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BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)
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Sep 6, 2015 @ 11:10pm
Jan 23 @ 9:39pm
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BuildInfo (extra block+terminal info, air leak finder)

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Displays more information about the block you're holding or aiming at, along with other features listed below.

Highlight features
  • Config/ModMenu - Player customizable and toggleable features
    Most of this mods' features can be customized or turned off entirely.

    Easiest way to do so is by using the TextAPI mod menu, open chat and press F2, then a button will appear top-left. (Screenshot #6)

    Alternatively you can edit the config.ini yourself, found in: %appdata%\SpaceEngineers\Storage\514062285.sbm_BuildInfo\config.ini which can then be reloaded mid-game using /bi reload in chat.

  • Air leak finding
    Air vents have a button in their terminal which can show you where air is escaping from. (Screenshot #2)

  • Equipped/aimed block information
    Equipping a block to place will show a text box showing various info about it, like its mass, integrity, time to build, aswell as block-specific data like inventory capacity, power drain/storage, etc. (Screenshot #3)

    Aiming at a block with welder/grinder (ship ones too) will also show this box with data relevant to its current state instead of definition data. (Screenshot #1)
    It shows projected block info aswell, even ones that can't be welded so that you know why they can't be and can see overlays for them too.
    Overlays can also be locked to stay on an aimed real block using Shift+Reload (Shift+R default) and you can also still see overlays for your equipped block at the same time.

    Additionally, the vanilla block info has some colored line additions for critical, ownership and components that grind into something else (e.g. power cells on battery block, Screenshot #1).

  • Overlays
    Showing mount points, airtight cell faces, conveyor/upgrade/terminal ports and various other block-specific data like ship tool influence area, thruster damage, weapon accuracy cone, etc. (Screenshot #3/Screenshot #4)

    Cycled by pressing Ctrl + (can be changed in config/modmenu).
    Also by aiming at a block and pressing Shift ToggleCubeSize (default Shift R) you activate overlay lock-on to keep it visible without needing to keep aiming.

  • Terminal extra info
    Fills in missing info from the block's bottom-right info in the terminal.
    Stuff like inventory usage+mass, power stats, production status, etc.
    Cockpits/RCs also contain grid-wide power stats.
    Selecting multiple blocks also shows some combined stats for them (affected by GUI transparency unfortunately).

  • Ship Toolbar Labels, Custom Labels, Actions status
    Allows you to identify what a cockpit/RC's toolbar has at a glance (Screenshot #5).
    It's a list of block/group names + action + programmable block's argument (if applicable) on the HUD.

    You can rename any slot per cockpit using CustomData with [Toolbar] header
    and page-slot = name format, see /bi help for more details.

    Action status text for various vanilla actions have improved info + they're group-aware now.
    Action icons have custom designed and a bit colorful and sharper icons to help distinct them better.

  • When in the GUI for an event toolbar (sensor, airvent, timer, etc) you can see what each slot is going to trigger on.

  • ... and many more little things
    But this description is too large for steam to let me write, so I've moved the full feature list to a separate page: Full feature list[]

Soft dependency: Text API
The Text API mod is used for better text representation and placement.
Due to the game's auto-adding of dependencies that mod should be automatically installed.

However, this mod will fall back to HUD notifications if TextAPI is not installed or not working.

For modders:

Known issues
- Rotating blocks while they're frozen doesn't rotate overlays (game issue: SE-7722).
- Multi-selection block detail info is affected by GUI opacity because it's rendered under, unfixable without KSH adding a way to draw over GUI.

Public testing of new features / bleeding edge version
I've decided to add new features/changes to a separate mod for public testing, if you want to help with testing and feedback, head over to this other mod and read its description:
BuildInfo (bleeding edge build).

Common fixable issues
  • Mod doesn't do anything
    If there wasn't a very recent SE update then it might be download corruption, see guide on fixing that:

  • No text / text and background misaligned
    Most likely you just changed your monitor which has a new aspect ratio, an easy realtime fix for this is to go to options -> display and click ok. Simply restarting the game should also fix it.

mod io?
No, because it won't work[]
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< >
ThePropheticWarrior 8 hours ago 
Placing the standalone Leak Finder after this should over write the one in this mod, assuming that is the case, BTW.
Digi  [author] Feb 29 @ 12:34am 
I've released the leak finder as standalone (also submitted it for plugin loader)

The one from this mod will stick around for 2 major versions (on first update I'll edit its texts or something to alert of its future removal).
Digi  [author] Feb 27 @ 11:33pm 
We talked and the error from this mod was a custom error, me forgetting to add path recorder to the toolbar reader xD

The rest of the stuff is still a mystery :cleandino:
Abisius Feb 27 @ 8:43am 
@Jack Schitt
never had empty logs in se, regardless of server or local.
where where the logs located? if they where outside the space enginneers dedicated folder inside the appdata folder and you have no access to it i recommend requesting access to that folder as long as the server has no altered folder structure for saving its working stuff.
AkagiVoid Feb 27 @ 8:27am 
@Jack Schitt Not pouring salt ona wound here, although 4 log grabbing, if U got 32GB or mar RAM, U could try turning UR PC into a server with "space engineers dedicated server"* in steam tools and see if U get the same problem/s. >w>
Jack Schitt Feb 27 @ 2:58am 
Thanks for the quick response! Much appreciated!

The server is hosted through a remote host. The logs I have access to that are on the server are blank, empty, files. Maybe a local log recorded it? I need reminded of what log file to look at and share IF that info's in a local log. I hope it is so you're able to look into it.

Steam is my preference for communication. I'm not a fan of and avoid Discord and Social networks. I've sent a friend request on Steam. Thanks a lot!
Digi  [author] Feb 27 @ 1:34am 
The errors are more likely a reaction to some invalid state in the world, not the cause. This mod mostly reads things, very few modifications and those are usually at load time.

The server crash is improbable to be from this mod if the server is a DS, because it barely runs any code there. Plus the lack of error suggests a native error which for DS would be havok physics engine.
If it's not a DS, were you the host and that was why you were the only one left?

Regardless I would like the SE logs from server, client where the chat errors were and one of the clients that got kicked too if you can.

If you want to send these privately, feel free to DM me on steam or discord @m_digi
Also we can chat more there as I have more questions about those scripts/mods/vanilla features issues as well as rubberbanding, it sounds pretty extreme (except for the rubberbanding, that is from a plethora of things including simply playing vanilla).
Jack Schitt Feb 26 @ 11:22pm 
I had Build info crash my server tonight. There's nothing in any error logs on the server, would there be something in a log file locally maybe if you'd like to see the error?

The error was something about AI blocks. It spam flooded chat with the error message and whatever the error was kicked every player but me out of the game and crashed everything else. Scripts, other mods with scripts, and even vanilla features stopped working. All of the problems went away when I removed Build Info from the server including lag and rubber banding every so often.

Regardless of whether we can investigate and (hopefully) fix this is it at all possible you'll please release JUST a leak finder? That's all I personally use it for. I don't need or want any of the other features. I shut everything else possible off in settings when I do use Build Info in my games.
AkagiVoid Feb 26 @ 7:05am 
TY 4 explaining dat 2 meh, and why it can't be fix. X3
Hopefully when and BIG IF "Space Engineers II" get released, dis problem may be solve in it. ^w^
Digi  [author] Feb 25 @ 9:30pm 
Yes it would clip with anything too close to camera because the only way to render things on the HUD is to render them in 3D very close to the camera.
Which of course is still susceptible to close clipping distance and has to be not too close to it otherwise it itself is clipped by camera.

Not something I can fix because the distance is defined in textAPI and I've asked Draygo to tune it closer and even then it would still have issues.
Keen has to add HUD-layer drawing API or whitelist the things already there for us to completely fix this issue, and the issue with requiring transparent menus to even see the terminal multi-info xD