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Warhammer: Skaven
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Apr 7, 2019 @ 10:25am
Mar 7 @ 9:39am
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Warhammer: Skaven

For Rimworld 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0

Add the skaven.
This mod require Alien Framework.
Load Humanoid Alien Races before this mod.

-Packmaster and Moulders added
-Wolf rat / abomination ogre added
-Moulder tech, turn pawn/prisoners into ogres

The ratkins of the under-empire comes to Rimworld.
The vile and diabolical skaven will stage attacks against your colony with slave rats, clan rats, engineer and seers. Wielding weapons like slingshots, crossbows, various melee weapons up to simple machine guns and poison weapons.
Trade with the more "friendly" skaven trader clans that offers access to various traders.

New race: Skaven
New animal: Rat ogre
New factions: Under-Empire, Clan Traders
New weapons: slingshot, crossbow, ratling gun, poison hose/bottle, wind mortar, warplock pistol
New apparel: ragged tunics, cloth hoods/rags, padded armour, skaven helmet, gas-mask, Stormvermin plate
New security: poison mine, manable warp-lightning turret, barricade, Warplock Jezzail

Skaven: Are okay with cramped interiors and don't need to visit the outdoors. They are not effected by general beauty but can still be wowed by impressive dining/bedroom/recreation room.
Smaller bodysize, less nutrition overall but needs to eat more often to keep going, high immunity but less overall health.
Good miners, doesn't mind "ratty" and "tainted" apparel.
Horned skaven: Overall stonger and tougher. Good researchers.
Rat ogre can be bought from the skaven trade clan, either from visiting their base or contacting one of their caravans.

Feel free to leave feedback or any general input.
It's alot easier to tweak a mod with some feedback.

ToDo: Rat ogres "extra stuff", packmasters, plague priest

Dryadic patch for skaven

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tkgamer77 Jun 13 @ 3:54pm 
Quick tip for my Skaven friends. Add the Children mod, tinker with the settings and set pregnancy time to 1. amputate a Skaven female's legs, artificially impregnate her. She'll spawn 1-3 clanrats before the anesthetic even wears off. Rinse and repeat for easy Vermintide, yes-yes
KompadT  [author] Jun 6 @ 3:14am 
Yeh as Galengar said. They already have cannibal/undergrounder as default.
Mdgrim Jun 6 @ 12:45am 
If that's true then that's great, I'm assuming it's not visible like vanilla traits
Galengar ✚ Jun 5 @ 7:14pm 
@Mdgrim yes, Skaven by default have the cannibal trait, and can not only eat each other but any other pawn that comes to your colony.
Mdgrim Jun 5 @ 6:59pm 
Question, do Skaven pawns have the cannibal trait by default, and if not is that something that's possible to do? Because let's be honest, Skaven eat everything and everyone, including themselves.
LIEUTENANT TOAST May 15 @ 7:24am 
How are abomination ogres created? I've figured out how to create rat ogres, but I don`t see any operation option on any human pawns or slaves to create abomination ogres.
Shadow Wolf May 4 @ 8:12am 
NO problem, thanks, i figured out to just use yayo combat 3 , it auto patches all weapons and armor.
KompadT  [author] May 4 @ 2:22am 
You can operate on skavens for it after you researched it.

@Shadow Wolf
Need patching for it to work, as far as I know. I don't have a patch for it.
LIEUTENANT TOAST May 3 @ 4:28pm 
How do I get skaven blood
Shadow Wolf Apr 28 @ 9:26pm 
Is this CE compatible?