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OdinCore - Mod Services
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Sep 14, 2018 @ 4:22pm
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OdinCore - Mod Services

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OdinCore is a centralised mod resource for my D:OS2 DE mods, allowing them to communicate and interact with each other. It is required for most of my mods, so be sure to activate it!

How do I use OdinCore?
  • Subscribe to it and enable it in the Mods menu on the title. Place OdinCore above all of my class mods and overhauls for maximum compatibility.

What does OdinCore do?
  • Allows different aspects from my mods, such as statuses and skills, to talk to each other.
  • Aims to rectify limitations of the Divinity Engine by mitigating certain issues, such as the rendering of custom icons leading to invisible icons.

What is in OdinCore?

As you may be aware, new skills from my various Overhaul mods were not used by enemies. This was because adding new skills would require each enemy to be changed, making them incompatible with other mods. Until now!

Enemy Skills is a scripted system which adds Odinblade skills to enemy characters and can be toggled ON or OFF at your leisure.

My various Overhaul mods add new vendors to the overworld, stocking a supply of new skillbooks and weaponry. This is also in addition to basegame vendors doing so.

Vendor Toggle allows you to show/hide the new vendors as and when you please should you decide you don't want to see their beautiful faces around Rivellon.

Simply use The Odinomicon to toggle these features.

OdinCore also contains:
  • A database of all of my custom icons. With all D:OS2 mods, icons are built into Atlas files. Icons start disappearing/becoming invisible on the skillbar and inventory menu if the UI is trying to render ~7 or more of these Atlas files. OdinCore contains one large Atlas, significantly reducing the number of Atlasses the UI must render, thus helping to mitigate invisible icons.
  • A collection of statuses used in each of my mods and overhauls. This allows my mods to communicate with each other and avoid redundant coding.

Will adding this break my current saves?
  • No. OdinCore boasts a seemless integration to all past, current, and future playthroughs.
  • If you are, however, seeing some issues in multiplayer, ensure that the version of all mods you are both/all using (not just mine) are running on the same versions. If this proves unsuccessful, uninstalling, re-downloading, and reactivating the mods fixes this issue.

Does OdinCore increase my load times?
  • As with any mod, no matter the size, the game will have to load its contents. I estimate this will only be a few extra seconds to load, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Do I need to install all of your mods for them to work?
  • No. OdinCore functions regardless of how many mods you may be using. You may still pick and choose the mods you wish to use, as long as you enable OdinCore where required.

Workshop artwork: Yeong-Hao Han
Inspiration for this service mod: LaughingLeader

Like what I do?
Consider supporting my efforts by tipping me with caffeine here:
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy this mod!
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Rat Trapper May 8 @ 11:32pm 
AhabtheDragon Apr 27 @ 1:48am 
Have you ever thought of adding a blood hunter class?
Republicunt Wrecker Apr 25 @ 2:20am 
Your last message gives me so much hope. Please give me something to sate my hunger for new content until Larian drops something big for BG3! :steamthumbsup:
Odinblade  [author] Apr 22 @ 12:47am 
@Neonivek I'd be lying if I said I didn't have something in the works for Warfare, but it is definitely a ways off (talking a few months - life has been busy as heck!). Go ahead and start your playthrough :steamthumbsup:
Odinblade  [author] Apr 22 @ 12:45am 
@EvilChicken Unfortunately, this is an issue that's been around for some time across all mods. It usually occurs when either:
- Your load order is not correct for the mod list you are using. Here is a helpful guide to help remediate load order problems.
- You're missing a mod requirement / it's not enabled in the Mods menu. You can usually tell this is the case if you get a "We were unable to create a working story" error when you load into a game / character creation. Check the mods you're using and ensure you have all requirements.
Neonivek Apr 21 @ 9:13pm 
So I have been waiting for your final warrior update. I am not looking for a definitive release date or anything... I am just wondering if you ARE working on one. If not, I can simply start my final playthrough with the game, if so... I think I can wait until all the classes have your expert touch.
EvilChicken Apr 4 @ 7:10am 
how do i get rid of these 4 charactrers that spawn with me?
MxH_Jacket Feb 26 @ 9:54am 
Winter Phoenix Jan 23 @ 8:11am 
For those stuck at version 1.2.4 unable to upgrade to 1.2.5, I found the solution.

1.) Unsubscribe from Odincore on steam.

2.) Go into your folder Documents -> Larian Studios -> Divinity Original Sin 2 -> Mods. And delete the Odincore mod manually.

3.) Go to Nexusmods website on google and find Divinity Original Sin 2 mods and type in "Odincore"

4.) Hit "Manually Download" on Odincore.

5.) Extract the file to the same mod folder as on step two.

Voila! Version is now 1.2.5.

Red Jan 19 @ 3:08pm 
having the same issue with game not updating from 1.2.4 to 1.2.5 please fix :(