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Nanobot Build and Repair System
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Feb 4, 2017 @ 12:45pm
Apr 12 @ 10:53am
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Nanobot Build and Repair System

Nanobot build and repair system
for small and large ships/stations (automatic welding/grindig/cleanup system)

  • This system could repair damaged, build projected and grind marked/enemy blocks within range around the system. It also could collect floating objects (components/ore/ingot). (Maximum range adjustable via setting file, default 75m large version 25m small version)

  • The system could work in two modes.
    Search Mode
    Only block within range and connected to the grid of the BaR-System or grids connected via connector, merge blocks, pistons, motors, .. are detected (attached grids via landing gears don't count)
    All blocks in range of the BaR-System are detected, so a fly by ship/vehicle could be repaired. The drawback of this mode is its higher electric power consumption (10kW instead of 2kW). Collecting floating objects is only availabe in this mode

  • There are three modes for Welding / Grinding priority.
    Work Mode
    Weld before grind
    Grinding won't start until all blocks are build/repaired. Use this mode e.g. for a (ship) factory where the 'connecting' blocks between projector and build grid should be removed after complete build.
    Grind before weld
    Grind will start a soon as blocks to grind are detected. Use this mode e.g. while placing new blocks and you like to remove wrong placed blocks immediately after marking them.
    Grind if weld get stuck
    Grinding will start when all blocks are build/repaired or no material is available to continue welding. Use this mode e.g. if you like to retrieve missing materials by grinding 'old' ships.

  • The working range is individually adjustable in all directions (left,right,top,bottom,forward,backward).
  • The build/repair/grind (enemy blocks) priority could be adjusted by block classes:
    AutoRepairSystem, ShipController, Thruster, Gyroscope, CargoContainer, ControllableGun (Gatling gun/turret, Missle turret), EnergyBlocks (Reactors, Solar panels, batteries), Programmable Block (Programmable- and timers blocks), Projector, Functional Block (Airvent, Motor, ..), Production Block (Arc Furnace, Refinery, ..), Doors, ArmorBlock (Armor block and all switched off blocks)
  • Ignore Color feature: If you have intentionally unwelded blocks, you could setup a color in the terminal settings of the system. Blocks colored with that color would not be repaired/build (projected blocks will be created, but not fully welded).
  • Grind Color feature: Blocks colored with that color would automaticly be grinded. See Work mode for details on weld/grind order.
  • Janitor feature: If this function is enabled the system grinds blocks in range not owned by you or your fraction. This allows cleanup the 'garbage' in its range. While grinding these 'enemy' block the same priority as repairing blocks is used, so e.g. if "ControllableGun" is the highest priority enemy weapons will grinded first. This makes the BaR-System also an effective defence system. (For server admins this function could be switched off separately).(New)Options, that control the behavior while grinding Enemy/Neutral blocks.
    Janitor grind to disable only: Grinding stops as soon the block is out of order.
    Janitor grind to hack only : Grinding stops as soon the block hacked.

  • Collect floating objects. The system could also collect any kind of floating objects in range. The priority of components, ore, ingot, stone, gravel could be separately changed/switch on/off.
  • Needed materials for build/repair are automaticly pulled out of the connected conveyor/container system and/or the internal inventory (If "Use conveyor" is set).
  • Materials from grinded inventories are automaticly pulled into the BaR-System and if the inventory of the BaR block is full, automaticly pushed into the connected containers.
  • 'Friendly' damage detection. Blocks grinded by you or a fraction member will not be repaired immediately. There is a timeout of 60[s]. This gives you the chance to grind and remove the block. If you grind it by mistake, it will be repaired after the timeout. (Works for angle grinder and ship grinder)
  • System is fully controlable via terminal
  • Queuing of missing materials, displaying system state on panels is available via scripting interface.
    An out of the box script is available, for details please see
  • System could be controlled also via scripting interface.
    This allows full control over the range, welding order, ignore special blocks, missing materials, ..
    A separate demo blueprint is available. It shows some of the scripting features of the block (including queuing items inside assemblers). See
  • Status lights showing the current state of the block:
    Top light
    Lower light
    Switched off
    Ready and welding (or transporting)
    Ready and grinding (or transporting)
    Blocks to weld but no items
    Block to grind but inventory is full
  • System is survival and dedicated server ready
  • Mod settings could be changed via settings file. See Discussion: Block Settings
  • Basis command interface via chat
    Allows to:
    Create a world settings file inside your current world folder.
    Change the logging level.
    For details type nanobars inside in game chat

  • Power usage (changeable via settings file)
    20W Standby (collecting information about the blocks/items to build/repair/grind/collect)
    +2kW if welder is working or 1.5kW if grinder is working
    +10kW in 'fly' mode or + 1kW in 'walk' mode if something to transport.
    (small version block always 1/3)

  • Welding and grinding speed is a little bit less than 'normal' ship welders/grinders but higher than hand welder/grinder (Default settings). But the transportation of the materials is the bottle neck of the system. So build/grind time increase with the distance between the BaR system and the welding/grinding block.
  • To improve the speed you could place the block nearer to its target(s) or use more than one block. They will work together (not necessarily on the same block, but the overall performance will better in any case)
  • It could be also a good idea to have two system overlapping each other, so in case one system gets damaged they could repair each other.
  • The system itself is totaly safe and will never harm anybody walking or sitting in range of the system. You could also work on the same block without any danger.

Have fun.
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XCysC warpig2255 Oct 19 @ 7:23am 
@Night_Shade : 857053359
Night_Shade Oct 18 @ 4:51am 
what is the mod ID?
TenTech Oct 16 @ 9:35am 
Because that's how safe zones work.
SultonMRP Oct 16 @ 8:40am 
got odd issue, when safe zone is on and set to allow grinding the BnR sits there doing nothing until you turn off safe zone
Asanque Oct 15 @ 8:49am 
Hey, found an issue, should correspond with @shineproductions123 , when you first place a block, it gets owned by you (placer), if you grind it below hacking, it's owner will become nobody (same happens if it gets damaged). Then, if the build and repair system is set to help others, the repaired block will keeps it's owner (nobody in this case). If that block happens to be a build and repair block, all your other stuff will be enemy for it, thus it starts grinding everything.

On the other hand, if you turn the help others feature off, it will not weld anything that was not placed by the build and repair's owner.
elmostar Oct 14 @ 1:52pm 
installed the mod on the server and in the K menu i only have the basic standard settings, i.e the mod is just a fanzy block that does nothing, anyone knows what it might be?
Babbayega Oct 13 @ 7:28pm 
is there a way to display the work Que on an LCD?
shineproductions123 Oct 13 @ 7:55am 
I have run into a problem where when i pulled up in one of my ships, It started ripping it apart. I went back and checked the settings and I have no idea why it would grind my ship now when it didnt just yesterday
jackryan529 Oct 10 @ 6:21pm 
not working when I started a new game 1 hour ago ??
still works for my older saved game - Any help ?
SultonMRP Oct 10 @ 11:32am 
@Dummy08, how about adding more grind and weld features to BnR
<WeldTargets>Owned Neutral</WeldTargets>
<GrindTargets>Owned Neutral Enemy</GrindTargets>

This will make it easier for players
I personally would like to disable Neutral and Enemy grinding but keep Neutral welding on.