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Shows a path towards exterior of the ship while respecting airtightness. Open terminal of any Air Vent block to start a scan.

This used to be a feature in my Build Info mod but I split it off due to popular request. Both this and BuildInfo can be used at the same time.

It has some improvements since it was split too: It automatically re-computes path when grid changes and no longer has a time limit before it hides. To hide it are manually, go far from the grid or seal the leak.

Has a config file to customize the colors at:

The config can also be found in Text HUD API's mod configurator (chat + F2) if present, but it does not depend on it.

Also available in PluginLoader's mods list.

mod io?
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ogilviemt Jun 10 @ 10:48am 
I wish you wouldn't split this off of the main BuildInfo mod. I noticed today that BuildInfo no longer had a 'Find Leak' function. Looked up the mod to see you split it off and now this mod exist as a standalone. Seems unnecessary to remove functionality when those who want leak finder but not buildinfo (for some reason?) can do that already without the rest of us having to find the mod neutered and then having to install one more mod.:steamthumbsdown:
Digi  [author] Jun 6 @ 1:53am 
It seems to be fine, either this mod is not present (you could be remembering buildinfo's?) or it got download corruption from updates ( ).
Moo-Viper X Jun 5 @ 2:15pm 
Is this one not working since latest update? I do not have the find leak button on the terminal.
Jack Schitt May 18 @ 2:20am 
Bob's your uncle!
Digi  [author] May 18 @ 2:06am 
@Jack Schitt
Ah, well, buildinfo won't have the leak finder in its next major update so it won't be redundant anymore =)
And buildinfo's leak button was edited with this info, so if anyone glanced in airvent terminal the past few months they'd know (unless they already had this mod too in which case buildinfo already hid its own button).
Digi  [author] May 18 @ 1:59am 
The scan likely found no leaks which is why it seemed to do nothing, if you escape immediately after pressing it you should see its HUD message (that lives for 2 seconds) saying "No leaks!".
For next update I'll change it to print that in terminal too =)

The airvent showing yellow sounds like the game bug other people are talking about (which they said happens without either of these mods), and likely represents a deeper issue somewhere in the game, it being so hard to reproduce makes it hard for devs to fix too :/
The fact that you restarted game and it persisted might mean you have something good there to reproduce it with, next time it happens and save+restart doesn't fix please zip up the world and send it to me :} if I can get the same issue I can dig into what's happening.
Jack Schitt May 18 @ 1:45am 
I remember both can run at in the same game being said. It's redundant to do.
snuffleupagus May 17 @ 11:12pm 
Hi. My air vents are displaying yellow lights (leak somewhere). When I go to the air vent terminal and click on 'find' nothing happens. Ground down the air vents, reloaded the save, restarted the game. Still displaying yellow status. Build info is working without issues. Removed other mods and scripts, still the same after restarting the game.

After much head scratching and fuming I turned the game off. Watched some anime and then restarted.

And now my air vents are working without leaks. So maybe a corruption somewhere that got cleared when I rebooted my PC?

@jack schitt build info description and leak info description both says they can be used together.
Digi  [author] May 17 @ 9:04pm 
How does it not work, is the button missing from airvents?
And does buildinfo work otherwise, equipping a block shows text box for example?
If so, then it sounds like this mod failed to compile, probably the classic download corruption shenanigans, see:

@Jack Schitt
You can have both , I would've said otherwise in description...
KnuckleDragger34 May 17 @ 6:19am 
This mod has saved me literally DAYS of running around the bowls of my station like a rat looking for leaks. You are truly a God among men.