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Official: How to use Workshop in Space Engineers
By Marek Rosa
Learn how to use Workshop in Space Engineers. Find and download player-created worlds, or create your own and upload them directly to Steam Workshop.
How to publish your world
1) Launch Space Engineers
1) Go to main menu, click "Load World"
2) Select a world you want to publish
3) Click "Publish"
4) Wait until the world gets uploaded
5) Steam Overlay will open up and you can verify if everything is ok, set visibility, title, etc.
6) From this moment, everyone in the community can subscribe to your world, download it and play it

How to download from Workshop (subscribe)
1) Open Space Engineers Workshop page (in Steam client or Steam web site)
2) Find a world you want to play
3) Click "Subscribe"
4) Launch Space Engineers
5) Main menu, click "Load World"
6) Click "Subscribed Worlds"
7) This will open a screen with the list of all worlds you are subscribed to
8) Select one and and click "Copy and load"
9) This will download the world to your computer, into the list of your local worlds, and load it

IMPORTANT: You will be playing local copy of downloaded world
How to update your world (that's already in Workshop)
Update should work the same way as the initial upload/publish (it will overwrite the world that's already in Workshop)
How to upload a new version of your old Workshop World
1) Go to 'Load World'
2) 'Edit Settings' and change the name - after uploading, it overwrites your old world on Workshop, but it will change its name
3) Save as world - you will be able to publish your map as completely new world
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the-phil Feb 14 @ 2:10am 
To update you have to use the original blueprint and update the blueprint from your clipboard. You can then publish the blueprint again and it will perform an update. Or you can modify the bp.sbc and change the <WorkshopID> element from a new blueprint to match the existing one. Then publish to perform an update.

Lame, 1k limit here, followed up on a reddit thread here
Bobisme Feb 5 @ 4:17am 
to upload a ship to the work shop you have to create a blueprint with ctrl b then open blue prints with f10 select the ship you 'blueprinted' there is an option to publish

you can take a screen shot after you bueprint to put up the image, by opening bliue prints selecting the ship in question and clicking screen shot :)
well it worked for me..
CoolBroLegacy Jan 24 @ 9:29am 
How do you upload a ship to workshop
NateTheGreat1100 Jan 22 @ 2:24pm 
agreed with Ghosted9968, how to change cover photo on the world?
Ghosted9968 Jan 11 @ 1:21am 
So how do you put an image in your item's display picture to get rid of the black screen?
poison Jan 9 @ 3:20pm 
I can't open workshop in game. I have both general Steam overlay and Space Engineer-specific overlay enabled. Any suggestions?
MEGAZORD Jan 5 @ 8:04am 
hmmm updating does not work with te scripts wich is reasonable i guess but how do people get to know if i updated my script?
Tyler Jan 2 @ 11:20am 
Workshop doesn't seem to be working as of the update today. I subscribe to mods and check the workshop tab and nothing new shows up.
Slugg Dec 31, 2014 @ 12:12pm 
So I got my exploration world uploaded but I can't figure out how to select a picture for the search thumbnail. I can still upload pictures into the mod page but not for the thumbnail picture. Have I done something wrong or am I missing something? Please help, because I know that if my mod has no search picture, nobody will look at it.
Greencat Dec 21, 2014 @ 11:36pm 
I have just published a bunch of blueprints and a world to the workshop, i can see them all in my files on the workshop, they are set to "public" and yet when I search for them on the workshop to see what people will see when they search for it, I can't find them at all. Is there a waiting time for publishing/approval or something? I've publish things in the past, don't recall having this problem. help?