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Odinblade's Necromancer Class Overhaul
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Odinblade's Necromancer Class Overhaul

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This mod requires OdinCore - Mod Services to use.

Whilst the forces of nature maintain the balance of life and death, Necromancers relish in tipping the scales in either direction. This mod overhauls all existing Necromancer skills, as well as adding plenty of new ones, to deliver a truly terrifying Necromancer skill tree!

"Death is merely a state waiting to be undone..."

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Version 1.1.0 (Read the Patch Notes here!)

Magic schools in Divinity: Original Sin 2 have been designed to facilitate user creativity of playstyles and builds; this Necromancer Overhaul is no exception. With the enhancements made to all Necromancer skills, along with the introduction of over 15 brand-new skills, this overhaul bolsters the creativity of Sourcerers. Although magic schools are essentially an open book, I have identified 4-key playstyles I think you’ll all enjoy:

  • Gravecaller
    The Gravecallers know that death is just a state, waiting to be undone. Their ability to blur the line between life and death allow them to raise corpses as minions.
  • Hexen
    Armed with powerful buffs and debuffs, the Hexen strive to protect the coven at all costs.
  • Bloodtide
    Masters of Sanguimancy, the Bloodtide sacrifice their own vitality to inflict devastating attacks onto their prey.
  • Deathlord
    Beyond dying, the Deathlord sustains on life steal effects whilst corrupting their foes.

Build cards found in the image gallery at the top of this mod page give some high-level pointers into how to utilise these playstyles effectively. My personal favourite is the Bloodtide, a self-damaging mage with a penchant for mayhem.

There are many skills in this class overhaul, so I have made an online document containing all of the skill descriptions. Please click the link below to access it.


You may have noticed some skills from Divinity: Original Sin EE making a return with some additional effects, such as Oath of Desecration and Horrific Scream. I thought it was about time to bring back some old favourites to provide new and interesting build paths.

Additionally, as a comprehensive overhaul, this mod also reworks a lot of the basegame Necromancer spells, and I have compiled these changes into a doc:

New Necromancer Weapons

As with my other overhauls, I have added some new Intelligence-based melee weapons to bolster close-combat playstyles. Although there are currently no new weapon skills to accompany them, the new weapons will be a welcome addition to any team composition.

The new weapon types include: Physical Wands and Physical Staves, both of which provide a small boost to Life Steal in exchange for raw damage.

Drana, the Dark Artist is an expert in dark magic, and she is able to sell the party skillbooks. Drana also sells crafted skillbooks at levels 5 and 13. She may be found throughout the game in various locations:
  • Fort Joy:
    • Next to the tent west of the Fort's initial entrance, in front of a fish rack.
    • On a small shore, behind the tent next to the altar in Armadia's Sanctuary.
  • Reaper's Coast:
    • Aboard the Lady Vengeance. She is next to a ladder to the rear crows nest.
    • Outside the entrance to Driftwood Fishworks.
  • Nameless Isle: On the landing shore as you arrive.
  • Arx: In the West section of the market square, outside the Toymaker's Shop.

Basegame Necromancer vendors also stock the new non-crafted skills and weaponry, and the new vendors can be toggled on/off whenever you like using the Odinomicon mod settings menu from OdinCore.

Workshop artwork: Jeon Tae Kang, Blizzard Entertainment, Steve Argyle, Wizards of the Coast, Riot Games, ArtDeepMind
Spell icons: Larian Studios, Valve, Stygias[www.artstation.com], ArtofTy, Glann Rane, Blizzard Enterainment, Wizards of the Cost, Craig J Spearing, dekades8, Steve Argyle
Assistance and inspiration: LaughingLeader, Helaene
Being awesome: Larian Studios

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AlphaDelt Apr 23 @ 2:22am 
If Raining blood doesn't appear in the traders, just craft your own. Any low level hydro book + any low level necro book
秋前盛夏 Mar 2 @ 10:10pm 
Michael {United Critics} Feb 15 @ 9:32am 
ehm when I try to summon a skeleton from a body, it does not spawn anything (he does the spell animation and all... but nothing comes/shows up) O_o

Unsure what is wrong :(
Adam_Shadow119 Dec 27, 2023 @ 9:28pm 
Doing a Gravewarden/Lone Wolf game with a friend and it’s pretty strong. I think the others are just bad at the game, cause the zombie totems, and the new skeleton summons are really good.
Leto Aug 30, 2023 @ 12:31pm 
k.a. why, but it feels like the necro is weakened by the mod here, especially as a hybried with weapon i.e. martial art
passion fruit Aug 9, 2023 @ 5:04am 
skill issue?
Zzoddy Aug 5, 2023 @ 2:22am 
This literally just ruined my campaign...
Zzoddy Aug 5, 2023 @ 2:20am 
If you like playing as a summoner, don't use this mod, it actually makes the class worse. 3 turn cooldown on corpse and the fact that you changed "Raise Bone Widow" to use a corpse really pisses me off. It has a 3 turn cooldown, and makes Raise Bone Widow 3 actions to use instead of 2. Then you have to wait 3 turns to be able to get another minion out..... what garbage is this? most battles only last around 4-5 turns... which means you won't even get out a second minion anyways... so why even add in additional summons? So this is for what? End game battles where you MIGHT be able to get out 2 minions? Nah.... trash balancing... don't use this one.
kayo Jul 16, 2023 @ 2:41am 
what does unearth corpse do? just create a corpse? xD
Keiracoven Jul 13, 2023 @ 10:57pm 
Seems pretty broken for me at this point. Undead Overlord no longer lets me summon more than one summon.