanics
Scoundrels are well-known for having a few tricks up their sleeve. The toolset provided by this overhaul will give you a plethora of tools to design and decimate with your own playstyle. Here are a couple of the core mechanics this overhaul leverages:
  • Combo
    • Generate Combo by hitting your Scoundrel attacks, stacking up to 3 times.
    • At Combo 3, you can activate the Deadly Flourish skill to expend your points and empower your next Scoundrel skill.
    • At Scoundrel 5+ you enter combat with Combo 1. At Scoundrel 10+ you instead enter combat with Combo 2.
  • Stealth Damage Multipliers
    • Some of the more visceral Scoundrel skills benefit from Stealth Damage Multipliers, increasing their damage if you are either Invisible or Sneaking.
    • Demonstrate your superiority and outplay your foes from the shadows.

The new skills and mechanics introduced in this overhaul are designed to feel unique and engaging. The AI utilises a large number of the new skills but does not utilise the Combo mechanic.

As a comprehensive overhaul, this mod also reworks a lot of the base game Scoundrel spells, and I have compiled these changes into a doc:

Lina the Deft is a tricksy thief, and she is able to sell the party skillbooks (which she has rather questionably obtained). Lina may be found throughout the game in various locations:
  • Fort Joy:
    • Opposite the campfire west of the Fort's initial entrance.
    • On a small shore, behind the tent next to the altar in Armadia's Sanctuary.
  • Reaper's Coast:
    • Aboard the Lady Vengeance. She is in the crow's nest near the head of the ship.
    • Atop the gate at the entrance to Driftwood Square.
  • Nameless Isle: On the landing shore as you arrive.
  • Arx: In the West section of the market square, behind the Dwarven blacksmiths and next to a stone bench.

Basegame Scoundrel vendors also stock the new skills, and the new vendors can be toggled on/off whenever you like using the Odinomicon mod settings menu from OdinCore.

Workshop artwork: Russell Dongjun Lu, Bryan Sola, Wizards of the Coast
Spell icons: Larian Studios, Riot Games, Valve, Rexard
Assistance and inspiration: LaughingLeader, Kalavinka, Norbyte, Dougeh
Being awesome: Larian Studios

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Shin_KingWhite. May 6 @ 5:31am 
Flesh Prison Apr 16 @ 9:56pm 
No warfare overhaul though?
Agent Juju Mar 5 @ 4:24pm 
This mod is amazing and works fine! Ty odinblade, your mods are like V+
This is great do you plan on doing a Warfare overhaul as well?
Darsen-91 Feb 23 @ 1:46pm 
missing the combo text in all the vanilla skills. They works fine, but i can't read everytime the google-form pdf. Any way to fix it? It I set the game in english the text are written fine, but not appear in all others languages
Clyro Jan 22 @ 4:24pm 
The only problem I am encountering is that the Combo text isn't displaying for Backlash.
Anon Jan 1 @ 8:51am 
Seems that Enemy Overhaul mod kinda breaks this mod. It makes the mirror self generated by Misdirection not join the fight+vanish before end of the turn. This side effect will persist even if u turn off Enemy mod. Only solution is to load a save u made before applying enemy mod.
Zyro.Yumagaru Dec 23, 2020 @ 6:45pm 
@denorien I actually suggest both at the same time and all of Odinblade's overhauls for that matter. They are all great additions to the game. I was specifically speaking on the combo system of this overhaul somewhat leaves the Umbra system behind. Umbra is still a very excellent choice but plays differently. I am merely hoping that there will be an Umbra update to allow those skills to make use of the combo system.
denorien Dec 17, 2020 @ 9:22pm 
I see a remark by Zyro that that the Scoundrel rework 'almost' leaves Umbra behind. I have limited gaming time. Should I play Umbra or Scoundrel rework? I've managed to complete one play-through with two lone wolves leveraging a recommended fighter build with Odinblade's Geomancer. Took me 2+ years including one restart after a lengthy delay. Now want to try Umbra or this Scoundrel rework as a solo lone wolf. I can't expect to find the time to do both. Which will be a better experience? I'll probably use Fane either way.
Nyles Dec 3, 2020 @ 1:52pm 
Hey odinblade, I downloaded your mod but when I go check in game this is the only one mod I can't see(so can't activate). I tried to unsub and resub, deleting mods in steamfolder and reinstalled the whole but still doesnt work. Dunno what to do next. Any tips?