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Warhammer: Fimir
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Dec 30, 2019 @ 12:29pm
Oct 20 @ 4:13am
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Warhammer: Fimir

For Rimworld 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0

Adds the Fimir of Warhammer.

The bog fiends comes to Rimworld.
This cyclopean race has set up clanholds across the world. Though hostile they can reluctantly agree to trade or even offer their service to the few trusted.
Their raids consists of ill equiped Shearl thralls, that will offer their lives as meat shields for their clans. Behind them the fimm warriors will charge in with varying degree of armour. Beware of the fimm Nobles trudging behind with their deadly sledges. Otherwise Dirachs can be seen mixed in with the raids brandishing vile weapons that will cripple and scar those who get caught in their blasts. Finally a few mearghs might join the fray, barraging from afar with defibrillating blasts.

New race: Shearl, Fimm, Dirach, Meargh
New factions: Fimir clans
Faction weapon and apparel with some added buildings.
Medicine, potions and cures.

The Shearl - Crafters and meat shields.
The Fimm - Sturdy fighter.
The Dirach - Researcher.
The Mearghs - Clever and deadly leader.

Solo testing a mod is hard, so if there's anything concerning values or other parts feel free to leave feedback. Well, any feedback is appreciated.

This mod require Alien Framework.
Load Humanoid Alien Races before this mod.

This is a race mod with added faction and gear.

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Settlerking Oct 19 @ 5:14am 
This is honestly a great mod but the withering staffs seem slightly too powerful imo. Mabye it's just me but they wreak shit on defenders and can down pawns on masse that are forming defensive lines. I would propably nerf it just a bit
tkgamer77 Aug 20 @ 12:03pm 
I love the added effort for the Mearghs, and how most of the Fimir enjoy it when you harvest organs. Like the Skaven, repopulating your colony is a bit of a chore. I essentially had to wage war with my allied Fimir just to recruit some prisoners. Human colonists are understandably unsavory candidates, weak stomachs and moral fiber and all that.
KompadT  [author] Aug 19 @ 1:07pm 
Yeh, I do need to add in the fimir mist thing.
I did some test with different things and now with 1.2, there is really good way in rimworld that I can use for it.
So, hopefully i can get to it... But yeh, might be a while off.
tkgamer77 Aug 19 @ 11:09am 
Really neat, it's currently a toss-up between whom I enjoy more, the Skaven or Fimir....If i might make a suggestion (assuming it isn't already a thing). What about a utility item that functions much like the smokepop belt? a fog effect to protect against ranged attackers.
Vulture Jun 23 @ 8:13pm 
Could you please make it so this race shows up in character creation when you hit Randomize?
KompadT  [author] May 14 @ 9:44am 
Get your hands on a heart and have either a dirach or a meargh construct the research spot.
Raven May 14 @ 9:31am 
How do I get what I need for my research
boo Apr 24 @ 3:42pm 
Ah, that's probably why it was happening, I had some of the mods at the top of the list. Tnx.
KompadT  [author] Apr 24 @ 3:37pm 
The wanderer join event should have all the fimirs listed in it. You can find it in the AlienRaceSettings.xml
If you use the Fimir scenario it should be a 75% chance that the wanderer is one of those.

If it Rimhammer you're using, then it will be restricted to whatever of the Rimhammer mods are lowest on the list. Rimhammer had to use some extra code to make it work with the tech limiting. So sadly atm it can/will conflict there.

I will try to look at the event again there when I can.
boo Apr 24 @ 3:05pm 
Hello again. I was having an issue with wanderers joining as humans only and I realized the issue was with mods that remove future tech. Then I started getting wanderers that were Fimir but only the Fimm caste. I looked at the def files and in the Faction_PlayerFimir files, there is only one listed, <basicMemberKind>FimirPlayerFimm</basicMemberKind>. I tried adding the rest but only the last one I add gets selected as a wanderer 100% of the time... I also think the real issue with human wanderers was the mods messing with the player factions. Possibly... Anyways, I hope you can fix this when you have the time cus this is my favorite race mod lol. Thank you.