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Modular Encounters Spawner
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Sep 24, 2018 @ 10:25am
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Modular Encounters Spawner

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This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It's been built to be compatible with existing NPC mods, while also providing new and powerful options to add extra variety and control to how NPC grids appear in the game.

Why Was This Mod Created?

For a while, I've wanted to create a spawning system that would replace the existing spawning system for cargo ships and random encounters (mostly because of inconsistancies in when it works and inflexibility of options available to it). One thing that concerned me was that I would likely be creating a lot of duplicate code that is already used in the Planetary Cargo Ships and Planetary Installations mods, which would be inefficient and cost extra performance for no good reason.

So I made the decision to create a mod that merges the functionality of the Planetary Cargo Ships and Planetary Installations mods, along with the NPC Cleanup and Performance mod. This also gave me the opportunity to modernize the code for those spawners so they perform a bit better. On top of this, I've also added a rewritten Cargo Ship spawner and Random Exploration Encounter spawner for Space (These two options should be disabled in your world settings since this mod handles their spawning now). This mod will work fine out-of-the-box, but also has several configutation options available to players and admins who want to tune their experience or performance.

What Does This Mod Handle?

This mod will take care of the spawning and despawning of several types of NPC grids.

  • Space Cargo Ships - These encounters are one of the oldest types of NPC Grid Encounters. They appear near player proximity every so often and travel in a fixed path for a while before despawning.

  • Lunar Cargo Ships - This is a new type of encounter. These encounters are essentially the same as Space Cargo Ships, however they will only appear near players that are within a shallow gravity field (Eg: Moons).

  • Planetary Cargo Ships - These encounters are similar to Lunar Cargo Ships, only they will appear close to the surface of larger planets.

  • Random Encounters - These encounters are discovered as players explore the game world. One change that has been made to these encounters is that they're no longer tied to the world seed in regards to how they appear, but now use the player travel distance and a timer (similar to Planetary Installations).

  • Planetary Installations - These encounters appear on the surface of planets as static grids / stations. They appear as players travel and explore the surface of the planet.

  • Boss Encounters - This is a new type of encounter. When this spawn is triggered, a GPS marker is created near the player. Once the player approaches the GPS marker, a difficult NPC encounter will appear.

Features and Functionality

Here's a list of some of the new options this mod enables for NPC Grid Encounters:

  • Spawn Conditions - This mod enables modders to restrict spawns to a number of conditions that must be met. These include Threat Score, PCU, Distance From World Center, Mods Loaded, Certain Planet Properties, and more!

  • Prefab Manipulation - Spawned grids can also be manipulated before they spawn to change their configuration, paint, cargo, weapons, and more. This saves modders a lot of time creating different variants of grids for different contexts.

  • Clean-up Settings - Each Encounter type (Cargo Ships, Boss Encounter, Planetary Installations, etc) have their own clean-up settings in their configuration files. This allows you to specify how and when ships should be removed from the game world to keep things running smoothly.

  • ....And Much More!

Compatibility and Warnings:

Simply run this mod with any other mod(s) that add NPC grid encounter content (Eg: Reddit Custom Encounters, Air Traffic, Surface Occupation, Etc). This mod will identify the spawn groups included in those mods, regardless of whether or not they were setup to use the advanced features of this mod.

Restrictions Regarding Republishing This Mod:

Please refrain from republishing this mod on the workshop. Because this mod is used as a dependency by many other mods, it will likely auto-load this mod with any cloned instance - which will cause unstable behavior as a result of 2 instances of the spawner running. If this is not respected, I will exercise my right as the original creator and file DMCA notices against infringing copies at my discretion.

Known issues update 1.189

Keens new Asteroid Bases do not spawn aligned properly. I am still working on a fix for this.

Modular Encounters Collection Links

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Click Here To Join The Modular Encounters Collection Discord Server.[]
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@Meridius_IX / Lucas - Thank you for getting back with your reply so quickly. I appreciate that.
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@WhisperFire26 - unless otherwise specified in the title/description, everything is up and running :)

@Helmann - Unfortunately not a feature that's currently implemented. Might think about it though.
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I am looking at your collection, "Modular Encounters Collection" and I am interested in installing it on my server. It is currently running 1.195. Is this mod collection compatible with the current release of SE?
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Hi, Is it possible to have the spawn frequency decrease the further away from a planet that I am? I find it immersion breaking when I am way out in deep space and still have ships spawning non stop. This is a great mod and collection regardless of whether it is possible or not.
locospooki Jul 5 @ 4:57pm 
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Jul 5 @ 4:56pm 
@locospooki - This mod doesn't actually come with any ships, its just a spawning framework. Check out Assertive Cargo Ships by Splitsie, that's a good fit for what you're asking :)
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so you have planetary cargo there any hostile planetary military ships that can spawn like fighters or something in this ?
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The link that you provide was just what I needed. As usual your greatness is unequaled.

Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Jul 5 @ 9:35am 
@LazyMaestro - It does not touch anything keen economy station related. See the following:
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Does this mod override Keen stations associated with the economy update? I have not been able to find any in space or on planets...