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Odinblade's Spectre Class: Definitive Edition
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Aug 31, 2018 @ 3:22pm
Jan 15, 2021 @ 6:25am
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Odinblade's Spectre Class: Definitive Edition

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This mod requires OdinCore - Mod Services to use.

Practitioners of forbidden soul magic, Spectres blur the line between life and death by utilising devastating effects. With 30 new spells, pierce through enemy armour to destroy your targets soul with this terrifying new class!

"Mortality is a parasite, clinging to the soul; let me deterge..."

Rebuilt entirely from the ground-up, Spectre Class: Definitive Edition contains a plethora of improvements, including: new skills, icons, skill animations, and unique weapons!

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Version 1.2.0 (Read the Patch Notes here!)

Spectres target the souls of their enemies from afar by partially ignoring armour. Soul magic focuses on inflicting damage-over-time effects, devastating curses, and taking pacts with otherworldly demons.

As a damage-intensive but double-edged class, Spectres are best suited as the primary damage dealers within a team composition. For skill points, you'll want to focus on maxing Warfare as this increases Physical damage - including these spells! For talents, Torturer is a must-have, increasing the duration of Agony - one of your primary damage sources.

This class introduces more than 30 brand new skills, each with brand new animations, effects, effects, etc. Those of you who have played my original Spectre mod for Classic D:OS2 will be familiar with most of the skills, but note there have been lots of improvements and new skills added too!

Spectral Weapons
Scythes and Sickles are new weapon types, designed specifically for Spectres to utilise.

Scythes are staff-based weapons (meaning they can be used with skills such as Whirlwind) which deal Physical-damage and scale with Intelligence - perfect to reap souls with! Scythes also grant access to a new Spectre skill - Spectral Throw, a ranged attack which deals damage and increments a stack of Agony.

Sickles, on the other hand, are one-handed weapons which are a midpoint between swords and daggers. They also deal Physical-damage and scale with Intelligence, on top of granting access to another Spectre skill - Spectral Slash, a whirlwind-like attack which slashes foes and increments Agony.

Additionally, as a thank you to some of my frequent mod testers, I hidden unique Scythes named after each of you across the acts. There are 4 in total - can you find them all?

Malthus the Afflicted is an undead Spectre who sells skillbooks and weapons. He can be found throughout the game in various locations:
  • Reaper’s Eye:
    • Fort Joy: Opposite the tent in which Mona, the Necromancy vendor resides.
    • Amadia’s Sanctuary: On a wooden platform near the entrance, opposite the Pyrokinetic vendor.
  • Reaper's Coast:
    • Lady Vengeance: Port-side on the top-deck, next to a ballista.
    • Driftwood Square: Near the East entrance to the square, down by the shoreline.
  • Nameless Isle: Port-side on the top-deck of the Lady Vengeance, next to a ballista.
  • City of Arx: In the main City, next to a bench by the Western Bridge.

Workshop artwork: JasonTN, Ishutani, Riot Games
Spell icons: DeanSpencerArt, Azzedar-san, conorburkeart, dekades8, Omuk, Ketunleipaa, BlueBloodBoy, Daarken, Tsabo6, kolokas, Naiyus, cobaltplasma, JasonEngle, ChekydotStudio, jason-felix, artofjosevega, Blizzard Entertainment, Aleksi--Briclot, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, AlexanderExorcist, Kalasketch, Damjan-Gjorgievski, Tsabo6, tjota
Assistance and inspiration: LaughingLeader, CottonEyeJohn, Larian_JB
Being awesome: Larian Studios
Localisation: Setos78, Anulya

Looking to take the class to another level? Here are some recommended mods and add-ons!
Also check out JustcallmeSouls' Spectre build guide[docs.google.com] for some insight into building and playing as a Spectre!
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Translation possible?
< >
Waylander Mar 8 @ 12:04pm 
Is there any way to translate the mod into German?
Moody-Mimic Mar 7 @ 8:05am 
Sorry not sure if this has been answered before.
But does the Spectral Banshee skill get bonuses from Summoning or only Necromancy?
WildMurderMuffin Feb 5 @ 9:20am 
This game and mod are old so im not holding out much hope, but if its possible can you update the mod(s) so that you can upgrade the weapons using the giftbag feature? That or have them scale to your current level when you originally find them? i am playing a modded game with friends and just found the act II unique scythe, and i am 5 levels above it and cant use it. I am sure they are set up this way for balance, but it sucks to know that i wont be able to use them when i find them because i have already outleveled. Even allowing upgrading to a LV cap would keep them from being overpowered, but still viable for a few levels. This issue aside its still a great mod and me and my friends enjoy all of your mods that we have played so far.
zeeb Jan 26 @ 1:14am 
Now this is what I call a modification.
Great work dude.

You should talk to Laurian or another game studio about getting a job because this is definitely on par with official content. Put this in your portfolio. :steamthumbsup:
Discoinferno Jan 20 @ 10:28am 
Quick question: In this mod the skills "Inflict Agony" and "Spectral Throw" have both a CD of 2 Turns. If you activate one of the two override-mods (strength or finesse) the CD of both skills change to 1 Turn. Is this intentional?

Keep up the great work!
LordCaptainCommander Jan 13 @ 12:18pm 
For some reason it isn't showing up in my mods list, I have used it before and it was fine but now it doesn't work.
the enigma tng Jan 12 @ 1:35am 
class not broken? just looks amazing
Air Conditioning Unit Jan 11 @ 11:09am 
you design classes like league of legends champions
TFortyMan Dec 20, 2022 @ 12:31am 
I read the Spectre books but they seem to have replaced all of my huntsman skills in my skillbook. is there a fix to this?
Xepa Dec 16, 2022 @ 6:56am 
is there no overhaul for warfare ?