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Revival Servers Halo RP Collection 2021
Revival Servers Official Halo RP Collection.

Updated - August 18th 2021
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3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source!...
Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



Climb SWEP 2
Created by Jon a scone
My own reiteration of the original climb swep (I wrote it from scratch).
Using this SWEP you can parkour!

It comes with some cool stuff like:
Falling Effects
Wall Jumping
Prop Riding - You can grab onto props and move with them!
Ability to swit...
Halo 3/Reach Jackal playermodel/NPCs + Kinect conversion
Created by James_UK
Chrysaetos's Halo 3 Jackals converted for use as a playermodel and contains basic NPCs. Playermodel utilises the unified viewmodel system and also contains a version of the original ragdoll which supports Kinect.

Playermodels all have the bodygroups int...
Halo 4 PMs and NPCs
Created by Frosty Dr.
Basically this is Halo 4 Spartans as PMs and NPCs.

It includes the male spartan suits/armor with bodygroups with one viewmodel. These are not meant to be used as Ragdolls, but you can if you REALLY wanted to.

As you know, for a long time there were o...
Halo Covenant Prop Pack
Created by Valkyries733
A shitload of covenant props from Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

-Proper Specular
-Detailed Collision models
-No missing textures

Valkyries733 - Porting Models...
Halo Evolutions - Silent Shadow Division (PM)
Created by jQueary
Silent Shadow division from Halo Evolutions.
View more info via Sketchfab preview.

If you like this item, be sure to rate and favorite it!
[img] [/img]

Halo Reach - ODST Playermodels
Created by Ishi
And here are the ODST character models, now in playermodel format, with c_arms.

This pack contains:
- 19 Male ODSTs
- 18 Female ODSTs
- Bodygroups Galore

Here is a collection with all my Halo Reach models and addons:
Halo Reach - NMPD Player & Character Models
Created by Ishi
After a bit too long of a wait, here are the refurbished NMPD officers. Since i wasnt quite happy with the quality of the Halo 3 originals I ended up meshmodding parts of them together with the Halo Re...
Halo Reach - MP/Off-Duty Playermodels
Created by Ishi
UNSC Marine MP or Off-Duty character models depending on how you decide to use them. They again use the same heads as the rest of the Halo Reach models I made, these are however not straight up ported from the Halo games but a custom creation depicting how...
Halo Reach - Marine Playermodels
Created by Ishi
UNSC Marine Playermodels (finally), using the same heads as all the other Reach models I've made so far.

These models feature the following
- 19 Male Marines
- 18 Female Marines
- 4 Skingroups (White, Brown, UCP, and Navy)
- A Plethora of bodygroup...
Halo Reach - Insurrectionist Playermodels
Created by suno
The addon has been re-packaged. If you are already subscribed and are seeing black/pink models, please un-sub, delete the .gma from your addons folder, then re-sub.

Playermodels have now arrived, with bodygroups and c_arms.

URF (United Rebel F...
Halo Reach - Face Materials
Created by Ishi
Face textures used accross all of my Halo Reach character models....
Halo Natural Prop Pack
Created by Valkyries733
Quickly made.
Some halo 4 forge pieces, these being some rocks and trees

These are prop static, feel free to use them in your map shit...
Halo Reach - Armor Materials
Created by Ishi
Armor textures used accross all of my Halo Reach character models....
Halo UNSC Prop Pack
Created by Valkyries733
A bunch of Human/UNSC Props from Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4, and Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Valkyries733 - Portng Models
Ishi - Lots of his props carried over from the original pack.

“Copyright 2019 Valkyries733 This item i...
Halo UNSC Prop Pack - Halo 3
Created by Valkyries733
UNSC Props from Halo 3.
Halo UNSC Prop Pack - Halo 4
Created by Valkyries733
HBOMBS Base Pack
Created by Business Cat
HBOMBS Materials Pack:

FAQ (Will be updated as I get questions)

Q: I'm missing tex...
HBOMBS Materials Pack
Created by Business Cat
HBOMBS Base Pack:
HCN Drone
Created by naters305
LD Spam Remover
Created by LoganDark
Removes all entities of the same type created by the same user. For example, if someone spawns a tons of NPCs and they all drop random crap, you can use this tool to remove it. Only admins can remove props that aren't theirs using this tool.

This is bas...
Models Mark
Created by [RS] William
No Collide World
Created by Panthera Tigris
This is a multifunctional no collide tool.

- Can undo no collide.
- No collide with world.
- No collide constraint interactions.
- No collide with entities nearby.

Someone made a movie that shows one setting of the tool:
ODST Drop Pod
Created by Gravity

I did not make this, thlaughincheese created this about 5 years ago and I fixed it for Gmod 13.

Anyway, this is basically the drop pod from Halo 3: ODST. You can launch it and it will fly automatically, or you ca...
Created by Malboro
PermaProps 4.0

What is the PermaProps:
The permaprops is a lightweight addon written to save entities on a map.
This is very useful to improve servers and help builders.

How use it:
  • Saving: Aim a entity an
Created by [RS] William
Revival Playermodels
Created by Tac
Forums ---

Teamspeak ----
Revival Servers ONI Formal Attire Playermodels
Created by suno
This is a pack of 7 models, commissioned by Revival Servers.

This model pack contains:

- 4 male formal attires
* Bill
* Louis
* Male_07
* Male_09

- 3 female formal attires
* Fang
* Hawke
* Female_02

There are several bodygroups per mod...
Sci-Fi Citizens Playermodels
Created by Lt_C
PLAYERMODEL FILES ONLY. Does not include the textures, downloading just this file will mean pink and black checkerboarded playermodels. FOR ALL TEXTURES, DOWNLOAD:

I decided to separate ...
Sci-Fi Citizens v4
Created by Lt_C
I present to you version 4.0 of the Sci-Fi Citizens.


Playermodels - Workshop Link

Included in this download are 27 mo...
Sci-fi Props Megapack
Created by Lt_C
Over 70 Unique Sci-Fi Themed Props!

Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod....
SH Flashbang content
Created by mochi
This is not a LUA add-on!

This is the content required for the SH Flashbang script, which is available for purchase at
Created by < blank >
I recommend Crident if you're going to host a server using this.

The product of over 900 lines of code, two days in design, and a week of coding, TFA HUD p...
The Sit Anywhere Script!
Created by Xerasin
This script allows you to sit on nearly every flat ledge or simply on the ground! Just press Alt (or the key you have 'Walk (Move Slowly)' bound to) + e (or the key you have 'Use' bound to) on the place you want to sit. Great for RP servers f...
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Ultimate Materials Pack
Created by AeroMatix
Ultimate Material Pack

This is one of if not the best Material Packs out there, it's ideal for DarkRP, Clone Wars, MilitaryRP etc.

Credit goes to;

Dr. Spicket for the: 'More Materials!'


UNSC Jetpack
Created by Nashatok
A fully functional UNSC Jet Pack from Halo: Reach.

Fly up: Jump
Hover: Sprint
Fly Down: Crouch

Can be easily adjusted to have a fuel limit, tutorial to come. Maybe....
Voice Amplifier SWEP
Created by Servius
The Voice Amplifier SWEP

Use this swep to speak to people in an expandable radius or even talk to you whole server with a touch of a button!

For some reason this was taken down a while back and I, Servius, couldnt find it anywhere. Church...
[Ability SWEP] Fists of Reprisal
Created by Maranzo
A new Scripted Weapon with devastating power and high skill cap!
The Fists of Reprisal SWEP revolves around its versatility for head-to-head combat!

Maranzo's Ability SWEPs [MAS]: Fists of Reprisal
Check the video for a demonstration!
[DarkRP] Defibrillator
Created by Slim Shady
[DIZ] Black Ops 3: The Reaper [PM]
Game - Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3
Combat robot designed and manufactured by the Coalescence Corporation.
Character - Experimental War Robot-115 (EWR-115) or [Reaper]

Its fully colorable! rainbow robots yay~!

Thanks Treyarch for original mode...
[RN] UNSC Officers Playermodels
Created by Gonzo
UNSC Officers, as commissioned by Devilious of Revival Networks.


This pack includes the following:

UNSC Officer (Cutter Variant)
UNSC Officer (Dress Variant)
UNSC Officer (Keyes Variant)
UNSC Officer (M. ...
Created by ChaosNarwhal
armors for nevada/jesse/narwhal...
Revival Servers Knives Content
Created by SGM ツ
Halo Reach Animated Hunter Playermodel
Created by Valkyries733
Halo Reach Hunter Playermodel with animations extracted from Halo Reach

-Entirely new animations extracted from Halo Reach
-Halo Reach skeleton
-"Flawless" rigging. (Any issues with the rigging is a bungie issue lol)
-Aim layers
Halo Reach Animated Grunt Playermodel
Created by Valkyries733
Covenant Grunt from Halo Reach as a Garry's Mod Playermodel with animations extracted from Halo Reach.

-Animations ripped from Reach.
-Skins for different variants. (Minor, Major, Heavy, SpecOps, Ultra)
-Bodygroups for m...
[LFS] Halo
Created by Death
Requires LFS Base, Obviously.

  • Hornet [Skins 2]
  • Falcon [Skins 3]
  • Falcon Medical [Skins 3]
  • Broadsword
  • Kestrel
  • Albatross
  • (Marine) Pelican Chin gun [Skins
[LFS] MV-24 VTOL (crysis vtol)
Created by Blu-x92
MV-24 VTOL from Crysis 1
Vehicle can be found in your "Entities" tab under "[LFS]"

Model ported from Crysis by Valkyries733

It is absolutely necessary that you have LFS
[LFS] - Planes
Created by Blu-x92
Lua based flight system. Included vehicles are located in your "Entities"-tab under [LFS]

Every plane has a simple inbuild AI-system which can be enabled using the Edit-Properties menu (as admin) or by using the AI-Enabler Tool located under Tools=>
Defcon HUD [Customizable ingame]
Created by Yam

[Current version v1.1.3]

NEW in v1.1.3 : Fixing hud positions a bit glitchy, Adding simple gradient defcon hud

COMING : Customizable Text for each defcon

Halo Terminals ( Interactable )
Created by Salt
This addon is an edit of the Star Wars Terminals made by m3ntos. i modified his addon for a star wars iteration to be English, instead of Russian. ([url=
[Official] Precision Tool
Created by [XTT] General Wrex



Formerly 'Easy Precision', this tool allows exact movement of objects for accurate building. Push/pull, rotate, and sn...
Revival Mech
Created by [RS] William
Better Cloaking
Created by Temporary Solutions
This is supposed to replace all of the other cloaking addons and their multitude of problems.
If you like it please rate it as it makes it more noticable to people who would like to use it.
If you find any bugs or ideas put them in the discussion.


Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
Halo Reach Skirmisher playermodel/NPCs + Kinect conversion
Created by James_UK
Sgt Shotups Halo Reach Skirmishers converted for use as a playermodel and contains basic NPCs. Playermodel utilises the unified viewmodel system and also contains a version of the original ragdoll which supports Kinect.

Playermodels all have the bodygro...
Created by Vuthakral
Basic Feature Rundown:
  • Garry's Mod QoL: c_arm support on every weapon, some weapons utilize player weapon colours
  • Weapon retain their unique Halo attributes (weapon charged attacks, melee ability, etc.)
  • Energy weapons actuall
Draconic Base
Created by Vuthakral
GitHub Page[]
Wiki for developers[]
The Draconic Base is a development f
[DSB] - Halo Hunter Weapons
Created by Impulse
-This pack requires >Draconic Swep base< & >Valk's Reach Hunter Playermodel<
-Everything in this pack was made by me, Materials come from Valk's playermodel.
-Not everything in this is completely finished.
-This ...
Halo SWEPs - Lore Expansion
Created by Vuthakral
Draconic Halo SWEP Collection - Lore Expansion Pack
This is an expansion pack of the main "Halo Weapon Collection" addon (linked in required items, as it shares assets.), which includes weapons that are either not normally us...
Halo Flood Prop Pack
Created by Valkyries733
The Flood, designated as LF.Xx.3273 by the Forerunners (Latin Inferi redivivus meaning "the dead reincarnated") and referred to as the Parasite and the infection by the Covenant, is a species of highly virulent parasitic organisms that reproduce and gro...
NPC Weapons - Base
Created by xyzzy
My NPC Weapon base from NPC Weapons, uploaded in separate form for use such as expansion packs, one-off weapons, or addons made by other people which require my weapon base....
NPC Weapons - Halo
Created by xyzzy
This addon adds 13 weapons from Halo for NPCs to use, including weapons from Halo 3 and Halo Reach.

Halo Universal Jiralhanae Playermodel
Created by Valkyries733
Two brute playermodels with armor pieces from Halo 3, Halo Reach, and Halo 2 anniversary (more coming).


-Halo 3 animated brute playermodel with armor pieces from halo reach and halo 3
-Halo Rea...
Halo Reach Model Pack
Created by Toast

Large collection of models from Halo: Reach, with focus on scenery and vehicles

-Most models have the original bungie skeleton, and can be posed with the Joint Tool (
Created by DogshitPlayer
Welcome to very long waited weapon. This is probably one of my last addon i upload before leaving. Enjoy it to the end of my presence here.
- Own, cool-looking realistic muzzleflash.
- Even more overpowered than a BF shotgun.
- Good sounds....
[Ability SWEP] Ninja's Kunai
Created by Maranzo
A new Scripted Weapon that slices through all your problems!
The Ninja's Kunai SWEP revolves around its stealth, mobility, and single-target high damage output.

Maranzo's Ability SWEPs [MAS]: Ninja's Kunai
Be the Ninja you have always wanted ...
The Simple Roll command
This is a roll command for Role playing purposes. All you need to do is type /roll. Who ever gets the higher number will win over the lowest role and what ever that person did. Like say /me Shoots blizz...
Simple ammo limitations
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
My very first LUA script I made. Since no one is going to make this kind of addon, I've decided to learn LUA and make it myself.

A simple addon that remplace the unlimited 9999 ammo by a limited ammo amount of your own choice.

Ammo limitations settin...
[simfphys] LUA Vehicles - Base
Created by Blu-x92
simfphys is a vehicle entity script that is primarily aimed for four-wheeled-ground-vehicles. These vehicles can be edited ingame, thats cool i guess, but don't put all sliders on max and expect good handling lmao.

Do not save or duplicat...
[simfphys] armed vehicles
Created by Blu-x92
Adds a weapon implementation system to simfphys vehicles. Included vehicles can be found in your simfphys tab under "Armed Vehicles"


Halo CE+ Project Shared Content
Created by Snowy Snowtime
Contains shared LUA, Materials, Particles, and all sounds for my Halo CE+ Project.

This also contains LFS Vehicles if you have it installed. I have them in here since if you dont have lfs, you dont get the vehicles anyways. They can be used as props, or...
Arctic's Vehicle Extension
Created by Arctic
Common stuff my misc. vehicles need. You won't need this unless I say you do.

Primarily includes a drop-in animated track system far superior to the base Simfphys one, that can be extended more easily. Also has a new tank shell whose muzzle velocity can...
M247H Chaingun
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Testing chaingun :)
[OpTre] Halo | Customizable HUD
Created by Mackaye99
A work-in-progress Halo themed HUD - with a slew of unique features. Built from the ground up to be performance-friendly, and as true to the original style as possible.

>Fully customizable HUD, with individual elements being able to be turned...
Elite Hud Textures
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Elite hud textures for use on a HUD.
Halo Cryo gun
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Made by Dev Lucky! All Credit goes to him.
Deployable Force Shield Augment
Created by Trench
This deployable shield augment is a futuristic piece of tech that fires a deployable shield from a launcher installed in the user's hand. It has 800hp, a 30 second lifetime (displayed on deployer's side), and a 33 second cooldown.
USP3 | Classic Trilogy
Created by Vuthakral
USP3 - Classic Trilogy
Probably my most time-consuming & effort-given projects to date. the Universal Sangheili Playermodel version 3 is a project that has been in development solely by myself for more than a ye...
Halo Elite Skeleton & Animations
Created by Vuthakral
List of animation sources for animations in this skeleton:
  • Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Halo Wars
  • Left 4 Dead 2
  • Garry's Mod
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Fortnite

Want to make your own
Universal Sangheili Playermodel v3 - Shared Assets
Created by Vuthakral
USP3 - Shared Assets

All USP3 models
USP3 | Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter
Created by Vuthakral
USP3 - Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter

This addon includes:
  • Halo 2 Anniversary Arbiter Playermodel

General Feature Overview
  • Full Halo elite animation set with animations from many varying
Halo Reach - Marine NPCs
Created by suno
The UNSC Marine Corps is a branch of the United Nations Space Command's Armed Forces responsible for conducting land-based expeditionary combat operations, using the mobility provided by the UNSC Navy to rapidly deliver forces. Marines are also charged wit...
Halo Reach - ODST NPCs
Created by suno
The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) are a special operations capable organization of the UNSC Marine Corps that specialize in orbital-dropped shock infantry and special warfare tactics. The ODSTs are one of the primary Special Operations units of the Un...
Titanfall Phase Shift SWEP
Created by dovarnian
The Phase Shift ability from Titanfall, recreated in Gmod! It can be found under Weapons > Titanfall. Activation gives the user invisibility, makes them invulnerable to damage, and boosts their speed for a short while. The sounds are from the original game...
The Flare Gun
Created by DamKung13
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Station V3
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Updated station from ChaosNarwhal/Meliodas/Arthur [8/13/2021]
Halo Reach Nextbot Resources
Created by Dopey
A large pack containing models, animations, textures for the Halo Reach Nextbots coming soon!

IV04 NextBot Base
Created by IvanV04
The base that makes people's hopes come true

IV04 Base features:
-A lot of customization to adapt to your requirements
-Includes five test nextbots (Alyx Nextbot, Zombie Nextbot and Citizen Nextbot, another zombie nextbot (uses death a...
[ASTW2] Arctic's Third Person Weapons Base (Tweaked)
Created by Dopey
This is ASTW2 with minor tweaks like improved tracer effects for all weapons and fixed projectile spawn locations so that rockets, grenades, etc. don't spawn under certain playermodels!

All credit goes to Arctic for creating the base and Slaugh7er for h...
Halo Reach - Spartan Animated Playermodels
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

A pack of 46 playermodels with dozens of bodygroups, skins and completely colorable!
All animations are ported over directly from the game.

►Both female and male models;
►All bodygroups;
►Completely colorable;...
Halo Reach - Marine/ODST Animated Playermodels
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

A pack of 2 playermodels with dozens of bodygroups and completely colorable!
All animations are ported over directly from the game.

►All bodygroups;
►Completely colorable;
►Original animations from Halo Reach;...
Halo Reach Forge Props
Created by Stan
Every single forge building piece aside from the rocks and grid.

Models created by Bungie.

Ported and collisions done by me, enjoy building forerunner looking structures!

To do (maybe):
Fix bounding boxes, most props have bounding boxes w...
[IV04] Halo Reach NextBots
Created by IvanV04
Damn it, no! They're gonna burn this city and then glass the whole planet! Covenant bastards! It's just like Reach all over again!

After many months of constant work, the long awaited Halo Reach Nextbots have arrived to the workshop![...
ASTW2 - Halo Weapon Mega Pack
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!


Here are some SWEPs I've been working on since October last year... I left them in order to focus on either other addons such as ...
[LFS] Halo Sabre
Created by Matty
The YSS-1000 Sabre, now in LFS.

This addon introduces the Sabre from Halo Reach.

It features sounds ported from Halo: Reach, a twin cannon, missiles, a copilot seat, and a beautifully flying aircraft for maximum air superiority.

Aura's LFS Overhaul
Created by Aura
Introducing, Aura's LFS Overhaul!

What does this addon contain?

This addon features many updates to the LFS base, here is a list of changes or additions

  • In-flight HUD with Throttle monitor, Altitude mete
Created by ChaosNarwhal
Updated PhaseShift
VManip (Base)
Created by datæ
A small clientside library for left hand animations, with slight support for legs animation as a bonus. For first person view only.
This only includes the base code and some models!
This only supports c_hand weapons!

[VManip] Contextual Animations
Created by datæ
Adds flavor animations for some events.
Requires VManip

  • Use animation
  • Swimming
  • Choked by barnacle
  • Hurt by explosion
  • Voicechat animation (cl_vmanip_voicechat 0 to disable)
HaloReach Grenade VMANIP
Created by ChaosNarwhal
[Simfphys] Halo Redux
Created by Valkyries733
Simfphys Halo Redux is an attempt at recreating almost every halo ground vehicle in Garry's Mod

Universal Marine Playermodel Base
Created by Valkyries733


-Animations from Left 4 Dead ported by xdshot
-Reloading sounds ripped straight from Halo
-RE7 Watch textures shared between UMP Addons....
Teleport Locations Pro
Created by WhiteKnuckles
Teleport Locations Pro
Your map. Your Locations.

Summary :

Teleport locations Pro was created to make integrating teleportation into your se...
[DRC] Halo Covenant SWEPs
Created by Vuthakral
Basic Feature Rundown:
  • Garry's Mod QoL: c_arm support on every weapon, some weapons utilize player weapon colours
  • Weapon retain their unique Halo attributes (weapon charged attacks, melee ability, etc.)
  • Energy weapons actuall
[DRC] Halo Forerunner SWEPs
Created by Vuthakral
Basic Feature Rundown:
  • Garry's Mod QoL: c_arm support on every weapon, some weapons utilize player weapon colours
  • Weapon retain their unique Halo attributes (weapon charged attacks, melee ability, etc.)
  • Energy weapons actuall
[OpTre] Halo | VJ Covenant NPCs
Created by Mackaye99
"The Covenant Empire, also referred to as The Covenant, was a theocratic hegemony made up of multiple alien species that maintained control over a large portion of the Orion Arm in the Milky Way galaxy. The Covenant was a political, military, and religious...
Republic Triggers - In-Game Mapping Tool
Created by Stoneman
The Third in the Republic Utility Series, a tool for Event Masters in Roleplay servers to use!

Using this tool, you can create triggers to grant effects on any player that touches them.

Death walls, spiked floors, jump pads, or maybe even a...
Republic Conquest - Capture Points
Created by Stoneman
The Fourth in the Republic Utility Series, a tool for Event Masters in Roleplay servers to use!

Inspired by the Star Wars Battlefront series, this tool allows you to place down Command Posts / Control Points that players or NPCs can capture!
[OpTre] Halo | VJ Human NPCs
Created by Mackaye99
"Humanity are a space-faring race, and a pragmatic one at that. From the UEG - the centralised government body of the human race - to the URF, and other groups opposing their rule, humanity has always found a way to thrive and survive. From military servic...
Halo Reach - Insurrectionist Character Models
Created by Ishi
URF (United Rebel Front) models, based on resistance fighters from Red VS Blue and some of my own silly ideas. These were made for my own server long long ago, and only filled the role of NPC antagonists. Thus I never made versions of them with all the hea...
COD Infinite Warfare Ethan PM
Created by Valkyries733
Big robo man from Infinite warfare.

Don't expect any other COD ports from, I'm just doing this because I like Ethan.

Also I rushed this.

Auditor - I got the assets from your SFM addon. I did my own materials but used your port as a bas...
Animated Spartan Playermodels - Shared
Created by Valkyries733

Animated Spartan Playermodels - Shared
Basic Feature Rundown:
  • All on the regular valve biped, same skeleton as kliener
  • Works with all gmod legs mods
  • VRM
Grappling Hook [SWEP]
Is it a bird?, is it a Plane?; no its Iris Heart with a grappling hook
A semi-realistic TF2 grappling hook replica that isn't an crossbow...
also comes with additional thrusterpack

Findable under Weapons Tab-->Team Fortress 2-->Grappl...
Halo 4: ODST Mark IV

Also, thanks a TON to boss7336 for providing me with the location of the assets while I was in despair, kudos to you.
If you don't know who he is, his the guy that ported the Halo 4 spartan armours for sourcefilmma
Halo Reach - Insurrectionist NPCs
Created by suno
URF (United Rebel Front) models, based on resistance fighters from Red VS Blue and some of his own silly ideas. These were made for his own server long long ago, and only filled the role of NPC antagonists. Thus he never made versions of them with all the ...
Halo Wars UNSC Base Models
Created by Valkyries733
UNSC Bases are military installations used by the UNSC. They are often flexible, using various designs, terrain, and functions in their setup, allowing their occupants the best degree of flexibility possible. Incorporating existing and specialty equipment,...
Horror SNPC Revamp
Created by RedFlytrap
Requires Vj Base to work properly.
People who spam in the comments will be blocked, this is your only warning.

  • Horror
SNPC Particle Resource Pack
Created by RedFlytrap
This is strictly a particle resource addon, this is so I can update this and have any NPC updated as well so that they use newer particle FX. This is to avoid having to update 20 addons if they share a PCF between them, ultimately this lets me repurpose an...
VJ Base
Created by DrVrej
VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, was originally created in 2012. Its purpose is to assist the creation of many types of addons. It is popularly used for creating Scripted NPCs due to its highly customizable and advanced artificial intelligence systems.
In 1 collection by [RS] William
Revival Halo Map Content
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