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Humanoid Alien Races
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Humanoid Alien Races


A framework for the creation of new alien races in Rimworld

If you ever thought that the racial diversity in rimworld is... not that diverse and you want to change that, you came to the right place. This framework allows to easily add new humanoid races without any C# knowledge, purely in xml.

The rest is up to your creativity: Fantasy races like Elves, Dwarves and Orks; Sci-Fi races like Asari, Klingons, Gungans eldritch beings like Deep Ones; or greenskinned and leaf-sporting mutants.


Feature Overview:
  • Custom graphics with weighted skin and hair color selection
  • Changing graphics with lifestages
  • Drawing Tails
  • Integration in the starting pawns, as well as slaves and refugees
  • Gender distribution
  • Backstories
  • Drawsize (independent from race size)
  • Support for genderless races
  • Optional immunity to aging related body problems
  • Optional forced traits
  • Customizable thoughts, with specific configurations for eating and butchering humanlikes
  • Modifiable relation chances
  • Race restricted clothing, weapons, research projects, buildings, bills and plants.


Github Wiki[github.com]

If you want to create your own races or just chat with the race mod authors, join us on Discord[discord.gg]

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Elder Things

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Note: Old versions are available on github
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Oct 13 @ 3:24pm
Bug Reports
Aug 23 @ 9:18am
Colonists lose all pigmentation in their skin with this mod.
Sir Bitar
< >
erdelf  [author] Oct 17 @ 11:50pm 
yep, that can mean a lot. But well, given I know now that pawns generate with narrow crowntype somehow, I actually have something to look at.
image Oct 17 @ 1:58pm 
image Aug 17 @ 12:40pm
please fix the hair and hat adjusting to pawn head shape

image Sep 4 @ 11:44am
can you fix the hair and hats not adjusting to pawn heads? or you just gonna pretend that its not real
erdelf  [author] Oct 17 @ 11:53am 
@Image, you really rarely mention the crowntype, mostly vague comments about hair with no additional context.

@Dakk Passerida, I'll check it out.

@Edwardoblob, at first install the pawns are as if they are newly generated as far as a lot of saving data is concerned, so it is regenerated. I also don't recommend adding a mod like this that changes a whole lot of the game mid-run, as there might be hiccups like that.
Edwardoblob Oct 17 @ 11:12am 
hey i`m having an issue where whenever i Install the mod my colonists hair colour changes to random colours. Any fixes?
image Oct 17 @ 10:49am 
that's awesome but you maybe could have mentioned that you don't accommodate for narrow headtypes about 15 pages ago, sad so many mods depend on this
Dakk Passerida Oct 17 @ 10:15am 
tested with a trader caravan, and narrow heads still generate

I think it may be because narrow heads are specified in the Humans Are Aliens Too patch
Dakk Passerida Oct 17 @ 10:11am 
@erdelf yeah, I've seen it happen both at the colonist selection screen and using quickstart
gonna test some things and see if it happens from in-game events as well
erdelf  [author] Oct 17 @ 9:55am 
@Turtle, Alright, an entirely different issue, one I don't recall hearing about recently. I don't know what apparel you are using there so I don't know how it is supposed to look. In a game like rimworld with thousands upon thousands of mods to individualize your game it is hard to tell sometimes.

@Dakk, that would certainly be interesting given all races shouldn't have narrow. Newly generated humans have it for you ?
TurtleShroom Oct 17 @ 9:09am 

I thought the problem was obvious. The dude's hair is literally spawning on top of his hat. The hat is supposed to be the highest layered item you see on a Pawn.
Dakk Passerida Oct 17 @ 7:21am 
That's understandable (to me at least), though narrow crowntypes still randomly spawn on humans for me somehow, assuming you intended to put that limit on humans as well