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Sigma Draconis Mod List 4.x
The whole Draconis Space Engineers Mod Pack. A cluster of amazing mods that we use on our Servers. (All credit for mods goes to those specific mod owners for their mods.)

This applies to our version 4.x environment in our community.

This is all mods from all of our servers in one for ease of download - adding all of these to a single world may cause issues

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(AR) Round Windows
Created by All right!
Round windows for space ships. And a few missed forms.
I think, round windows will not be excess in game)

New ↴
AQD - Armor Expansion
Created by enenra

Current version: 1.5
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

AQD - Conveyor Expansion
Created by enenra
Current version: 1.1
Please refer to the changelog for patch notes.

This mod adds several new
Armor Ramps & Panels Mod Pack
Created by SEModder4™
Armor Panels Mod~(DX-11 Ready)~(WIP)
'From the developers of the Advanced Shutters/Blinds Master Pack'
Build Vision 2.5
Created by Dark Helmet
Build Vision 2 is a recreation and improvement upon the original Build Vision by Jimmacle. This mod adds a context menu to the game designed to supplement the in-game terminal. Mos...
BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)
Created by Digi
Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Air leak finding
    Air vents have a button in their terminal which can show you where a
Created by Razerbone
This mod renames the large block Button Panel to Large Button Panel and also allows it to be placed on the small blocks.

This mod also renames the small block Button Panel to Single Button Panel and also allows it to be place on the large blocks.

Camera Panning - rotate camera view (+reset 1st person character view)
Created by Digi
This mod enables players to change the direction camera while viewing it.
Works for any camera block, modded or vanilla.

How to use in game
When you view a camera the mod will tell you the controls as a HUD notification.

Simply hold the Lo...
Clean Assembler Tab
Created by Arstraea
When we playing SE with a lot of MOD (which is Weapons or contained special components),
our production tab becomes messy. And in this case, this mod could help us.

[ Description ]
This mod adds new 2 tabs and re-arrange blueprints i...
Defense Shields - v1.91(9)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v1.91(9)

New Mod
Check out my new weapon/combat system which replaces keens:

If you appreciate DefenseShields and/or WeaponCore please
EZGPS - A Better way to Navigate in Space
Created by 97cweb
This mod adds commands to the chat that will allow for galactic positioning system (gps) modification and adjustments.

All commands are invisible to other players and will not give GPS points to enemy factions.

If any bugs or issues, let me know

Edge Be Gone! (No armor edges)
Created by Whiplash141

This mod removes the armor edges from all armor blocks.

This mod is a very simple script, so it should be compatible with pretty much any other mods, even those that mess with armor SBC files.

Author's Notes
First Aid Station (No Respawn)
Created by Kham
This is an alternate version to my original First Aid Station mod. This version only has the no respawn versions of the First Aid Stations. This version was requested.

HUD Compass
Created by Zkillerproxy
It’s a compass! On your HUD! Now featuring a clock!

It works on any planet, of any size, with any FoV setting, at any resolution and with any other HUD mod!

Why Do I Need A Compass?
Not long ago a compass was a not really all that useful, b...
Instant Projector
Created by avaness
This mod adds the ability for projector blocks to create projections instantly. The grid will spawn as if you welded each individual block of the projection and only after the build timer has elapsed. The projection must not be connected to the projector b...
KotH with rewards 1.0
Created by Space_Chemist
All setup is in the Block UI and better instructions will come in the future. If you have a modded component, ore, ingot, or what you want isnt in the drop down list click the checkbox for advanced settings and put the subtypeId in the correct field.

MA Spotlight pack
Created by AutoMcDonough
Angled spotlights! Includes 30 and 45 degree variants of vanilla spotlight,
A "Classic" style spotlight which surface mounts (similar to camera),
The same light but using mounting hardware,
Classic low beam (10 degrees downwards),
Classic 45 degrees wh...
Modular Encounters Spawner
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It's been built to be compatible with existing NPC mods, while also providing new and powerful options to add ex...
Nanobot Build and Repair System
Created by Dummy08
Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks wi
Norca Engineers HUD - Coloured - 1.197
Created by NorcaSystems
Norca Engineering has been working with space engineers across the known galaxy to provide them with a new HUD that does not clash with other popular information systems used to aid their engineering efforts.

The system aims to pre...
Paint Gun - realistic painting for survival + special creative features
Created by Digi
This mod adds a Paint Gun tool which uses 'ammo' to slowly paint blocks (like welders).

Right now this is mostly a role-play tool as vanilla painting is still allowed.

What this is really useful for is painting blocks that are behind/between other bl...
Created by AViegarien
Adds a whole host of blocks to expand on the vanilla passage block to allow for intersections, lights, windows, wider passages, LCDs, doors, airlocks, o2 vents, stairs and ladders, cargo access, and more!

All models have build states and LOD models.

Projections To Assembler
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod adds a button to the projector block that will queue the needed components for the currently projected grid in your assembler.

How To Use:
  1. Ensure your Projector Block and Assembler Blocks are Ena
Relative Top Speed
Created by Gauge
- User defined speed limits
- Control the speed of individual ships based on mass and acceleration
- Change configuration on the fly (no need to restart)
- Multiplayer ready

Imagine you are in a fighter chasi...
Created by Dark Helmet
This is not a mod. This is a set of shared tools made to help modders create custom GUI. This is not something you should be directly subscribing to. If you have a mod that uses the Rich Hud Framework, then this will be loaded automatically. There's no nee...
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

RivalAI is a Custom NPC Behavior Framework that does not require the use of Programmable Block Scripts. All behaviors are attached and run from modified Remote Control blocks. The aim of this mod is to make creating Powerful NPC Be...
Screen Gunk Be Gone!
Created by Whiplash141
Check out my mod to clean the armor scratches!

Sigma Draconis LCD Pack
This LCD Pack contains the custom LCD logos created for our Patrons of the Sigma, as well as any other images we have chosen to add to our servers.

For any images not created ourselves, all rights remain with the copywright owner....
Slope LCD Panels Redux
Created by Atlas
Adds variants of the armor blocks with LCD Panels on them!

Slope LCD Panels Redux!

This is a faithful recreation of the original slope LCD panels mod!


- Native rotation of the screen in the terminal, basically a sl...
Sigma Draconis Core Mod
Contains a number of fixes and tweaks for the Draconis Cluster of servers.

- Full credit - Contains a modified version of PvP Spawning fix from MysterD to prevent suit spam triangulation - Original script:
Sigma Draconis Tiered Tech V2
Customized Draconis tiered tech mod.
Datasheet can be found here:

Full credit for any models or assets goes to the original mod creators, we have tracked down and reque...
Airtight Gate
Created by Kertit
Hello Space Engineers !
Here is our large airtight gate model, which took waaaaay too much time and energy to create than it should have... But at least we think it worth it, so we hope you'll appreciate it as well.

It's our first attempt in modding Sp...
Small Cryo Gone Large (Does not replace Vanilla Cryopod)
Created by nukeguard
Ntech Mods presents the Small grid cryo pod converted fully for use on Large grids

All construction stages and LODs, works the same

-Is in progression tree
-Is survival ready

Also, a thanks again to keen for allowing the modders to use their mo...
Sneaky Sounds - Quieter Tools
Created by Splitsie
This is for those people who like hearing battle sounds loud while not being deafened by their grinder, welder and most of all drill.

This mod reduces the volume of hand tools, ship tools, doors, placement sounds and a few others that often feel deafeni...
Spacebar Bridge Consoles
Created by Spacebar
Huge HUGE HUGE shout out to Eikester for making a (better) keyboard sitting pose for these consoles. Previous one was a pose used in the DLC and there were some questions if I was allowed to use them. They're different enough so huge thanks to him
"No on...
[QoL] Mechanical Keybinds
Created by DraygoKorvan
A Quality of Life mod to bring more engineering in Space Engineers.

Control your pistons, rotors, and hinges with movement keypresses!

Bind mechanical blocks to control keybinds
You can bind a mechanical block to the following controls (D...
Star Trek Jump Drive Lines
Created by Alysius
This mod introduces Star Trek style Warp Lines to Jump Drives.

Animation runs completely Client Side.

Thruster Lines Placement

The double line placements are guessed based on your ship dimensions. To fix the lines to sp...
Sigma Draconis Jump Drive Interdictor
When block is enabled, turns off any Jump Drives within range (including ones on the same grid). If Jump Drives are turned back on within influence, it will damage them....
Suppress Vanilla Cargo Ships
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will attempt to suppress the appearance of Vanilla Cargo Ship Encounters. It sets their spawning frequency to 0.001 (the default values are usually between 1-5), so it's possible that they may still appear, but it should be...
Sigma Draconis Koth Cleanup Tool
This just deletes grids and ejects pilots, made for the Sigma Draconis Cluster.

Use at your own risk!

(Added 27-08-2020)
-Configurable Range (beacon radius = cleanup range)
-GridCleanupKoth subtype (toggle on/off using subtype in essentials)
Created by DraygoKorvan
Allows modders to add text to the players screen. This mod must be loaded along side any other mod that uses it.

Graphics update note: Post-Processing causes all HUD API text to be dark and blurry unless it uses the PostPP blendtype.

Sigma Draconis Rooty Tooty Point-and-Shooty McShootface 2 - Draconis Combined Cannons Weaponcore Boogaloo
Attributions and Credits

This weapons pack combines a selection of many of the models from various weapon packs and reimagines them in a way that provides almost 50 weapons balanced for large s...
Sigma Draconis NoFlyZone with NoDrill
Made for the Sigma Draconis Cluster for use at Space KoTH

Beacon block that disables thrusters that are within range of the beacon broadcast.
Also, eats ship drills. So don't bring ship drills in to it's range.

All credit for the original work (and ...
Volumetric Nebulae Mod
Created by Jakaria
This mod adds manually placeable nebulae. These nebulae have a 200km diameter. It is recommended you install a darker skybox mod along with this. There is a noticeable performance drop when in the center of a nebulae, I've tried my best to mitigate this is...
Created by Zardo

Vrachos Is a rocky moon pretty unassuming and covered in sand
Safe to say it is not much of a tourist trap.... People hate sand.. It gets everywhere

Many thanks t...
WeaponCore - 1.6(35)
Created by DarkStar
Version: WeaponCore - v1.6(35)

Weapon Core is a complete rewrite of Space Engineers combat system. The way combat works in this system is very different from Vanilla and many conventions that you are familiar with will be different.

This "m...
Created by Zardo
My second planet attempt, Many thanks for checking it out!
(Updated 13th Dec to increase gravity to 0.7g and to add palm trees)

Okeanos is considered a paradise for most... unless you dont like rain...

The downpours on this habitable moon are said t...
Safina - Desert Planet [v2] (Texture Update)
Created by ShardExtra
Safina [v2]
Welcome to Safina, a hot desert planet covered in endless seas of sand dunes split up by massive mountain ranges. Once a temperate planet, giant ancient lakes are now salt flats over a dozen kilometers long and once snow-capped mounta...
Created by Zardo

Many thanks to Doctor Octoganapus for the awesome guides that helped me figure this out, Shardextra for letting me use his lakebed texture and Cpt arthur for the guides he has for heightmaps!

Any advice for improvements please approach me!

Please do n...
Created by Zardo
An alternative Mars variant

Many thanks to Doctor Octoganapus for the awesome guides that helped me figure this out, Shardextra for putting up with my pestering and Cpt arthur for the guides he has for heightmaps!

Any advice for improvements please...
Created by Zardo

Many thanks to Doctor Octoganapus for the awesome guides that helped me figure this out, Shardextra for helping me w ith some issues and Cpt arthur for the guides he has for heightmaps!

Any advice for improvements please approach me!

Please do not re-...
Sigma Draconis- Gas Giant
Created by Zardo
Update 20/01/2021 Doubled the ring size and added spin

A large and unusual gas giant, this planet is NOT landable and designed to be used as a hazardous mining area with thorwins asteroid plugin.
MA Pole Parts
Created by AutoMcDonough
The 15m pole from stackable turbines was popular, so here are more pole varieties!

  • 6 block (15m) pole
  • 3 block (7.5m) pole
  • Pole with mounting for Interior Pillar
  • Pole with beefy side-mount
  • Light lantern to spread indir
Sigma Draconis Nebula Skybox
Built using Spacescape for the Sigma Draconis Cluster:

Not just a skybox, this mod disables the jump drives that Sigma Draconis uses as well....
Created by Casimir
Sequence Nebula - SD
Created by ShardExtra
Edited version for the Sigma Draconis server cluster.

Sigma Draconis Luvly MAWK

This mod is a direct fork and reduction of the original MAWK pack made by Northy and Doc:

Sigma Draconis Factions
Contains the custom faction definitions for use in Sigma Draconis...
Suppress Vanilla Encounters
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod will attempt to suppress the appearance of Vanilla Exploration Encounters (Neutral and Pirate). It sets their spawning frequency to 0.001 (the default values are usually between 1-5), so it's possible that they may still ap...